The Pasley Sept '06 Dive Report Thread

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La Jolla, CA
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thanks Scott ! Still trying to fix my strobe issues, but I'm still pretty happy with this set of pics.. especially the silhouette ones of the Yukon (there are more pics in the link of my previous post) ! :)


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Littleton, Colorado
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50 - 99
Its been a while since I've made a post, but it seems like just about everyone can take a better picture underwater than I can on land!
I went diving finally on Sunday and heres how it went.

Date: Sunday 9/10/06
Dive Location: Crescent Bay North
Buddy(ies):Roy Hogsteadt
Time: 1:45 PM (I woke up late and got stuck in traffic behind a friggen triathalon)
Bottom Time: 40 Min
Max Depth: 43ft
Vis: 20
Wave height: 3-4ft pounding shorebreak, but very clear water
Temp at depth:
Surface Temp:66
Tide information:
Gas mix:

Fun Dive, better vis than expected, but all in all got to see a few bugs. Tons of young sheephead and Calico bass. Senioritas all over the place, but no Margaritas!
Good time and would of done another dive but I had a fussy baby with the wife on the beach.


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Palos Verdes Estates, CA
# of dives
500 - 999
Date: Friday 9/15/06
Dive Location: Malaga Cove
Buddy(ies):Angelique and Gregg
Time: 8:57 AM
Bottom Time: 53 Min
Max Depth: 33ft
Vis: 10-15
Wave height: 1-2ft (very Calm)
Temp at depth: 60
Surface Temp:68
Tide information:
Gas mix:

Met up with Angelique and Gregg this morning at Malaga. The surf was low and it was an easy entry.

We kicked out and dropped down and started to make our way across the reef and kelp. The vis was good but not great. We saw ton’s of Garibaldi and some very small Juvi Garibaldi. There was a good amount of lobsters out today too. There were however, no Nudi’s to be found anywhere…..DAMN.

See the pictures below for some of the highlights.












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Torrance, CA
# of dives
2500 - 4999
We had a great dive this morning at the Chart House in Redondo Beach. Today was the international beach cleanup day and Merry and I did our part with the GLACD and Heal The Bay. The surf was up and there were several surfers in the water but we had surprisingly good conditions under water. Vis was 6-8' with one spot outside the breakwall of about ten feet. Water temp was 62F. The underwater terrain was pretty clean, much to my pleasant surprise. About a dozen divers came back with 20 pounds of trash. Seven pounds of it was in my bag, mostly fishing lead. I didn't see a single plastic bag. I did spend a lot of time along the rocks checking out the fish. I even found a single nudibranch! We'll be cleaning up Marineland tomorrow, as usual and then White Point next Saturday. I hope to see many of you there.


ScubaBoard Supporter
ScubaBoard Supporter
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200 - 499
Date: 9-16-06
Dive Location: Malaga Cove
Buddy(ies): Jizzy and Ben
Time: 11:23
Bottom Time: 1:07
Max Depth: 23ft
Vis: 6-8' on the deeper portions, 6-15' nearer to shore
Wave height: 1-2'
Temp at depth: 60F

Tried to do Marine Land but when we got there around 9:30, the gates were locked. Fortunately for us, however, we were on the outside. Just as we pulled up a woman was trying to pull out from the inside but had somehow become locked in. We happened to come by again about 15 minutes later and she was still there. Sucks....

As the local north facing beach, we decided to try Malaga for the first time seeing as how most of SoCal was getting beat up and ML was locked. After getting lost because of detours and strange PV streets, we finally found it. Parking was tight because of the ocean cleanup, so we had to hoof it from a ways back.

We entered in the sand and swam out; the dive was pretty uneventful for the most part. In the deeper portions of our dive further out near the sand, viz was poor. It was good enough to see my buddy, which is good enough to dive on. We headed west and then closer to shore near the gym place thingy and into the shallower, rockier areas, where viz cleared up quite a bit to maybe 15'. Lots of juvenile fish swimming around the kelp made for pretty scenery.

No lobster or octopus sightings, which I had heard were common here. Oh well. It was still a nice dive despite the lackluster conditions.


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1000 Oaks, CA
# of dives
500 - 999
Hey All,

My back has been worse for the wear, but overall, TOTALLY worth the pain for the gain :D

I don't have all the stats, but wanted to let you know the highlights...more to follow when I get home.

Been staying at "La Pinta" hotel. Nice, comfy, but restaurant is slllllooooooooowwwwwww to serve. Beds are good and shower is, too, but the POOL is totally awesome. We have been diving with Dolphin Dive and they have been very accomodating with my back issues and great, thorough DM briefings. I will totally dive with them again!

Date: 9/14, 15, 16/2006
Dive Location: Various around Loreto - Isle de Coronado & Isle Danzante
Buddy(ies):different each time, DM, Cathy S., Gordie, Sandra, Sarah...
Time:morning afternoon and evening, thank you very much :wink:
Bottom Time: all except wreck day 1 & 2 about 60 minutes, wreck only 45 minutes
Max Depth: varied...deepest has been 101, shallowest deep was 35'
Vis: in report below...
Wave height: hahahahah - NONE!
Temp at depth: 82 Farenhiet Degrees :eyebrow: was the coldest
Surface Temp: 86, air 90's
Gas mix: all Air

The first dive day, I saw one turtle, that took off pretty fast. Also, I played with Sea Lions in the water inbetween dives. It was pretty cool. I was twisting and turning in snorkel and fins, and barking, of course:wink: A largew group of them jumped into the water with me when I starting rolling around and around. Very cool! The two where pretty nice, vis on the first was in the 45 - 6- ft range. The second was a milky 30ish. The night dive was ok, not too many fish or vertebrates, but I was rewarded with MANY echinoderms - starfish, gulf sun stars, synaptic (sp?) cucumbers, urchins of every kind - about 6 or 7 different species.

On the second day, on the way to the dive site, there were about 40 - 50 common dolphin doing jumps and flips around our boat for our (or maybe their?) entertainment. IT was pretty amazing. One almost landed in our boat. The Captain had to slam on the brakes and quick reverse the boat to keep it out of the bow! On the first dive, we did a wreck and only had about 15 foot of vis. The only really interesting thing about the wreck was the huge amounts of black coral. Oh, and under the roof of the bow, the fish were swimming upside down in the coral, as though the ceiling was really their floor! The second dive had much better vis - but only about 25 - 30ft, and milky green. However, I spotted a frogfish!!!!! No one at the dive shop had ever seen one. I only got a couple of pictures...only one on my camera, as I spent too much time trying to get the others attention, so I missed the great shot, but I have an ok one. The third dive was fun, along a wall. I FINALLY spotted a yellow snot snail on a sulphur sponge...who would've thought that it would take me taking a trip to the Gulf of California to see one? I also got several great pics of anopther really gorgeous and small nudi - pinkish orange body with gills that have pink, purplish, and white bands, with the white at the tips. Other than those finds, there were only the typical fishies:)

We heard of a hurricane possibly coming this way, but its seems to have shifted and will not be anything more than a storm, if it gets here.

Today, I have only done two dives, so far. I will be doing another one tonight. The first dive was awesome and I spotted AND got great shots of another two nudis. The same as the above (not snotted)and a longer greenish, sort of navanax looking, but with orange and yellow bands al;ong the length of it and a reddish brown gill plume, like on a dorid. The second dive was AMAZING!!!!!! I spotted three turles, and the last allowed me to swim next to it for about three minutes :D It was missing one flipper, completely scarred over. This site was so amazing, it was a drift dive and seemed to be the fish main street. Every fish (except Moorish Idols and sharks) from Gotshall's Cortez ID book seemed to be here. Oh, BTW 84 minutes on the first dive and 81 minutes on the second :D

So later tonight I go on the last night dive :( Tomorrow two more day dives, then Tuesday I visit the painted caves and come home. WHEW *wiping sweat off brow (and face and neck and.... :D )



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200 - 499
Santa Barbara Island

DiveVets: Russ, Dan and I got on the Pacific Star. The first dive was at Brittle Star, Viz was up to 80ft horizontally and 80ft vertical. Sea lions and many schools of fish greeted us while I took photos of the seabed life. Max depth was 76ft and 46min bottom time. During our safety stop we had half a dozen sea lions circling us. When we got to the surface the sea lions paraded with all the way to the boat. The following dives were at the rookery; Viz dropped a bit but was still very clear. We saw sea hares, angel sharks, bat rays, lobsters the size of my leg, more sea lions, garibaldi, sheep heads, senoritas, anemones, blacksmith, rock fish and best part of all CLEAR BLUE WATER. On the way back we got to see a pod of whales and were escorted by some dolphins for a while.


Relocated to South Florida....
ScubaBoard Supporter
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I just don't log dives
Date: Thursday Night, Friday all day, Saturday all day (8 dives)
Dive Location: Cat Dive Park
Buddy(ies): HBLuvstoDiveGurl
Time: Eat, sleep, dive (and I'm will to negotiate the Sleep)
Bottom Time: Hours
Max Depth: 90-something
Vis: Supurb 50-60 feet, to about 10 feet
Wave height: Flatness to small chop
Temp at depth: Whatever - Drysuits. 66 to 60 at the 'cline
Surface Temp: Sunny
Tide information: Perfect Weekend - essentially no tide (read: Steps into Water)
Gas mix: Goodyear


This weekend brings an end to our Doubles Test Drive. Over the last several weeks (since early August) I've put in 30 dives on doubles of all sizes - from 72's to 112's. And I'm at the place where I'm comfortable enough to do the drills, control my ascents, descents, buoyancy, etc. So I'm done with doubles until I get my next stages of training lined up.

This kind of intense, multi-dive training is how I best learn. Going in and doing a couple of dives in them is OK - but I move the ball down the field much faster and with much bigger steps when I can dive, review, immediately re-dive, review, immediately re-dive and repeat 6 or 8 times in a couple of days.

I learned tons this weekend. It also marks the return of my Nikon to the water. Ikelite was their typical amazing selves (more on that in another thread) and I got everything back and in the water this weekend. I shoot with the camera in manual mode, and I wanted to do some shooting with the lens I like least in the water - my 12-24. I just can't get it to deliver what I want it to. So this weekend I worked a lot with it, and its coming along. Did some shots of the wrecks in the park, as well as some shots of HBmotionlessInDoubleschica.

This weekend was just overloaded with new stuff - tons o' doubles dives, the big cam back, experimenting with the dreaded 12-24, working on my fish portraits with my 60 (I suck... Macro... got it. CFWA with the 10.5... got it. Fish Portraits... OY) and generally trying to get my act together on these final dives with doubles. It was good to drill with the cam in hand - ascent drills, blind ascents, controlled free ascents, etc. PLUS - I really like shooting with doubles. They make a solid platform.

We had great weather, perfect tide for hours of doubles practice (no rock climbing), an enthusiastic, energetic, positive, competent, funny, strong buddy and just mad BT to accomplish all objectives. It rocked. It was also good to hook back up with the MOFia. 'Chica and I were pretty intense and focused with the twins, so all of the socializing was out-of-water.

Kinda weird - the no kelp thing. Poor fishies all hanging out, wondering what the heck is going on. But it enabled me to work in clear water and dial in the DOF, shutter and strobe settings to get a few acceptable fish portraits. Citrus diving rules. I have so many shots of fish coming over to check out the spinning lime. One larger Sheephead grabbed it and ran off with it. THREE TIMES. He would grab it and take it and stuff it under a rock in this little grotto. Then defend it. It was the funniest thing ever. I have some very bad shots of him running off with it all snow-coned in his fat mouth. Priceless. Again, citrus diving rules, and no fishies were harmed in the shooting of the Citrus shots.

All of the warm water in July and August that decimated the kelp also drove out the Nudis from the park. We had to scour the place to scrounge up just two Nudis over nearly three days of diving. But we saw more eels, octos and Kelpfish than ever before.

Here are some pics. Enjoy.












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