1. mridude

    For Trade SeaLife NEW Micro 3.0 Underwater Camera for sale

    SeaLife Micro 3.0 Underwater Camera still in the box. This has never been in the water. Looking to trade for a good Dive light that has wide beam and narrow beam setting.
  2. veryfastfourier

    Closed SeaLife SportDiver housing + SeaDragon 2500F light

    I accidentally ordered two sets of the SeaLife SportDiver smartphone housing and matching SeaLife SeaDragon 2500F video light (which includes a nice tray and light grip). No chance for a return so I'm selling off the extra unit. In my opinion, this is the best smartphone housing currently on the...
  3. R

    For Sale PRICE REDUCTION- GoPro Hero 7 Black with Self Tray & light plus tons of accessories

    GoPro Hero 7 Black with underwater housing, 3 snap on color filters, 2 batteries, tons of other accessories & attachments Also includes older Sea Life SL980 LED torch Light, flex arm and tray. All original manuals etc Used for the past few years. Takes great phot & video I am at the point, I...
  4. Alucard

    SL051 leaking - anyone else?

    I bought the SL051 wide-angle conversion lens for my Sealife camera - it's worked well for me for a while, but yesterday during a dive I noticed some water between the two internal lenses (not between the lens and the camera body, which I cleared as per instructions). I have contacted Sealife...
  5. mridude

    SeaLife Micro 3.0 review?

    Apologies if I missed it, but I can't find anyone on here that has used the new Micro 3.0 from SeaLife. I started out with the SeaLife DC2000. Moved to the Micro 2.0. Love the permanent seal and depth rating, but I know SeaLife cameras do not take the best pics/video. I am not really...
  6. Y

    Adapting SL961 to a different tray

    Hey! I'm new at UW photo and with this pandemic the dive centers are closed, so I hope someone here could answer me some beginner questions. I found a pair of SL961 strobes, but my camera case (a seafrog for sony) has two screws for the tray, and the SL961 comes with a tray that has only one and...
  7. TheChase

    For Sale Sealife Dual Underwater Camera Strobes

    These are SeaLife SL961 strobes. These are universal and can be used with any underwater photography camera. Both strobes work excellent! No issues. Comes with: TWO - Sealife SL961 strobes TWO - optical strobe cables TWO - flash diffusers Universal optical strobe attachment for any...
  8. TheChase

    For Sale SeaLife DC1400 Camera with Sea Dragon Tray and Flex Connect Dual Strobes

    Both flashes were upgraded to the Sealife Flex Connect Sea Dragon mounts. Everything is in excellent condition and works great! It is a great entry level dive or scuba diving waterproof camera. PRICE - $390 (Priority Shipping in the US for only $15 total) Includes: SeaLife DC1400 camera TWO...
  9. D

    Lost Sealife DC2000 Channel Islands 6/30/19

    Hello. I thought I would take a chance and see if someone found my camera. Was diving off the Spectre in the Channel Islands. Fingers crossed!
  10. ScubaHankNYC

    10 Cool Creatures in Tulamben [Gopro, 2.7K]

    Hi! Here are 10 cool creatures in observed while diving in Tulamben. I shot each creature with a Gopro Hero 6 Black at 2.7K, 60fps then edited in FCPx at 1080p, 30fps. I use Backscatter filters and Sealife 2500 lumen lights.
  11. ScubaHankNYC

    Gold-Specked Flatworm [Sealife DC2000]

    I shot this video with a Sealife DC2000 in the Red Sea off the coast of Egypt.
  12. jonhall

    Sea Dragon 2500 vs 3000

    Anyone have any experience with the video lights 2500 vs 3000 and an opinion of the better choice for the SeaLife 2000 camera? It would serve as my only external light source. Have done the side by side comparisons on paper, but some actual user feedback might help me make a better decision of...
  13. FirasR

    For Sale SeaLife DC2000 Underwater Camera, Flash & Light Set

    Original Purchase date: Sept. 2018 Included in the set: SeaLife DC2000 camera SeaLife DC2000 underwater housing Sealife Sea Dragon Flash Head (SL9630) SeaLife Sea Dragon 2000 Underwater Photo/Video Dive Light (SL986) Sealife 2x Flex-Connect Grip (SL9905P) Sealife Dual Tray (SL9904) Sealife...
  14. Jaardo

    Sealife lens on Ikelite Housing

    Hi all, Anyone knows how to fit Sealife lenses (e.g. SL970) on an Ikelite Housing (6116.11 - Sony RX100 ii)? Thanks in advance! Cheers! Dj)
  15. Nick Skiadopoulos

    Sealife 4500 Pro - Opinion

    Hi Guys I'm a new comer to the underwater videography world and im looking at investing in 2 Sealife 4500's. Has anyone used them? regards Nick
  16. Nick Skiadopoulos

    Dive Lights Recommendations

    Hi Guys I'm currently looking at purchasing some new lights, as i'm a keen videographer. I was recently suggested to purchase two SeaLife Sea Dragon 4500, as this will definitely powerful enough. I mainly use my GoPro 7 What are people thoughts? Thanks for the help. nick
  17. Divers with Turtle

    Divers with Turtle

  18. Napping Turtle

    Napping Turtle

  19. Octopus Dancing

    Octopus Dancing

    This octopus couldn't stop dancing for the camera!
  20. crazyqban67

    Goliath Groupers Sept 15 - Jupiter, Fl

    Here is a quick video I made with a new Gopro 6 using Bacscatter Filters and SeaLife Sea Dragon 2000 lights. Filmed on Sept 15 while on a dive in Jupiter, Fl with Scuba Works. While using the lights I didn't use the filters. Also, when I tried to use the deep filter the images were really dark...
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