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  1. I

    Chest pain after second open water dive

    Hello, Today I did two dives for my open water certificate. Everything went well and at the end I had to do the controlled emergency ascend from 5m. I had some equalizing issues so I has to stop at around 2m below surface. And then me and my instructor continued. I think at that pause moment I...
  2. Justinshepa

    Looking for dive buddy: San Diego

    Hello, I am a new diver that recently got certified, I Am looking for a dive buddy, I have surfed all over in San Diego, so I am familiar with the ocean, but I am very new to diving and would like to practice skills, and dive in a safe manor that is within 18m I'm certified to, anyone else who...
  3. O

    New Diver need advice on mid range gear, (diving mostly in California ,Mexico, South east Asia)

    hello new diver, looking into buying midrange gear, maybe used and just get them serviced at a local dive shop(for the regs) found a couple good deals online, need advice on what to choose. background be diving mostly in california and traveling to warmer waters like mexico, and south east...
  4. Jrob4449

    New to diving

    Hello everyone! I’m currently in the process of getting my open water cert through SSI and have completed all course work just scheduling my pool training and then my cert dive. I’m reaching out because I purchased my own gear and have been doing reviews and such but wanted to know if anyone has...
  5. B

    Bahia Honda -newbie

    Hello all - my name is Bill. I have been recently certified OW. I am heading to Bahia Honda State Park and am looking forward to a dive to Looe key From what I understand this is a good drive for beginners. I have some concerns that i'd like some guidance on. I feel as though key elements were...
  6. K

    Recommendations for diving in Florida

    My 18 year old nephew wants to get certified, and on a separate post about this, many people suggested Florida. I'm looking for recommendations for where to get certified, where to dive, (good dive shops) and what area to stay in and places to stay - any and/or all of that! I've never been to...
  7. Wreck(ed)Diver

    Sticky purge button on Prana Genesis

    Hey! So I just have a quick question about regulators. I’m a pretty new diver and have only done about 8 dives. 4 with my gear. I have a Prana Genesis reg and octo and after my dive the other day, after cleaning my gear, I assembled my gear again just for fun/practice. When I pressed the purge...
  8. K

    Cold water setup for beginners

    Hi, I am a beginner AOW diver based in UK and trying to gear up for a local cold water dives. Would also use this gear for warm water vacation dives. Would like more experienced divers to comment on my gear choices before I take a plunge, especially Xdeep ZEN vs. i.e. ZEOS or should I go with...
  9. K

    New diver's trilam vs neoprene drysuit experiences, looking for insight/advice!

    Hello all! I just got back from a pool test dive with my Apollo Bio drysuit. It was my first time trying a neoprene drysuit, and I had quite a time grappling with thermal layers. Seeking advice and insight. --- For additional context: - Setup inclues a hydros pro bcd and mare quattro fins. -...
  10. Mr. Ed

    Nearly 3 yrs getting to the final stage of OWC

    Cold weather and winter delays, buying and replacing gear according to need, gall bladder surgery, multiple tooth extraction, 3 implants in lower gum. Not all scuba training facilities are the same. A word to new divers, don’t give if you really want to be certified, sometimes qualified dive...
  11. SubMarineBiologist

    Greetings from sunny Scotland (and beyond!)

    Hi all, I am a marine biologist and (finally!) a diver (PADI AOW) I learned to dive in Sharm El Sheikh with Umbi Diving Village (highly recommend, they were absolutely wonderful and so relaxed!) this year in March. I am on my drysuit diving course at the beginning of May so I can dive in our...
  12. R

    Oceanic Vtx rechargeable batteries?

    So I just got a used vtx as my first dive computer and before anyone asks yes I know about the terrible battery and dim screen. I got the thing for 100$, the features and price outweigh the problems in my opinion. I figure if I get 4 chargeable cr2s I can just swap it out and that will save me...
  13. myself

    Buoyancy practice for beginners

    Hi, I'm a new diver and one of my goals is to improve my buoyancy control, however there are no classes for that in my area as far as I know and I'm not sure that I would be able to attend one anyway. My question is: What are some practice exercises that I can use to improve my buoyancy skills?
  14. DanOdaSea

    LA Weekend Shore Diving

    Hello! I'm new to the Forum, Scuba, and California. My long term goal is to get into Tec and I'm looking to build up my experience by exploring local dive sites near LA. Does anyone know of any groups that shore dive regularly on the weekends that are accepting newcomers or is anyone...
  15. bnstn

    New Gear / Purchase Questions

    Hello All, I am finally at the point where I will be purchasing a full set of Scuba gear (minus tanks) and I was hoping for some input on my choice of BCD. Right now I am looking at the ScubaPro Hydros Pro w. Air 2, versus possibly the Zeagle Ranger. Both have very good reviews and I am trying...
  16. Nitrox_DiverNY

    Hello all, New diver from New York here!

    I just finished my OW cert in Fort Lauderdale Florida and had an amazing time. I am hooked to say the least. I still want to get more tropical clear vis divers under my belt before I do anything here in NY but if anyone knows any good dive boats in NY I'm all ears! Be safe everyone!
  17. Swimadam123

    How to find dive buddies

    I am not scuba certified yet, but I am planning to get certified around august/september in time for college, which is only 15 minutes away from the beach. Once I have everything set up gear and certification wise, how would I go about finding dive buddies? There is no scuba club at my college...
  18. 8675309fan

    Chest pain after almost every dive

    Hello everyone I am a newly certified diver and I have been having this problem every time I dive, whether that be in a 5ft to 15ft pool, or a 25ft spring. I almost always have chest pain after a few hours or the day after the dives. The first pool dive I did I was very nervous, I do have asthma...
  19. Jonigwu

    Hi! New diver here and invitation to my certification trip in La Paz!

    Hi! I’m so excited to be getting PADI open water and advanced certified in a few weeks in La Paz! I created an entire itinerary around it so I wouldn’t have to do it alone. I’m so happy that an old colleague has decided to join but would love to have more come along for the adventure! I fell in...
  20. DonnaDogMom

    First Dive Trip

    I have just finished the classroom and confined water parts for my PADI open water certification. My sister-in-law and I (both in our mid fifties) will be doing our Open Water dives end of March in Bonaire as part of a one-week trip offered by her dive shop. I am hoping that the group can offer...
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