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Two questions

Discussion in 'Tanks, Valves and Bands' started by Fishkiller, Sep 17, 2001.

  1. WetDane

    WetDane Manta Ray

    I have LP 104's, Nitrox sticker and whatever has to be on there - as well as my initials on top with full name below - the initials are really fat whiel full name is just written on.

    You can use the sharpie they most likely use to mark your gas on the stickers or tape anyway...

    I have found that the enamel type markers crack and come off somethings (fins) never tried them on a tank tho.

    Big T
  2. GearHead

    GearHead Manta Ray

    I think the enamel markers only work really well for non-bendy types of things. I've had a gear hanger for years that was marked with one of those and it hasn't come off yet. I'm betting that it will work for tanks in the same way, but you certainly can't go wrong with a Sharpie.

  3. Fishkiller

    Fishkiller Manta Ray

    # of Dives: 100 - 199
    Location: Mesa Arizona, The all beach no ocean state.
    Say you started a dive with a guy that had a white tank and a large mermaid sticker attached? or what would you think if the same guy showed up with a hand painted tank?
  4. omar

    omar Solo Diver

    Acetone works wonders on taking off everything from a tank -even sharpie markers and paint. I write the gas contents on the neck of my tanks with a sharpie. Everytime I refill I clean them with acetone and rewrite the mix. The acetone will also take off every type of spray paint that I have gotten at the local hardware store. I use the paint for the MOD and my name. I have NO stickers on my tanks.


  5. syruss32

    syruss32 Manta Ray

    I'd say Cool tank, touch me and you will become shark fodder! I think just because a tank is hand painted or has a mermaid that doesn't say much about the diver in general. I would tend to be more concerned about his diving skills than with his tank color and conotations.

    BTW: Say if you started diving with a guy with a white tank and a large mermaid sticker and the visibility were really bad, and he kept touching your butt..... Then what?

    Is he staying in contact or enjoying the feel of your wetsuit on your butt?

  6. Heads Up

    Heads Up Barracuda

    My tank is O2 clean so it is painted black and yellow with a massive N painted on it. I have a few stickers (DAN contact numbers and a Seven Tenths sticker (see here)

    I have my entire tank in a 'net' to stop slipping (a problem I have with my Seaquest Pro QD BC)

  7. Divemstr13

    Divemstr13 Angel Fish

    I have four older Alum 80's that I had the old paint and stickers removed and had them polished. They all have K valves and boots. My two Faber 95's have graphics on them. I never thought I would go for that sort of thing but they look nice and never get mistaken for somebody else's tanks. One shows a diver with the words Tech Nitrox ( no need for stickers now ) and the other shows a divers outside of a cave, its called the " Crack" and its pretty awsome looking. Since I got them I seem to take better care of my tanks now too. People are always asking where I got them.They both have boots and Nitrox Din valves. My 40 pony is Neon Yellow with a K Valve and shes getting pretty banged up so i wish I got it in Brush No Coat but it wasnt available at the time. And I have one Neon green 80 ( the newest in the bunch ) with a Nitrox graphic 360 Deg. around the tank in yellow with my personal logo. next on the list is a BNC 27 cu ft pony.
  8. scubasam35

    scubasam35 Angel Fish

    when i dive with someone new i like to see a DAN sticker on their tank(s). a little piece of mind goes a long way with me.

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