Are dive computers making bad divers?

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because the measurements are made with finer granularity; this is the definition of precision.
Which contradicts the definition in the wiki. The wiki is worth exactly what you pay for it.

Setting aside precision, tables are accurate for square profiles only.
No, their precision is a function of how square the profile is.
The tables are like a math student who has not learned decimals or fractions, only integers.
Ask him to take the square root of 10, and he'll say 3, and he is completely accurate within the specified precision.

In science, you must be consistent in the number of significant digits to which you're calculating.
If the true value is 0.999942, and you are working with a precision of one significant digit, then 1 is an accurate value. 1.000 is also an accurate value with 4 significant digits.

Both precision and accuracy impact your safety here, but only one of them is a difference between the tables and a computer (assuming you are using a pressure activated dive timer and a depth gauge which accurately records your max depth.) If you forgot to start a manual timer until a few minutes into the dive, THAT would be an accuracy issue.


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I learned how to use tables and am surprised that some say they know of cases where it wasn’t required because I got my PADI OW only a few years ago and it was a requirement.

Could I do it now? Nope.

I’m confident I could figure out how to plan a dive but I’ve never done so because I’m not familiar with the dive sites and I don’t know the depths where the reefs are located.

I do know what the computer is telling me and know how to use the NDL to stay out of trouble.

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