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Discussion in 'SB Fitness Challenge' started by erparamedic, May 3, 2007.

  1. erparamedic

    erparamedic Vampire Girl......er Dork

    Hey, you! Do I need to call John and have him light a fire under your butt? :eyebrow:

    You do have a bit of a "conundrum" being on a truck 24/7... but, I say you should go into a grocery store... buy some strawberries, grapes, apples, carrots, broccoli, and other healthy snacks and stock the truck up with them. :wink:

    Hmmm... gotta come up with some good "on the road" workouts for you. I'll have to think on that one.... Well, you could always run Cody around the truck stops... 4 or 5 laps around the lot is a good start. Of course, you could add intensity by wearing high heels when you run. :rofl3: Or, you could take a bunch of time off this summer and go diving with ME!! :blinking: :D :)
  2. ArcticDiver

    ArcticDiver Solo Diver

    Thanks for your feedback. I was just at an affair where health and nutritional counselors had a presentation and one on one consultation. They also measured each person's body fat using an electronic gizmo that a person holds in their hands.

    The answer to my weight gain is indeed a combination of weight lifting and not doing the proper kind of aerobic exercise. Intense "aerobic weight lifting" is no substitute for things like walking, biking, snowshoeing, etc. It is the long duration cardio that takes the fat off.

    They also told me to forget about weight except as the most gross measurement of progress. They told me that the key is athletic performance combined with body fat percentage.

    I thought I knew some things about this stuff. But thanks to your motivation I asked the questions and got answers that will hopefully improve my health and let me dive, dive, dive.
  3. dsteding

    dsteding DIR Practitioner

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: Seattle, downtown
    Bob, that is a recipe for success. I am starting to realize (having gone through life-style adjustments myself over the past few months) that "dieting" isn't the key, changing habits is. A lot of this is awareness of what we eat and willingness to exercise more.

    And, for those of you that haven't seen Bob in a while, the change is indeed remarkable . . .
  4. erparamedic

    erparamedic Vampire Girl......er Dork

    You got some really good feedback from your consultation! Thanks for sharing it with us too! Now, keep up the awesome work! :)

    dsteding and Bob... you are indeed correct... "dieting" won't get you and keep you where you want to be, but habit and lifestyle change certainly will.

    When people ask me "what kind of diet" I'm on... I tell them "common sense." :wink:
  5. trucker girl

    trucker girl Cupcake, Queen of Dorks

    # of Dives: 100 - 199
    Location: Off the road for good in April '08 and at home in
    I WAS working out in the truck- John was even doing a little (but he gave up due to lack of coordination and motivation). We have a big bunk so we have room to do an entire aerobic work out- slightly modified so you don't break your arm/ankles! Anyway- the problem with that is that it requires 1. putting the bed up, 2. cleaning the stuff up (clothing/laundry- dog toys- bottled water- random supplies that we stash under the bed), 3. changing clothing, 4. getting a shower after... it just takes up a lot of time and when you're not in the habit its hard.

    I have been taking the dog for long walks whenever possible. At the truck stops it's pretty nasty and I only do it if there's nice grass (for the dog) and if it's a safe location. I even jog with him if there's a path or something. It's good for both of us- but it's still not enough. I'm starting to do sit ups again- and I have an ab workout (Crunch DVD) and I do some of the standing ab work, too- but not the full DVD work out.

    I wore heels last night- dang you! :yelling:

  6. erparamedic

    erparamedic Vampire Girl......er Dork

    I was actually wondering if you'd have enough room to do workouts in the truck... since the sleeper is much bigger than the "average" truck. Of course... I keep hoping you'll drive thru here and I can actually see the beast... I mean, truck... that you have! :wink: Evening/night would be optimal so I can see the cool neon blue lights. LOL (As if you'd really get to schedule the drive thru! Hah!):rofl3: You probably really wouldn't want to drive thru Indy right now anyways... I-70 is still torn up, and the truck stop close to me (Flying J, that you've mentioned) has construction all around it. It's a real pain!

    Anyway... a really good DVD that only requires standing in one place... and moving no more than 3-4 feet or so is the Walk Away the Pounds DVD by Leslie Sansone... and believe me, it works! The 2 mile one is really good! Of course, one cool thing about that DVD is that if you don't have the room to move around, it's not a big deal... just modify it. I've also been doing lots of crunches.... no less than 100 at a time. I'll bet that it is hard to find a "good" and "safe" truck stop.... but I'm sure that Foxy... I mean, Cody :bowwow:... really likes the walks/jogs though. (Give him a belly rub for me!)

    Don't forget... I'm ready to dive as soon as you get the chance! And diving burns LOTS of calories! :D

    Oh, and tell John not to feel bad about the lack of coordination/motivation. I actually MADE Rod do some workouts with me... (one being Richard Simmons Disco Blast Off :rofl3:) and he was pathetic, and I mean PA-THET-IC! LOL :rofl3:

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