1. E

    Question [seaskin] How to measure - tips and tricks

    read and read the guide on their website, but I’m not sure I really got it :D Took it yesterday with a friend’s help…but now that I have to entry data on their website…I have a voice inside me: what’s if those measures are slightly loose or thight or wrong ?:bounce: I’m wondering if anyone...
  2. Collin O'Brien

    Steel 120 Question (Normally dive Steel 100)

    Quick Question: How many more pounds would you use with a Steel 120 vs with a Steel 100 to factor in the slightly more buoyant properties of the 120 toward the end of a dive? Explained: A buddy is letting me hold onto his Steel 120’s as he is a CCR diver and never uses them, so I gave them a...
  3. The Cosmicist

    Advanced Beginner Gear Grab - Helpful for others too?

    Alrighty then. I've managed to get irritated enough in about 15 dives to want my own gear (more or less) immediately. Like most of us, I have pockets that you can see the bottom of and want to choose wisely. I would consider myself an "advanced beginner" or "beginning advanced" due to...
  4. Collin O'Brien

    AquaLung ABS vs. Cressi XS

    I bought a Cressi XS octo last year for about $80 because it was the cheapest one I could find after dropping thousands on all my other new gear and I figured I would almost never use it (not the best mind set, I understand that). I was given the chance to buy a 4yr old AquaLung ABS octo today...
  5. K

    persistent headache for over a year

    Hi all, I am interested in community feedback in what I am about to say. I am a young diver in prior good health. I dove a series of dives under 100 feet for 3 days in Jan 2020. On the last dive (max depth 60ft) , I surfaced and had an "odd sensation" immediately upon surfacing. The best...
  6. edwardsteuart

    Fin selection - Help

    Hello, i am new diver but i am interested in technical diving and i am getting equipment to be ready for tech diving after 150-200 rec dives.I have already Cressi Spacefrog fins but i am looking for new pair of fins. I am wetsuit diver for now,i think i won't use drysuit for 4-5 years. I am...
  7. A

    Help me build your dream diving app!

    I'm a UI/UX student (and an avid diver) looking to build a weather, wind, and water forecast and statistics web app for fellow divers. I know other students have asked for help on ScubaBoard before but it has been about 1.5 years since the last request and I'm hoping you all would be willing to...
  8. EllisBartlett1990

    New member saying Hello, Looking for some knowledge!

    Hello everyone, Im Ellis, 27 based in Berlin, I have been diving for around 8 years now, AOWD. I love diving but I don't get to dive as much as I would like! I would really like to start planning my own dives for the summer, I have a top level idea how to do this but i'm interested to know...
  9. C

    Hello from England! Tech divers, I need some advice on Apeks flight regs

    Hello everyone, New member here! Excited to be a part of this forum. I have found alot of great information here over the past few years. Thought it was about time I joined. I have been trying to sell my Apeks flight regulators (warm water regs, rated to 10 degrees celcius only). Due to the...
  10. SavDiver

    Need Help Making a Setup

    I live in Florida and decided that I want to get into underwater photography. I know there are a lot of people who have those camera rig setup that are ginormous. I am looking for a compact camera package that I can bring into the caves and wrecks down here. I have some knowledge from friends...
  11. Rollin Bonz

    SOLD!!! FOUND! Affordable 7/8 manifold w/ or w/o valve plugs or just mirrored valves

    Is that too much to ask? Yeah I know... only slightly more common than an honest politician, but it's worth a shot. Also looking for irrefutable evidence of Bigfoot, alien life, or Santa Claus. Thank you for your time.
  12. McGlencoe

    MAKO 5 CFM MIL Surplus Compressor

    I was digging around an old military surplus scrap yard and found this diesel ran compressor. Now it's time to see if I can go through it and see if I can get it up and running. Starting out by trying to ID everything and dig up operation, service and repair manuals. Compressor ID Tag on...
  13. michael Friesen

    deepblu cosmiq+ date issues in logs_help please!

    Hello, been trying to troubleshoot the issue with my cosmiq+. In watch mode the date is correct and I have no issue. (see first picture below) But when I go into logs dates don't make sense. I did two dives : the first dive was on the 23rd of June (the one identified as the 6th of July...
  14. Johnjamins

    Help Identifying Some New Gear

    So I found a fairly new(2015) drysuit on ebay that came with a bunch of other stuff and I need some help identifying it. There is a yellow large diameter disconnect hose that I'm not sure what it's suppose to go to. I tried googling it and couldn't find anything. It came with this aqua lung core...
  15. jaeyeo7

    Choosing a regulator

    Hey all, Looking to get some advice on regulators. Got my open water cert this February and once the lockdown is over, I plan to go diving 2-3 times a month. I’ve picked up an X-Tek backplate and wing, and am now looking for a computer and a regulator. I’m looking to get a solid set of gear...
  16. Nigma

    Looking for Survey participants on Diver Travel Behavior for master thesis

    Hey Guys! my name is Nik and I am currently writing my master thesis in „Sustainable Tourism Management“. In the course of my thesis I am investigating whether the decline of coral reefs has an impact on the travel behaviour of diving tourists. I am in desparte need for more Divers worldwide and...
  17. KaneJakubowski

    Black ice or outlaw?

    I am looking to buy a new bcd. I am currently working everyday conducting dsd’s and leading certified dives. Which should I buy? Apeks black ice Aqualung Outlaw I know the black ice is much better. I had one of these a couple years ago but got stolen while working in Portugal. Do I really...
  18. KaneJakubowski

    Apaks XTX or XL4 plus? What would you buy?

    Looking to get some new regs. Working in diving so use them every day. I really like the XL4 plus But really is it worth it? Should I just stop messing and buy a XTX set? I know the XL4 need different tools to service. But is it much more messing? Any thoughts?
  19. JamesAndTheGiantBeach

    Can't decided between Mares Abyss 22 Navy ii and Epic Adj 82x

    First post***On a forum***Ever*** I'm relatively new to diving (under 25 dives), and forums haha, but I've fallen hard for it. I've gotten a few certs and done some trips for diving's sake, local and abroad. I love it, but I hate the rental gear. I like BPs and a streamlined setup, neither of...
  20. Tenacity

    Wannabe diver here!

    Hello all! Joined this board to (hopefully) gain knowledge, and, to be honest, some confidence as I begin my journey to obtain my Open Water Certification. I just started the course yesterday. Aced the class portion, but when it came time for the pool dive, embarrassingly, and much to my own...
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