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Virtual Scuba Diving Training Game

Discussion in 'Research and Development' started by hkbubbleboy, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. hkbubbleboy

    hkbubbleboy Angel Fish

    You are right! This game is in no way to become a "flight simultor" type of tool. This is more of a tool to teach a "concept". I believe this game will help students to learn Navigation in a safe way BEFORE their actual dive practice.
  2. Rickster

    Rickster Divemaster

    Took the survey. Great idea.
  3. teamheatwave

    teamheatwave Divemaster

    Another survey on the way. Good luck. Hope to see it in finished form one day.
  4. Fruhmann

    Fruhmann Guest

    Hey. As a heavy duty gamer, this interest me. I filled out the survey and would love to give any more input I can.

    please feel free to email me at


    or instant message me on AIM

  5. jstuart1

    jstuart1 Solo Diver

    I just posted thinking that it would be cool to have just what you are planning to develop. I completed the survey. I think its a great idea and would love to be one of the Beta testers.
  6. hkbubbleboy

    hkbubbleboy Angel Fish

    Sorry for not reply for such a long while, I've been out of town!

    Anyway, yeah, I've been working on this game and the responds have been very good, hopefully I can have a prototype by the end of this summer.
  7. DayWalker

    DayWalker Angel Fish

    I agree and good luck. I also filled out your survey
  8. gregor1234

    gregor1234 Solo Diver

    Finished Survey. Good Luck.

    I would welcom a relatively simple game that teaches basic navigation but might encourage the flight simulator approach that Diver0001 has discouraged.

    I feel that it could be a much more powerful learning tool if you include other diving tasks in addition to the navigation task. Once past the the "book learning" of bearings and headings it is the combination of usual diving tasks and navigation tasks that can make U/W navigation (and other types of diving) difficult. When focusing on a navigation task awareness of other diving necessities can become lost.

    Additional tasks could simply be "turned off" to give a in a simple navigation tutor and "turned on" later to increase the level of difficulty.

    In addition to navigation a diving simulation can be used to help beginners develop an appropriate "insturment scan" habit to maintian awareness of depth, air, time and buddy issues and general situational awareness. The navigation task could be omitted in a "just swim around" mode just to hone these other skills aside from navigation.

    I don't think an attempt to simulate bouyancy control using BC inflate/deflate would be very effective on a computer. I might simpy include a up/down control with drift thrown in to keep the student awake. However, the "drift" could resemble basic bouyancy physics (ie if no correction is made after an ascent, then the natural tendancy is to ascend further and vice versa with descent).

    The student should have to click the mouse twice for each kick and should have to count his kicks himself. He should have to click icons to view air pressure time, depth, or buddy. When viewing these, compass view should be interrupted. (Or perhaps depth and compass could be viewed simultaneously.) It is the necessity of keeping track of all these things at once that will make the program truely powerful enough to improve mental diving skills besides teaching the relatively simple task of learing of how to use bearings and headings.

    In addition to scoring the navigation task, the student should be penalized for:
    Not looking at air pressure, time, depth, or buddy frequently enough, for running low/out of air, for loosing or getting to far from the diving buddy or for not being able to enter the approximately-correct total bottom time or max depth at the end of the "Dive". Of course all of these additional items should be options that can be turned on or off to increase the degree of difficulty.

    I like the Otter-Cat's idea of including dangerous marine life (puleeeeeaze no sharks) and I wonder how it might be possible to introduce other situational or geographical "hazards" or "impediments" to increase interest. (For example a reef ridge or deep sand chute along the course that you have to navigate.)

    Just my $0.02
  9. hkbubbleboy

    hkbubbleboy Angel Fish

    Very valuable comment indeed!!!!

    Thank you very much for your thoughts. I will let you know when I'm done with the prototype!

  10. OE2X

    OE2X *** ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives:
    I would also add currents and tides into this.

    You could also have a night dive level, great vis and poor vis levels.

    I'll second the ideas of Gregor1234

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