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Hurricane Dennis

Discussion in 'Storm Watch' started by CBulla, Jul 4, 2005.

  1. CBulla

    CBulla ~..facebook conch..~ ScubaBoard Supporter

    To random, show up without warning, can make the ground open up and things disappear...

    A hurricane can be prepared for, with modern technology its seen coming, and folks can get out the way if they so choose.

    Give me 'canes over the ground creating random acts of movement anyday!
  2. Mrs.Prages

    Mrs.Prages Contributor

    Got word from my family in P'cola today. All seems to be pretty good for them. They are still rebuilding from Ivan, so we were glad that Dennis gave them some reprieve. They are saying that Santa Rosa County looked to be in pretty bad shape. Anyone from around there? I hope it is not as bad as it looks.

  3. SFLDiver

    SFLDiver Solo Diver

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Boca Raton, FL
    Sometimes all I can do is stare at the Talking Heads of News on the boob tube. They DO tend to get very carried away in the moment (hype!) and some of the "facts" reported (hype!) are waay off.

    Yep, depending on what station you are tuned into, the info can vary.
    Storm category, location, landfall, even preparation (duct tape .... hype!)

    We were laughing yesterday at my fav ... Anderson Cooper and most everyone in South Florida is familiar with the likes of Mr. Rick Sanchez (king of hype!) and the pure acting that was going on as they stood in yet another windblown parking lot hollering "GET BACK!" at each other as tree limbs blew down (can I get an AUNTIE EM!! ?)

    I mean, heck, I walked my dog thru nastier conditions in Frances last year.
    Poor pooch couldn't hold it any longer.
  4. SuPrBuGmAn

    SuPrBuGmAn Solo Diver

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Tallahassee, FL
    Back at home now :)

    A few of my buddies who actually stuck it out here during the 'Cane didn't even lose power. First storm this close to us that didn't take any trees from our yard too. :D

    Power blinked a few times in Tuscaloosa(where I rode the storm out one drink at a time) and we lost cable TV and internet :p but that was the brunt of it. It rained and we had some 30ish mph winds(guessing).

    We're crazy lucky, I'm glad that damned things strongest winds kept compact to the eye and it weakened a bit before biting into the land. TS Cindy was more a pain in my butt to be honest. I didn't like hiking up and down the 14 flights of stairs at the hotel I was staying at the day of and the day after it hit LA.
  5. mike_s

    mike_s Solo Diver

  6. aquaholic901

    aquaholic901 Solo Diver

    Anyone know the status of the other Keys wrecks, particularly the Thunderbolt off Marathon?
  7. chickdiver

    chickdiver Instructor, Scuba

    Santa Rosa county took the brun tof this one. In many of the same areas that were hit hardest by Ivan. Landfall was officially between Gulf Breeze and Navarre, FL. Navarre Beach and Pensacola Beach took yet another beating. Peple are starting to filter back into town. We have power at the office (in Pcola) but not at my house as yet. They are saying it will be back up byt he end of the week. We got lucky with this one- it was a compact storm. Had it been the size of Ivan, things would ave been much worse.

    The bronchitis I came down with as the storm approached has made this more miserable than anything else.
  8. simbrooks

    simbrooks Snr LayZboy Meteorologist ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: 100 - 199
    Location: Orlando, Fl
    At least you and all the rest around there are still in one piece and alive! :wink: They had a whole slew of trucks ready to step in and put the power back on asap last i heard.
  9. Rick Murchison

    Rick Murchison Trusty Shellback ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: 2,500 - 4,999
    Location: Gulf of Mexico
    I have heard that the Empire Mica got essentially "finished off" and is nothing but a rubble field now. I'll bet the Strength is gone too.
    Gotta go see to be sure.
  10. MoonWrasse

    MoonWrasse Contributor

    You've been watching too many movies :wink:
    Quakes are like heart attacks, sudden and swift (a long one would last 30 secs), while anticipating hurricanes would seem like having cancer.

    The last major quake I recall experiencing here was 16 years ago. The only damage I incured was picking up the CDs which were tossed around the livingroom.
    How many hurricanes in the past 16 years has FL seen? 10?

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