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  1. Jason Bingham

    Closed Hollis Stainless BP/W System (10 dives)

    Up for sale is a Hollis BP/W system which includes a stainless backplate, original S38 wing, HTS weight pouches, STA w/ stainless cam bands, Elite 2 Harness. This kit was dove 10 times in the Puget Sound and is in like new condition. Full disclosure, the webbing has been cut for a small female...
  2. C

    Question Thoughts on OMS Gear

    Looking at getting a bp/w setup soon, had a look at some OMS gear and looks good, seems kinda difficult to get in the UK. Was also looking at Apeks gear. Only going to use a single tank at the moment but I am soon to strap some doubles on. Aluminium preferably because i would like to travel with...
  3. Meredith Budd

    For Sale Halcyon Backplate and Wing Eclipse 30

    This is a Halcyon Eclipse wing with metal backplate and harness BCD, all hardware for a single tank. It is a standard size plate that is the stainless steel (6lb). This was purchased in 2009 after I studied/worked as a science diver with rented equipment for years. But after I purchased my own...
  4. jagfish

    How to Replace Backplate Harness Webbing

    How to Replace Backplate Harness Webbing If it’s time or almost time to change your backplate harness webbing, this video should be helpful. One of the benefits of backplate and wing BC that folks often cite is the ability to change out your harness webbing. Where here it is. This harness was...
  5. jagfish

    SS vs AL Backplate - Choosing Your Scuba Backplate Material

    More beating of the horse. I'm in a process of digitizing my educational briefings/lectures. Thanks for the patience. Look here if you are contemplating the riddle of steel vs AL backplate. This video explains the advantages of both materials and how to choose the best plate material for your...
  6. jagfish

    Why Backplate and Wing? - BP/Wing vs Jacket BC if this hasn't been beaten to death ;) ... Why Backplate and Wing? - BP/Wing vs Jacket BC This video aims to help viewers evaluate the benefits of backplate and wing BC system. Retrace the rationale for my evolution from Jacket BC to Backplate and wing. Emphasis on the benefits of each...
  7. Swedinsidemount

    ZEAGLE 911 V.S BP/W

    I am going into tech diving and was wondering which setup would be best. I like BPs but they don't carry a lot of storage, and usually don't have integrated wights either. The Zeagle has a #65 bladder which is a lot but also plenty of pockets and rings which I need. I am looking for some...
  8. Dave616

    How I got Wife to switch to a BP/W

    My wife has been diving a Zeagle Lazer BC in cold water and a Zeagle Scout BC in the tropics for years. At some point she noticed how much smaller my gear packed up and said "why don't I have one of those". She also noticed how much less lead you have to pack on to a BPW. It wasn't cheap but I...
  9. W

    DSMB & Reel Storage - BP/W

    Hey guys, Got myself a lovely new BP/W system which I can’t wait to get using. Been a long term jacket BCD user, and although the pockets on them are awkward as hell - they are at least still pockets... Just trying to map out the logistics of what will go where. I’m using a DIR harness and no...
  10. W

    BP/W - Which one?!

    Hey guys! Looking to get into a BP/W setup :). Currently using a jacket style BCD (currently an Aqualung Axiom I3 & Aqualung Legend LX Supreme regs (DIN)). I'm PADI AOW, and stopped logging dives at around 500, but currently sat somewhere around 800-1000. In terms of the diving I currently do...
  11. W

    Sidemount or BP/W?!

    Hey guys! First post here so apologies if this is in the wrong place or has already been posted (I couldn't find it if it has been)! Bit of background before I jump into the problem I want your help with if possible :). I've been lucky enough to dive all over the world for the past 10 years -...
  12. Mitch H

    Closed: (SOLD)DSS Backplate and Wing (single-tank)

    Selling a stainless steel backplate and wing from Deep Sea Supply (DSS). Wing is a DSS Torus 17 for a single tank. The harness is a Single-Piece Hogarthian that's already been put together. Also included are OMS weight pockets and a diving knife. This rig has been on only 3 dives and is in good...
  13. Diver_In_Pink

    Switching to backplate and wing

    Hello, I have decided to make a switch from a BCD (Scubapro Ladyhawk) to a backplate and wing. I recently realized that my BCD is way too big for me (M and I'm only 5'3) and I suspect that may be why I have had buoyancy issues in the past. Although I loved my hybrid BCD, I figured that since I...
  14. Alan De Lucio

    Proper Weighting for drysuit and backplate and wing

    Hi, I have recently purchased the Hollis Elite II backplate system with the steel back plate and the S38 Bladder. I dive with the Hollis DX-300X drysuit with 260 undergarments and a Faber HP steel 100 tank, Hollis F1 bat fins and the Hollis rock boots(yes I love Hollis gear). I'm 6'2" 285lbs...
  15. pogonotroph

    Wanted Stainless Steel Backplate, BP/W

    Hoping to buy a SS backplate. I recently picked up a used DSS singles wing but am too cheap to shell out the cash for a new backplate. Also looking for a complete BP/W setup for the wife, or individual components for one.
  16. C

    Looking for some advice on nomadic instruction.

    Hey there, I was wondering what the best option for gear choices are while traveling and instructing? I'm planning on doing the whole minimalist thing, bouncing from location to location every couple months. Mostly carrying possesions in a backpack. I was wondering what the recommended...
  17. rgilkes

    BP/W Advice

    Based on a lot of threads on this board, I am looking to get a bp/w setup for my first set of equipment. I live in North Florida and will probably do 95% of my diving in warm water (Florida or vacation diving). I am interested in getting this package from my local shop, but I have a few...
  18. Boombaatz


    Looking for a Deep Outdoors Wing.... Mine is starting to unravel. Bladder is fine, I just need the actual wing itself. Please DM me if you have one to sell or know of one. Mahalo!
  19. MrsHer13

    Closed: Hog Backplate & Wing Setup $300

    For sale is barely used (less than 10 dives) HOG by Edge gear 32lb all black wing, stainless steel backplate, and harness. Purchased new 2012, stored indoor in closet. Selling off 2 entire sets of dive gear including BC/wing setups, weights, regs, computer, wetsuits, and semi-dry suit. PM for...
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