1. Jairman

    Hello from North Carolina

    Hi all, Just finished my AOW and nitrox cert last weekend. I'm in the Raleigh area and have been diving into Mystery Lake / Fantasy Lake almost every weekend. I'm always looking for new buddies and places to dive. My ultimate goal is to get into technical cave diving and I start cavern later...
  2. X

    How do I pick complete package?

    Do i even get a complete package or is better to buy seperately? Deals on here look good compared to piecing it out (Buy Scuba Gear Packages for Diving at Best Price | Divers Supply) some even come with a tank. But as a fairly new diver i am very overwhelmed by the options. Does anyone have...
  3. JRK44

    Just started DM training

    Hi all, My name is Jeremy and I'm from the UK 🇬🇧 I got back into diving last year and completed a first aid and nitrox refresher + dry suit at Scuba Libre Diving. Karl and his team are amazing. Moved up to Newcastle upon Tyne for a new job and hooked up with DiveCor here. Now doing deep...
  4. J

    DPV research

    Hi everyone im new to the forum. Been diving for the last 11 years. Last couple years ive been fortunate enough to be diving more and more. I'm doing some market research on DPVs. I'm curious what everyone's opinion is on these. I'm seeing what people think can be improved, what they like...
  5. J

    For Sale Tovatec Fusion 1500 New $90

    New with original packaging and all accessories. Can be picked up in Salt Lake City (who am I kidding), or shipped at buyers expense. here is a link with the specs...
  6. Alexa Bliss

    Hello SB

    Hello SB community! New diver here, and I joined SB few weeks ago. Very happy to join this community and also good experience to Interact with professional SB diver here.
  7. Shaun Mullan

    Just certified in Melbourne AUS. Looking forward to GBR next month!

    Hi All, I recently completed the RAID Open Water 20, just in time for our trip to Hamilton Island and the Great Barrier Reef next month. Although, I’m noticing a lot of dive companies only offering snorkel at the moment and that their diving is unavailable until further notice. Is it a COVID...
  8. Rushified

    Hello from Minnesota!

    Just wanted to take a moment to say hello to all of you. I am brand new to this whole adventure, and eager to pick up as much experience as I can. One of the things I am most excited to do is get into Lake Superior and find a shipwreck. I am currently in process of open water cert. I am...
  9. Narcosis Mike

    For Sale S. FL: Like New Double Faber HDG HP 120’s with bands, manifold, valves

    TANK PACKAGE ONLY HAS 10 DIVES ON IT. Essentially brand new! Hydro good until May 2023 - FIRST HYDRO VIP good until Jun 2021 Selling a set of doubles faber 120 high pressure hot dipped galvanized with tank bands and a dive gear express manifold & premium valves Will meet up anywhere between...
  10. Johnjamins

    Well how the hell are ya?

    Greetings from the Great North! I am a 30 year old father of two beautiful girls and work in construction estimating. My Dad, two sisters, girlfriend, and brother in law all got certified together 6 years ago and we have gone a divecation every year since. I have only dove in the...
  11. jaeyeo7

    Choosing a regulator

    Hey all, Looking to get some advice on regulators. Got my open water cert this February and once the lockdown is over, I plan to go diving 2-3 times a month. I’ve picked up an X-Tek backplate and wing, and am now looking for a computer and a regulator. I’m looking to get a solid set of gear...
  12. Thewscuba

    New to the Forum!

    Hello all! For forum purposes I am Thewscuba. I am 25, a Marine Biology/E. Science major and Ive been diving for about 2 years now but am approaching my 210th dive. I am the President of my universities SCUBA Club where we work with our local Dive Shop to facilitate OW training and other certs...
  13. A

    New to Diving- Uncertified

    Greetings! I am registered to do my certification course this upcoming month and I’m interested in buying my own gear at some point. I have been looking around and what I want to know what would you buy first? Also, I have a budget of $1500 usd. Where would you spend the bulk of your...
  14. A

    For Sale BRAND NEW Waterproof D1X HYBRID ISS Drysuit Size Large and more

    Asking $3400 CAD or $2600 USD Brand New Never been used. Again it's never even seen a drop of water. I was going to get back into scuba diving and I've changed my mind. This suit retails for $3950 CAD plus HST (Ontario) = $4464CAD Even in the USA on sale this thing is $3300 to 3500 USD plus...
  15. Open Ocean Diver

    Atomic regulator T3

    Hello everyone, appreciate any insight. Was considering buying my dive buddy for Christmas a new T3. Was wondering if anyone knows if Atomic plans on coming out anytime soon with a new model presumably called the T4? thanks, Kevin
  16. Z

    Looking for beta testers

    Hi, My name is Zalan Meggyesi (NAUI #BRAC6EC). Some of you may remember me from the summer, "spamming" these boards with surveys related to an idea I had after almost not being able to complete my NAUI Master in Okinawa due to the rainy season kicking down the door and forcing several dive...
  17. M

    Please suggest me something

    Hi my name is mariah and I live in Bangladesh. I love people when they dive and it had been in my list since I was a child and watching people dive in the television. I really love it and in my life for once I would like to try it. I heard that this is the worlds largest diving forum and that is...
  18. D

    For Sale BRAND NEW Dive Rite reg set

    Selling brand new never used Dive Rite reg set: -Dive rite XT1 first stage -Dive rite XT 2nd stage -Dive rite XT Octo -Dive rite 2inch tech SPG with miflex hose -BC Low pressure hose Bought about a month ago as a spare/project $600 OBO BB15A413-B87A-452E-9480-F07DB2A58839 by Dreamer17 posted...
  19. EVRachel

    Emperor Explorer has made its Maldives Debut!

    PRESS RELEASE: August 26, 2019 WE ARE DELIGHTED TO ANNOUNCE THE DEBUT OF THE NEWLY CONSTRUCTED LIVEABOARD MV EMPEROR EXPLORER. This stunning and modern liveaboard has successfully made its launch in the Maldives and completed the first guest charter this 11-18 August 2019. The debut voyage...
  20. F

    New with ear problems

    Hi, new to Scuba. Had first confined dives this week in local pool (9ft max depth). Did well on first night drills- didn’t particularly like the mask flood/clearing but who does? Had LOTS of trouble equalizing on our first “swim around”. Did a ton of research on clearing techniques, practiced...
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