Anyone here that has tried out SUBEA brand by decathlon or has seen its BCD firsthand?

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Harshit Bajpai

Harshit Bajpai

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Hi, I am looking to buy my first scuba gear Mask + dive computer + BCD + wetsuit and I really underestimated this task considering the price and options available these days.
Mask and Dive computer are pretty much sorted (Scubapro solo + Aqualung 100). For BCD, it gets a little costly in India. However, I found this BCD by Subea Decathlon (Back inflated hybrid BCD). It appears quite a new brand, is exclusively on decathlon and reviews are only present on decathlon and almost all of them appear to be from instructors who received this BCD for promotion from the company. Most of the reviews are very positive and appear to be authentic though.

Wanted to ask if anybody has used them here or has seen someone using them during their dive trips and their impression about it?

Link - Scuba Diving Buoyancy Compensator with Back Buoyancy SCD 500 B (
US Link- Subea SCD500, Wraparound Scuba Diving Buoyancy Compensator | Decathlon

This is a link for a thread previously created but went unanswered - SUBEA / Decathlon BCD jackets | ScubaBoard
Here is my review for this -

I just came back from a dive trip after using this.

From my recreational and a less experienced diver (30 dives only) POV, it worked great for me. It was very comfortable, had lots of rings and clips to attach things, size was a great fit as well. Upon inflating it fully, it wasn't pushing me forward that much even when I had weights clipped on the back of the cylinder. It has two weight pockets on either side and two small pockets on the cylinder strap which helped me to distribute the weight evenly. Also, it comes with another big packet to keep a backup mask as well. I felt great with it underwater as well and was able to move my hand freely and adjust my straps and/or re-attach anything that was dangling inside the water.

From 2-3 instructors POVs who were on the boat, it looked really well made for recreational diving and the quality felt good as well. For taking classes back inflation might not be the top choice but it looked good enough to stay on the surface comfortably as well. The lack of available sizes was the only issue that was pointed out. I bought the smallest one. Me being 5'9 and slightly chubby, it fit well but for most of the other guys, it was too big and there is a no smaller size available (at least on India store). Although, some of the instructors were interested in buying this in wholesale in 10-15 units for rental purposes for their shop as it is quite cheap and does what it says.

Overall, considering the price point, it's an amazing deal and there is no other brand that provides this kind of BCD at such a low price with no cuts on the quality front.


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Decathlon is a popular sporting goods store mostly in Western European countries, but the company has been expanding to other geographical regions, they opened a store in California USA a couple of years ago from my understanding, and it would not surprise me that they have extended their operations to India and other areas of the Asian continent.

Decathlon sells a mix of their own brands and top name brand sports equipment. Over the past 2 decades their quality of their house brands has substantially and continuously improved. They have very good selection and their house brands offer good savings. They typically offer different levels of gear for each sport catering to a wide demographic, from those who are just entering a sport for the first time and don't want to invest a lot of money, to those who have more experience and are looking for more features and are willing to spend more money for a better product but are not looking for their wallet to get raped by big name brands...and of course they sell the big name brands as well. For instance, the Decathlon in Europe had their own brand of regulators but they sold Cressi and Mares as well.

The Subea brand is their house brand of dive gear. I have one of their DSMBs and am quite happy with it. Decathlon has a very liberal return policy (at least in Belgium they did), so if you have any problem with your gear, particularly if somethings materially fails, you should be able to take it back and either get your money back or an exchange.

Personally, my preference is a backplate and wing, but I would not hesitate to purchase a Decathlon/Subea BCD if I was looking to purchase a jacket style BCD and wanted to save some cash, in fact a small bunch of years ago I thought about purchasing Subea BCDs for my daughters but decided to go backplates and wings for them as well.

If the product has the features you want at a good price point, I recommend you go for it. If you have any problems, just take it back.


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