1. M

    Checking in Dive Gear? Or Carry-on?

    Hey folks, I'm pretty new to recreational diving, and I have my first destination dive trip coming up next Spring. I asked around in my dive club about luggage recommendations for dive travel and got some useful answers but one thing I'm torn on is whether I should carry-on most of my expensive...
  2. Adrirulez

    Question The perfect carry on, how do you travel?

    Hi all, I looked for an answer about this topic all over but it seems that this has been discussed a lot regarding recreational scuba, but not so much when talking about technical diving. I read, for many that a solution is always to check in the bc and just rent, but this is not an option. I...
  3. JamesBon92007

    Flying with a Computer

    While reading one of my computer manuals it occurred to me that when flying we should have our dive computer with us inside the cabin because the cabin pressure is higher than the baggage compartment. I have not read this anywhere that I can recall. I am currently re-reading four computer...
  4. Schwob

    The luggage weighting game

    So, when travelling by air all of you will have their checked luggage weighted and it must be at or under (pending where and in what class, with what perks one travels) a certain weight limit. Some may have experienced the same with your carry-on luggage. In those places, where your carry-on...
  5. Z

    Garuda Carry Weight Help: Camera and gear

    I'm flying to Sorong next week for a trip to Misool. The carry-on allowance is 7kg. I emailed reservations and they told me the 7kg applies to both the overhead bag and personal bag for under the seat. They told me that if it weighs over it will not be permitted in the cabin. I recently...
  6. Fin Finder

    Carry-On Backplate-Backpack?

    This came up in another thread and really sparked my interest. Backplate and Pack | Deep-Sea Sherpa Has anyone made one of these? It looks pretty simple. Just some kind of appropriately sized bag with a few corresponding grommet holes, add some assembly screws, and a detachable crotch...
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