Question The perfect carry on, how do you travel?

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My carry on has my regs, my computers, all my lights, all my spare batteries, mask, and anything else I can't easily get at a destination (like the charger for my prosthetic leg, car mount for phone, etc).

For longer international flights I also include shaver, toothbrush, and toiletries so I can get cleaned up on the airplane or in nicer lounges.

My carry on is typically packed completely full and is quite heavy. But thankfully no one has asked to weigh it as long as you can left it up yourself.
I just check 2 medium sized bags (Tom Bihn Yeoman duffels, the not-quite largest that they used to sell). That is enough for my drysuit, undergarments, hood, dryglove goodness, boots, and miscellaneous stuff in one, and regs, masks, fins, save-a-dive, cookies/spools/reels, backup lights and clothing goes in the other. They weigh in at about 19-20 kilos each, including when I misunderstood the rules and was checking my canister light.

I don't carry anything on other than my laptop (and my canister from now on), maybe one of my computers.

Luckily I've got status on delta and their amex so I never pay for bags. If I'm traveling internationally you usually get two bags anyway. And if Delta doesn't go where I want, Southwest usually does.
Can’t speak too much about the best way to pack gear…

Best I can offer (aside from upgrading A leg of your trip) is to put at least 3 days of clean clothes in your carryon….

It’s saved me numerous times (more than I care to admit)

Otherwise, I have 2 checked bags that get most of my gear, and lithium and cameras go in my carryon bag (with clothes and toiletries)

For tech diving trips I usually end up with 2 checked bags, one carry on and one personal item. One checked bag is just the rebreather, one will have exposure, items I can't check and my clothing. The carry on gets the fragile or valuable stuff (regs, can light, computer, etc). If I was diving OC I'd just ditch the second checked bag with the rebreather and fit the plate and wing where I could fit it.
TWO checked bags and a carry-on. Carry-on contains lights, computer, primary mask, and other items that are small, expensive and/or would be difficult to rent should they not arrive with me. I reason that I spent tens of thousands on tech training and gear, and an extra bag fee, should it be necessary, or even having to rent gear should a bag be delayed or lost, is the price of participating in this sport. And then there is insurance that would cover lost gear.
2 large rolling checked bags, a big personal bag, and a light foldable duffle bag as a carry-on in one of the checked bags in case I need it.

I don't mind paying for the 2 checked bags if it saves me hassles.
Pelican 1510:
(2) SM regs
(1) Sidewinder cans. One with computers inside, one with oxygen regulator inside.
(1) deco reg
(1) suit inflate reg
(1) DSV+Loop Hoses
(1) DiveVolk

Arcteryx 35L Carry-on:
(2) stage/deco regs
(1) Sidewinder counterlung
(1) 20Ah Light Monkey 32VF
(1) 20Ah Heat can

Half hard sided checked bag:
Drysuit/wetsuit depending on needs
Fins, mask, reels, spares bag, misc clothes

In your shoes:
Pelican 1510 with 2-3 sets of regs, computers, lights. You could put your wing in a backpack and thread the backplate in as the backpack harness, but if you’re doing any sort of technical diving, you kind of need a checked bag.

Spot On! Wow I run almost the same setup, but use the newer 1535 case and an Arc'teryx 22l backpack with helmet clipped to the outside. but I am using a Triton instead of a Sidewinder.

Heavy stuff goes in the 1535; entire triton plus my UWLD, 4ea 1st stages, misc spare batteries and smaller lights, and my laptop
Lighter stuff goes in the backpack; 2nd stages, hoses, dive computers, misc clothes and snacks for the plane
Checked bag has clothing/personal items, harness, fins, reels, wetsuit, etc.

Never had any problems with Airport security sometimes they want to look at the canister light but once they see it they just wave you on.
This may help.

You can carry technical diving gear for up to hypoxic trimix on board using this method. 5 sets of regs, wing, plate, harness, computers, 5mm wetsuit, 2 masks, trimix analyzer, fins, boots, gopro, stage rigging, 6 tank bands, and a number of other accessories.

The only thing I did not carry onboard was my AL40 O2 tank. That was in picee of checked luggage.

Just did it in fact to Bonaire.

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Here is the backpack system.

I fly the cheapest I can so I generally don't qualify for "carry on", just a "personal item". So everything goes in the hold except the dive computers, cameras, and small things I need for the flight. I am pretty careful about how I pack my main bag.
Simple solution and never ever failed!
Pack both you checked and hand carry to the max. allowance. After couple of trips you should know what stay at home.
Some items can be purchased aboard eg cheap clothing and toiletry etc. This is a holiday and I do not enjoy weight lifting under any circumstances.
I have never paid excess luggage or been asked to remove any item from the hand carry because of overweight.

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