Can you drink while underwater? Like bottle water?

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You can drink with a straw...

Like from a "camelback" or a juice pack, (like capri sun) or something along those lines.
Yes. Practice in a pool before trying in the ocean.
Requires Airway Control

Bottle must have "sport" top or a squeeze bottle top.
Be careful that you replace the top prior to removing from your mouth. Otherwise, the bottle will suck in seawater.
There use to be a device just for this. It attached to your reg and allowed you to drink while driving. I don't recall the name or if it is still made.

Now if you are asking something along the lines of 'assume you are under 15 feet of water with no scuba gear and have a long straw going to the surface and into a cup-could you drink?' I would have to say no due to the force on your body but i could be wrong.
CAN you? Yes. However, to do it requires breaking the most basic of diving have to hold your breath. Granted, sipping a quick swallow of water should only take a few moments, but you ARE holding your breath while doing it.
I've even taken a drink from an underwater spring (Aquarena Center, San Marcos, Texas). The water is more pure than tapwater there and is only about 20 feet below the surface. Taking the drink did take a bit of concentration, though. There is just something about removing that reg and sucking in water that seems a bit...un-natural.
You can drink underwater, but the problems comes from keepiong the water you are diving in, out of the water you are drinking.
The straw would have to be attached to something that would keep out the "ambient" water, yet allow you to drink.
I have seen people use a straw to drink those juices that come in a foil bag. Also, some people have used an rig consisting of a waterbag with an attached hose-usually used for hiking. I'm not sure how water tight they are.

I did see one guy try to open a regular bottle of water (underwater), and drink from it. He wasn't very successful-much coughing and sputtering.

Finally, there used to be (possibly still is) a product salled "SCUDA-self contained underwater drinking apperatus", that , IIRC,attached to your reg hose,and had a straw-like tube, from which you could drink.

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that's what "1 finger typing "will do! :)
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You can eat underwater as well. I believe Gary Gentile mentioned how to do that in his Technical Diving Handbook.
Ber :lilbunny:
Bottle must have "sport" top or a squeeze bottle top.

Nope. Put your finger over the top.

There use to be a device just for this.

SCUDA. Came out in the mid 80s.
Why would you want to, other than to say you did?

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