1. A

    What's the advantage of fins like these:

    I've seen a few people wearing fins that look like these: What's the advantage of these? (other than that they're small and portable) Are they good for a specific style of kicks?
  2. C

    Scubapro Seawing Nova Size L

    Size L, blue, used in ~15 dives. Excellent condition Retail is $229 Selling for $100. Buyer pays for shipping or picks up in NYC Paypal friends & family or Venmo
  3. _anak_pulau_

    Deep 6 Eddy Fins - from Mares Avanti Quattro+

    Hello bubblefriends, I've been looking at getting deep 6 eddy fins for a while now as a lighter, more neutrally buoyant option to my Mares Avanti Quattro+. Any experience on the difference in how it feels to use underwater and how it compares to other tech fins? I dropped the idea of getting...
  4. Bonaireboy

    Scubapro Go Sport Fin Strap

    I’m a little worried about the plastic fin strap retaining pin design. I figure there is a chance it can break, I will break it removing it, or in the event I lose it on the boat changing a strap out I’d be hosed. I’m considering my options since SP told me they don’t sell the pins separately...
  5. Nitrox_DiverNY

    Top ligament or tendon on top of right foot hurts while diving

    I just finished my OW cert using properly fitted Mares Avanti Quattro plus fins with 5mm booties. They were fantastic but by the 4th dive only the top of my right foot near my shin was really starting to hurt. I think it might be the tendon that runs there. My left foot was perfectly fine with...
  6. Kirsten78

    4E (Double Wide) Boots and Fins

    Hi! I’ve been dating a really great guy and he is willing to try Scuba because I love it! We have one stumbling block...He wears a size 13 4E shoe and I have zero idea where to start to even find a good fit in boots and fins. I have a wide foot too, but not that wide and I’ve struggled finding...
  7. Hodg

    Closed OMS Slipstreams, size XL

    I have a pair of white OMS Slipstreams that I bought less than a year ago and only used a few times. They're great fins, but not quite heavy enough for me. If you're looking for a lighter jet-style fin, these are the fins for you! Retails for $159 but I'm selling for $80 plus shipping. Located...
  8. D

    For Sale Lots of gear for sale

    Our neighborhood is having a yard sale (5/15/2021) so my husband and I are getting rid of lots of gear. We have been instructors for over 15 years. My husband taught technical diving and I taught OW. We also have a few gun holsters for sale. I can’t figure out how to add pics right now but...
  9. C

    Fin Weight Study - comparing 2XL fins

    I collected this data to help me decide on new fins. I wanted to share with others who may be struggling with same thing. Saw many strings on SB but always questions about relative weights, heavier, lighter, etc. When first researching online I found manufacturer websites not always in sync with...
  10. headonkey

    For Sale Dry suit plus other goodies $500

    Lot of great scuba stuff. All stored in climate controlled, non-smoking areas. USIA Dry suit. needs new seals but suit itaelf in great shape. Includes gloves. Aqualung Titan regular set. Shark Skins suit. 2x 100 lb lift bags. Dacor knife. Pony bottle slings. Apollo Bio-Fin pro size L...
  11. headonkey

    For Sale Apollo Bio-Fin Pro $50

    Apollo Bio-Fin Pros in size Large. Stored in climate controlled area. Straps in great shape. Asking $75 CONUS PXL_20210409_213933749 by headonkey posted Apr 9, 2021 at 5:48 PMPXL_20210409_213946758 by headonkey posted Apr 9, 2021 at 5:48 PM
  12. custureri

    BULK (16 Pairs) - Scubapro GO FIN - $70/each O.B.O.

    ****UPDATED INVENTORY**** Tons of ScubaPro GO Fins for sale. These are not the SPORT version. They were originally purchased to be the catch-all for diving and snorkeling, however, I no longer use this fin as I went a different route. If you are looking to start a tour company, teach your own...
  13. Steve Takata

    Lost: Mares Yellow Fin, Grouper Alley, Pompano Beach, FL

    I lost a yellow Mares fin scuba diving a reef with South Florida Diving Headquarters on Dec. 26, 2020. Slipped off right as we entered the water on our first dive. It had been a bit since our last dive so I wasn't confident descending immediately to grab it. Thought we could find it when we got...
  14. Rand

    Closed Teric, Fins, Boots, Lights, Accessories

    I am helping a friend sell his gear since he has gotten out of diving. He has a lot to sell. See my other listings for more gear and I will be adding more daily. Some items may be cross posted and I have listed condition for each item. When referencing an item, please include the green item...
  15. M

    Wanted Apex RK3

    Looking to buy an Apeks RK3 fin. size large. let me know if you guys have one.
  16. M

    FINS: ScubaPro Jet, XS Scuba Turtle, Apeks RK3

    Hey all, I've been looking into getting a new set of fins that are more rigid than the ones I have now. Upon researching them I came across the ScubaPro Jet, XS Scuba Turtle, and Apeks RK3 which all seem to be roughly the same fin. I have friends of my mine who love the Jets but my...
  17. gtto

    Closed Mares Avanti Quattro+ Fins (Size R)

    I am selling one pair of Mares Avanti Quattro+ Fins. They have only been used a few times. I am asking $100 or B/O including shipping or $85 or B/O if you want to pick them up in South Florida.
  18. The Laconic

    Closed: Mares Quattro Excel fins, XL

    Well, they're Mares Quattro Excel fins as the title says, and you can look at the pics. Not much else to say! Make me an offer. You pay for shipping (UPS Ground), which I expect will be $25 or so. Alternatively, local pickup in Chicago (Lakeview), which is a better idea if it's feasible...
  19. The Laconic

    Closed OMS Slipstream fins, XL

    Well, they're OMS Slipstream fins as the title says, and you can look at the pics. Not much else to say! Asking $70 + shipping (UPS Ground), which I expect will be $20 or so. Alternatively, local pickup in Chicago (Lakeview). PayPal only.
  20. Diamondeve21

    For Sale Atomic split fins small $80

    I’m trying to sell these atomic split fins in size small they are used and I’m selling them for 80. Retails for 220 ish...
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