Kubi or Rolock dry gloves

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Do you have a bolt snap on your chest D-ring? If so, use it to prise the Kubi glove off the suit ring.
Or use a belt buckle.
Or use the back of your knife.
A spool from your pocket, etc., etc...
Loads of options.

But the solution to the urgency is the second most important technological innovation for scuba diving: the pee valve.
Use silicone on the rings
I have noticed cracks on the red o-ring a few times. Didn't experience any leaks from it, but I replaced them anyway -- might not have been necessary, but I didn't trust them like that. The two times it has happened to mine, it has been in periods where I was half-assing my post-dive maintenance routine. So I think it either comes from sitting in the sun, or from not rinsing saltwater off sufficiently well. Now I give them a fresh water soak after each dive, and dry them either indoors or in the shade, and I haven't had cracks in a long time.

I do spit on or lick the red o-ring before inserting the glove side into the cuff side. Can't remember where I learned that trick, maybe here on ScubaBoard. Makes it easy to doff an hour or two later, every time. And, I do lube the red ring occasionally, maybe every 6 months or so. But, I was doing all of that when I was getting the cracks too, so I blame poor cleaning rather than poor lubing.
I've only dived my suit in freshwater and always dry them indoors away from sunlight. I haven't lubed them yet but if you say it made no difference to the cracking then it's unlikely to be that.

Do I really need to replace them? Replacing o rings every 10 dives seems ridiculous.
Sounds to me more of a defect them neglect. My 3+ year old Ultimas don't have any signs of cracking. I lube once every couple months... nothing special
Do I really need to replace them? Replacing o rings every 10 dives seems ridiculous.
Mine have 40+ dives on them and no cracking at all. Silicone lube every so often and let them dry in my garage along with all my other junk that doesn't get hung up outside.
Just FYI from the Kubi manual...

I like the kubis very much. My wife and I have them fitted to our Novas, and we've had none of the issues described. They've never jammed, despite rarely using any extra lubrication, they're super easy to don, and changing seals or gloves is dead simple. I holed a showa 720 setting the anchor on a dive last weekend, and had it changed out on the boat in less that 5 mins. Bingo.... Dry hands for the 2nd and 3rd dives. We're about to order a second Seaskin Nova each, and will, without a doubt, be going with the Kubis again.

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