1. Meghan Powers

    Advice on putting on gear

    I made a thread earlier about dive logs and I appreciate everyone’s input! I very recently received my ow certification. I have not done a dive since then (only two months since I was certified). I plan on doing a few dives pretty soon at one of my local quarries so I can gain a little more...
  2. Collin O'Brien

    Steel 120 Question (Normally dive Steel 100)

    Quick Question: How many more pounds would you use with a Steel 120 vs with a Steel 100 to factor in the slightly more buoyant properties of the 120 toward the end of a dive? Explained: A buddy is letting me hold onto his Steel 120’s as he is a CCR diver and never uses them, so I gave them a...
  3. Blastermags

    Summer diving in Monterey Bay?

    Hello! My husband and I are extremely new divers (just got certified in March in Maui and have only done 3 dives after certification on that same trip. so we haven't been in several months) We have an opportunity to spend time in Monterey Bay Aug 19-23, and were wondering if it was a good place...
  4. K

    persistent headache for over a year

    Hi all, I am interested in community feedback in what I am about to say. I am a young diver in prior good health. I dove a series of dives under 100 feet for 3 days in Jan 2020. On the last dive (max depth 60ft) , I surfaced and had an "odd sensation" immediately upon surfacing. The best...
  5. Blastermags

    Greeting from Oakland!

    Hello! My husband and I were recently OW certified in Maui as a birthday gift/trip for the both of us! (both Feb b-days) we did the online e learning, and were certified with an incredible instructor at Maui Diving SCUBA & snorkel shop. I'd always wanted to learn to dive, but was always kind of...
  6. C

    Best programs and locations for a DMT for rec. purposes?

    Hello, I wanted to ask some advice regarding a Dive Master Training I’m a rec diver with ~50 dives and was considering doing a DMT. However, I don’t want to pursue a dive career, I’m mostly looking to do a DMT for recreational purposes so I can have many dives in a period of 1-2 months in a...
  7. JCope3

    Looking for advice for tech regs to buy

    I've browsed the forum and have spent most of the day doing research (and I've done plenty in the past months too) and I'm still fairly undecided on what to do, so I'm turning to you all for advice... I'm a divemaster looking to make the jump to instructor and move to a more full-time situation...
  8. cogito222

    Checkout dives are in Panama City Beach next weekend. Advice for a newbie?

    I'm doing my checkout dives in Panama City Beach next weekend. My brother lives there so I can stay for free. I think we are wearing 5mm (rental). I have my own regs (Z3 and Z2 octo), Scubapro mask, Scubapro fins/snorkel, and booties. I'll rent the rest down there. I want to do well and...
  9. E

    Plumber/Gas Technician interested in Underwater Welding -- looking for advice

    I am a 4th year plumbing Apprentice in New Hampshire – a year away from obtaining my journeyman plumbing license. I currently hold a NH Gas Equipment Installation License as well. I am interested in becoming a commercial diver and, more specifically, an underwater welder. I was curious if my...
  10. E

    Plumber/Gas Tech interested in becoming Underwater Welder--looking for advice

    I am a 4th year plumbing Apprentice in New Hampshire – a year away from obtaining my journeyman plumbing license. I currently hold a NH Gas Equipment Installation License as well. I am interested in becoming a commercial diver and, more specifically, an underwater welder. I was curious if my...
  11. Ryan Neely

    Newbie Looking for Advice: 1st Wetsuit Selection

    Greetings ScubaBoard friends! I'm in the process of researching my first wetsuit purchase (I'm one of those explore all the options and over-analyze everything before purchasing). There are a handful of dive shops in my area (and, by "my area" I mean within a four-hour drive), each one...
  12. H

    Hi! Please Post Your Opinions on MY GEAR! and why? I would love to learn more.

    Hello! I am I brand new diver, I only done 1 dive trip but completed the advanced course with 12 dives. I have recently did a vast internet hunt and tried to buy as high end gear as possible spending a reasonable amount. Using massive coupons, price matching, and 1st client discounts. Here It...
  13. T

    What Underwater CAMERA is right for YOU? Advice from a pro

    I get asked this question almost every week: What underwater camera should you buy? so here goes, here is my Beginner and Intermediate gear advice from someone who's worked in the field for a few years - happy shooting!
  14. I

    Need Advice for Film, Please...

    Hi! I'm writing a script about treasure hunters and I've been researching a lot about diving. I have never gone diving, so I'd appreciate any advice/insight to keep things realistic. I'm working on a scene where a rival sabotages our heroine's scuba gear-- what would my protagonist do exactly...
  15. akeary123

    Should I Use Nitrox Diving Socorro?

    Heading to Socorro next year in May. Just wondering if I should pay the extra cost to use nitrox? I've read dives can be deep, so I dont want to be restricted, but if those dives are rare nitrox might be the better option. Any recommendations, advice or information at all would be appreciated.
  16. krist3l

    Best scuba destination for Xmas: Raja Ampat or The Philippines?

    I'm attempting to pick a destination for a scuba vacation this Christmas and I'm torn between choosing a liveaboard in Raja Ampat vs The Philippines. Having previously been to a liveaboard in Komodo, I was determined to make Raja Ampat my next trip, but I keep hearing from fellow divers about...
  17. A

    Salton Sea, let's get to the bottom of it.

    Planning my second trip to Salton Sea, this time with my rig. Has anyone dived there before? Any recommendations for safety regarding the toxicity of the water? Anyone know where to look for something cool underwater - maybe like a downed plane or building? Thanks!
  18. Joel Torres

    Advice needed for a Ribbon Reefs dive, advices well appreciated.

    Hi mates, i'm planning a dive in the ribbon reef's in the GBR and i am a bit shock about the costs of the days trips, accommodations, etc..,any aussie or anyone who could give me some advice? i'd appreciate it so much cuz we are spending so much time in this plan and we are a bit lost, thank you.
  19. M

    Regs for Doubles?

    Hi all, need some opinion from you guys as to what regs would better suit my purpose. I currently own a single tank MK17 Evo/G260, and am thinking about getting more regulators as I'm keen on going tech. I see myself primarily doing doubles backmount, but I'm not against the idea of trying out...
  20. goblinina

    Tubbataha Liveaboards?

    Hi everyone, My partner and I are interested in doing a liveaboard trip to Tubbataha in May (admittedly, this is last minute by liveaboard standards). This would be our first liveaboard experience but we are AOW and experienced divers. First off, I would love general advice on what to look for...
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