Oceanic Datamax II

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Sugar Land TX
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200 - 499
If its a good deal then go for it but there are a few things to look out for. The computer is an older one so if somthing breaks on it you might not be able to get it fixed. That is the biggest thing. With a lot of computers now a days you might be better off buying new. The Oceanic VEO 1.0 is a great computer at a great price. It all depends on how much you can get the DataMax II for. It you are paying more that half of a new computer I would get a new one. Good Luck.


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Santa Cruz, CA
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500 - 999
The timer can fail the but depth gauge cannot. This means you can terminate a dive safely even with a completely blown device, then strap on your wristwatch and keep diving. Then you can buy the Veo, which incidentally, I don't like.


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So. California, USA
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I'm a Fish!
I know this is a very old post, but I own a US Oceanic DataMax II and it is a dive timer, NOT a computer.
I bought mine when Nitrox was just starting to emerge in the mid 80's. I liked these units, as the tables were being changed at the time, Nitrox was brand new & there were A lot of computers coming back to the shops, ruining many dive days & even trips at the time. My thinking is to keep it simple! IF I needed a separate computer, I could buy a computer for air &/or Nitrox at a later date. I've been on my Oceanic DataMax II for many years & I STILL love my old console w/ my bottom timer/depth gauge w/ the max depth "idiot needle" & tank pressure gauge. (I have a separate small compass that fits on my watch, which I've always had as a back-up, yet only needed once when my battery quit.)

I've always been one to have back-up systems, as I've done a lot of cave, wreck, drift diving & work, thus always been a stickler to have that extra bit of technology, yet at the same time keeping it simple.
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2500 - 4999
I have a 12 year old DataMax II (it is a bottom timer, not a full on computer) with dead batteries that I contacted Oceanic about. They do not service this model anymore, but will give you a credit towards a new, current computer. Not a bad deal for something that is essentially useless otherwise.

Good to see there might be a DIY solution as well. I looked all over the web previously and found no information at all.

Info from Oceanic Customer Service

Unfortunately service on the DataMax and DataMax II is no longer
available. Due to the unavailability of some the critical components that
are required replacement during each service, we no longer offer a Full
Service and Calibration on this unit. When service was available the cost
was roughly $100.00. However, since this option is no longer available we
offer an upgrade to any of our current computers at roughly 40% off MSRP,
Computers such as to the Veo 100 for $175.00, or Veo 200 for $250.00.
ead Please be aware that the analog depth gauge does operate independently
of the digital timer, so as long as the depth is accurate the unit will
still function perfectly as a Depth Gage.

The Oceanic DataMax or DataMax II analog maximum depth gauge with built in
bottom timer, surface timer and dive counter. The Datamax was our very
first digital instrument, introduced in the early-eighties. Datamax II was
released a short while later with an increased battery life. Although
Datamax was extremely popular the Datamax series was discontinued many
years ago because advances in technology and declining demand for the
Datamax dramatically narrowed the price gap between Datamax and full
computers that have many more features.

As with virtually all digital dive instruments from that period of time,
the available technology did not allow any service in the field. Any needed
repairs, including battery change, required Factory Service and
Calibration. However, effective September 15, 2000, Oceanic is only able
offer an upgrade to a new computer (at a reduced price) if service is
requested for a Datamax or Datamax II. This is necessary because some of
the required replacement service parts can no longer be obtained.
Theoretically, we could have these parts custom-made, but the total cost
would force the charge to the owner to exceed the cost of a new instrument.

Please feel free to contact me personally if you would like to obtain an
Return Authorization Number to return your computer for an upgrade.
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Valley Park, MO
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25 - 49
E3711CA1-49D4-42B6-A9AE-F85D06434A4F.jpeg 04839F41-D14D-44F3-B8DD-7EC48E4BE7CA.jpeg 22B0492B-5E16-4F91-820F-734F7E9FB662.jpeg Here are pics of how I was able to open and replace the batteries in my Oceanic depth counter.


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25 - 49
A bit late to the game here but I just received a DATAMAX II and decided to try to ressurrect it.

Changed batteries according to the steps earlier in this post. All went fine but the DE grease seemed to cause some issues. Guess it was pretty dielectric!. Cleaned that off and got the clock to turn on but it was a bit hinky in going from DIT to SIT.

Took it on a dive (put it in my goodie bag) and it never really started timing my dive...just stayed on SIT. Then it just shut down.

Suspected dirty contacts so I cracked her back open and the contacts looked fine but I grabbed the tried and true pencil eraser and scrubbed all the contacts. That did the trick.

So here's what I found on the operation:

Dive timer remains visible for about 12 hours after the last dive at which time it blanks out and apparently resets the dive number at this time as well.

Surface Interval Timer remains visible for 24 hours after the last dive at which time it blanks out and resets.

Obviously no ability to recall prior dive data.

I'm sure this isn't the endallbeall for the DataMaxII but hope it's helpful!

If anyone happens to have a printed manual for this unit i'd love to get a copy!

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