1. D

    Captain Dons Habitat - Bonaire

    Hi everyone! My friend and I are looking to do a dive trip to Bonaire, somewhere with lots of good shore diving. We ended up deciding on Captain Don’s habitat, and wondering if anyone has stayed there before, and can tell us about whether there is nearby accessible shore diving that don’t...
  2. js47

    Wanted Oxycheq Mach V 18# Wing

    I am looking for a low-lift wing to pair with my new AL Freedom Plate for a tropical travel rig — my slight preference would be for a VDH wing due to the internal bungee, but the Oxy is a very close second place (except that I can't stomach the new price). I take barely any lead so the 18 pound...
  3. js47

    Wanted VDH Wing: 18 or 23 #

    Like everybody else, I am looking for a low-lift Vintage Double Hose Argonaut wing to pair with my AL Freedom Plate for a tropical travel rig. I barely take any lead with my old jacket BC so 18 or 23 pounds should do the trick. Shipping or pickup would be to 10023 in the USA, BS8 in the UK, or...
  4. Collin O'Brien


    I recently went on a one week to trip to Bonaire and it was incredible. Some of the best shore diving in the world. If you are considering going or just curious, watch this video... Check out @OceansCollin on Instagram for more video from Bonaire.
  5. Collin O'Brien

    Recent Bonaire Trip

    For those interested, I have been slowly sharing some footage from my recent trip to Bonaire on my new ocean centric Instagram Page @OceansCollin A short film of my trip is being created now and I hope to post that very soon!
  6. Laurent C

    Backpacking / travelling with underwater camera gear

    Hi everyone, Apologies if this has been discussed but I haven't found an answer to my question in the forum despite looking. I am still pretty new to uw photography and just got most of my first uw camera set-up with an Olympus TG6, PT-059 housing, UWL-H100 and dome along with one flexible arm...
  7. kleinson

    Mexico situation - Liveaboards coming up - What to do?

    With increased violence and all out cartel war on in Sinaloa due to the arrest of Guzman's son, multiple countries now advising their citizens to stay away or travel with increased caution if they go to Mexico. I myself have Socorro trip booked in February. Is anyone else following the news and...
  8. MaverickDiver94

    Scuba Gear protection

    I've posted a few question on here so far and I admit, most of the advise here has been very helpful. Figured I'd start a topic that may seem obvious or simple for most, but confusing for beginners like myself. Here are a few question that myself or I've heard students ask. Let me know your...
  9. M

    Checking in Dive Gear? Or Carry-on?

    Hey folks, I'm pretty new to recreational diving, and I have my first destination dive trip coming up next Spring. I asked around in my dive club about luggage recommendations for dive travel and got some useful answers but one thing I'm torn on is whether I should carry-on most of my expensive...
  10. L

    Sold! Halycon Traveler Pro Backplate & ACB Pockets - For Single Tank- $250

    Selling an old Halcyon Traveler Pro Backplate (just the backplate) with 4 built weigh pockets on the back and two Halcyon ACB integrated pockets on the side (these alone retail for $159) + the 2 tank straps This was an incredible travel setup for single tank diving. Fits in small backpack...
  11. SaraPedrioli

    Hi from the Maldives

    Hi, My name is Sara, I am from Switzerland but I live in the beautiful Maldives. I love to see everything from Macro to big fishes! I work at Diving Specials ( We organize diving trips all around the world with trusted Safari boats and Resorts, who will take very good...
  12. Keith Blair

    RV vs Conversion for family/solo dive trips

    I'm looking for opinions or experiences on the most cost-efficient and sensible options for a vehicle that can be used for overnight dive trips. The boxes I need to tick: * Enough room to haul gear for a family of 4 recreational divers * Some way to sleep inside, even if slightly cramped...
  13. Mr. Ed

    Nearly 3 yrs getting to the final stage of OWC

    Cold weather and winter delays, buying and replacing gear according to need, gall bladder surgery, multiple tooth extraction, 3 implants in lower gum. Not all scuba training facilities are the same. A word to new divers, don’t give if you really want to be certified, sometimes qualified dive...
  14. S

    Fiji Volivoli trip July 16-23rd - 6 spots available, $2295 per diver (double)

    Just one week left - must confirm room with deposit by April 18th, 2022. DM me if you are interested. All Packages Include Round trip Nadi airport/resort transfers Transit pass to the Essence of Fiji Rejuvenation Centre upon arrival Seven nights based on double in Deluxe Ocean View Room ...
  15. K

    Cheap! Red Sea Aggressor III 4/23-4/30 2022

    One of our dogs was just diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive form of cancer and we need to cancel this trip. Tickets were purchased discounted during the “12 Days of Christmas” sale so we paid $2699. MAKE AN OFFER! Trip leaves Marsa Alam April 23, returning April 30 2022 but all...
  16. Mr. Ed

    Information about travel, finding dive shops, dive guides & buddies?

    How do I find buddies to dive with me if I am traveling alone? Do I contact local dive shops for guides or buddies? Do dive shops receive a performance rating for safety and customer satisfaction? I assume if a dive is poorly rated there would be some indication to warn divers? I have a...
  17. bmorescuba

    Insurance recommendations for CI?

    I’m leading a large trip to Grand Cayman in early April. This post isn’t to debate the wisdom or ethics of this plan. The trip has been rescheduled 4 times already and the plan is to go, despite the Omicron surge and the ever-changing entry requirements. I have a specific question about one...
  18. Adrirulez

    Question The perfect carry on, how do you travel?

    Hi all, I looked for an answer about this topic all over but it seems that this has been discussed a lot regarding recreational scuba, but not so much when talking about technical diving. I read, for many that a solution is always to check in the bc and just rent, but this is not an option. I...
  19. All Star Liveaboards

    Introducing All Star Scuba Scene!

    We're excited to introduce the newest member of the All Star Liveaboards fleet, All Star Scuba Scene! Join us in Egypt to board this luxurious liveaboard for an incredible Red Sea diving adventure. Watch the Scuba Scene video by following the link below...
  20. Rekcals83

    Solo traveler looking for ideas for a <$2,500 weeklong vacation

    Hello, I am based out of the US and would like to stay within an 8 hour flight out of Miami. I have my rescue cert, nitrox and cavern. I'm down for wrecks, reefs and caverns. I don't want to go on a live aboard. I'd like to stay in a hotel near a dive shop or preferably one with a dive...
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