1. Mgungen

    Fin recommendations for drysuit

    Hi, I am practicing drysuit diving. I have a DUI drysuit and DUI Rock boots. I was surprised to find out that none of the fins i use while diving with wetsuits fit to DUI Rock boots. (DUI | Drysuits & Diving Equipment from Diving Unlimited International The ones on the top of the age in the...
  2. Jeff Dykes

    How to find inexpensive masks and fins locally?

    I've been told that, particularly with masks, you just have to try on the one that's right for you. Pretty much the same with fins (I prefer the kind without straps). In other words, don't buy online. Is there a local classifieds where I could find a good mask and fins? I can't afford new, and...
  3. A

    Question Scubapro Jet Fin 2XL white camo or white Fins in Germany

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a white camo OR white scubapro jet fin in 2XL. I live in Germany, but apparently they are not available in all of Europe. Can anyone help pointing to any place which sells them or if someone has them and looking for a buyer? Thanks.
  4. Collin O'Brien

    Apex Rk3 or Rk3 HD Fins?

    I am trying to decide between Apex RK3 Fins and Apex RK3 HD Fins and would appreciate some insight….or if there is a better fin out there please let me know. I currently dive mostly in New England. I use a S.S BP plus single tank adapter with integrated 6 lb weight and only 2 additional lbs of...
  5. rightisleft

    Diving With Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia

    Howdy folks! I’ve been recreationally diving with a disability for over 2 decade (primarily warm water). My partner and I just moved up to Portland OR and the dive conditions here are much different with very heavy cold water gear. What is HSP? (HSP : HSP & PLS : Spastic Paraplegia Foundation)...
  6. PelagicPK

    For Sale Zeagle Recon Fins - L (9-11), top rated fin

    Hi, selling my Zeagle Recon Fins (black) because I typically use a lighter duty fin. They're size large fitting men's 9-11, in like-new condition, hardly used. More on these fins: ScubaLab Testers Choice...
  7. ahcalde

    Closed Deep6 Eddy Fins Size Large Orange $120

    Only a few months old.
  8. C

    Closed FS: Scubapro Split Jet Fins XL Hi Viz NEW IN BOX

    sold Scubapro Twin Jet Hi-Viz Size XL . Model 25.388.500. Unused, in box with tags. $125 INCLUDES US SHIPPING
  9. subaqueous

    For Sale Hollis F1 and Deep 6 Eddy Fins (Black, XL)

    I am selling two pairs of fins (Images) Hollis F1 Bat Tech Fin - Black, XL (10-12) $120 Deep 6 Eddy Fin - Black, XL (11-13) $120 Both pairs are used but in perfect condition. They have webbing over the spring strap in lieu of the typical rubber heel tab to avoid unnecessary entanglement. I...
  10. D


    Two Atomic B2 second stage regs, with B2 first stage, pressure gauge, and long cave hose set up. $1000 Dive Rite single reg set up, with Atomic B2 first stage. $400 Brand new Oxycheq wing and stainless plate $450 Fins, mask, snorkel, surface marker buoy, make offer, all new.
  11. CosbySweater

    Tusa Xpert Zoom Z3 Scuba Diving Fins $50

    Tusa Xpert Zoom Z3 split fins. Used for maybe 50 dives. Excellent condition. They come with an upgraded set of stainless steel spring straps. Size: Mens Medium/Large (7-10 shoe size). Located in Palm Beach County, FL. Local exchange preferred but will ship at buyers expense.
  12. Coral-Reefer

    For Sale Atomic Aquatics Split Fins, Small, Yellow

    I bought these for my wife and she used them for about 20 dives. New they are $229 plus shipping. I will sell them for $129 plus whatever UPS Ground shipping is to you; no more than $20. Continental US only please. Thanks![
  13. Coral-Reefer

    For Sale Mares Avanti Quattro-Plus Open Heel Fins, Black, X-Large

    I bought these to try on one trip to Cozumel, which I did. They were awesome, but a bit too big for me and my dive boots. New they are $179 plus shipping. I will sell them for $99 plus whatever UPS Ground shipping is to you; no more than $20. Continental US only please. Thanks!
  14. Jason Bingham

    Closed Deep Six Eddy Fins (XL Orange)

    Up for sale is a pair of used Deep Six Eddy fins in size XL. They are the wonderful orange color that many people like, including myself, and they have the usual scratches from diving. With all of that being said they still have a lot of life left in them, the spring straps look and function...
  15. D

    Hollis F2 Fins size small

    Selling $100 obo. Brand new Hollis F2 size small. The foot pocket was too big for me.
  16. klspicoli

    Closed Apeks White RK3 Fins (non-HD) Size Medium

    Gently used. Roughly 10 dives. Size medium. $100 including domestic shipping PayPal or venmo
  17. S

    Can this hole affect performance? anyway to fix it?

    Image attached
  18. A

    What's the advantage of fins like these:

    I've seen a few people wearing fins that look like these: What's the advantage of these? (other than that they're small and portable) Are they good for a specific style of kicks?
  19. C

    Scubapro Seawing Nova Size L

    Size L, blue, used in ~15 dives. Excellent condition Retail is $229 Selling for $100. Buyer pays for shipping or picks up in NYC Paypal friends & family or Venmo
  20. _anak_pulau_

    Deep 6 Eddy Fins - from Mares Avanti Quattro+

    Hello bubblefriends, I've been looking at getting deep 6 eddy fins for a while now as a lighter, more neutrally buoyant option to my Mares Avanti Quattro+. Any experience on the difference in how it feels to use underwater and how it compares to other tech fins? I dropped the idea of getting...
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