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Stop whaling

Discussion in 'Good Causes, Petitions and Solicitations' started by Kinski, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Cacia

    Cacia Divemaster

    I thought that it did not.

    So, now no whaling discussions. hmm.
  2. Doc Intrepid

    Doc Intrepid Instructor, Scuba

    Andy, as you are quite aware, the TOS used to prohibit discussion of topics of a religious nature because they tended to provoke hostility and flame wars. The TOS was changed to allow discussion of religious topics that don't provoke hostility and flame wars. If you want to try the waters, Andy, by all means start a thread discussing where in Islam the Koran advocates Muslims beheading hostages on videotape and posting the video on the internet. Lets see how far it gets.

    So Andy, out of the (how many is it now, a dozen?) recent threads on whaling, how many of them have not become political? How many of them remained entirely civil discussions without name calling, disdain, or the introduction of posts that you yourself would have pulled when you were a Moderator?

    Thanks Andy, but I've read it. This is the sentence I'm working off of:
    "The Moderators have the last word in any dispute and are responsible for interpreting the TOS. At their discretion, when they deem it in the best interest of ScubaBoard, they may edit or delete avatars, pictures, posts and threads, and even ban users when necessary."

    Like hell.

    You know, Andy, I would have expected a little more professionalism and less stirring the pot from someone in your position. But however you want to sling the smack.

  3. H2Andy

    H2Andy Blue Whale

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: NE Florida

    whatever. learn the TOS, enforce it properly. it's your job.

    and please have the intellectual courage to admit that you were wrong and the
    TOS does not prohibit religious dicussions.

    if i'm wrong, quote me where it says that, ok?

    this is extremely offensive. when a member calls you on an error, you think
    they are stirring the pot? when someone disagrees with you, you think
    they're slinging the smack?

    wow... well... you make statements that are wrong, and i'll keep on stirring the
    pot and slinging the smack, if that's what you want to call it

    personally, i belive this is the sort of Moderator attitude that has no place
    on ScubaBoard... but hey, you're still a Moderator and I'm not so ... guess
    i'm wrong
  4. Doc Intrepid

    Doc Intrepid Instructor, Scuba

    Thanks, Andy, I'm doing it.

    This thread remains civil or this thread disappears.
  5. H2Andy

    H2Andy Blue Whale

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: NE Florida

    which is ABSOLUTELY within TOS

    bravo. i can't agree more

    now... the part about religion???

  6. Kinski

    Kinski Angel Fish

    dear all,

    i didn't mean for this thread to become a venue for hostility. i thought i found an appropriate forum wherein to post the link of an environmental cause by which i felt deeply affected. seems i am mistaken. but i guess so long as we keep the discussion anything but disrespectful, we're okay, right? :blinking:

    no intentions on my part to wax political, although paolov would probably argue (or already did) the topic was already political to begin with. and of course the moderators could do as they will with the thread (i.e. close it down should the discussions veer from what is deemed acceptable according to the tos). i take comfort in the fact that our moderators are trying their best to do their jobs and that i was at least able to do a wee bit something for the whales through this forum.

    so i thank those who signed the petition. and thank you, Andy, for the follow-up on the issue. i appreciate it very much. i do love 'em whales :ezpi_hear

  7. Heavenstorm

    Heavenstorm Angel Fish

    # of Dives: 100 - 199
    I hope this doesn't cause trouble:

    I think the post was intended to be a simple show of support for the marine ecosystem rather than stir/delve into the technical and messy political aspects. I may not fully comprehend the agenda of the person who started the signature drive but as a diver, I was taught to respect the ocean and all its inhabitants (well, truth be told, I have loved the ocean long before that) ... so I signed my name on it. We may have different perspectives on the matter but aren't we all divers here? I'm sure everyone here would agree that more whales are better than a paltry few. Heck, I'm even hoping to see one on some of my future dives. With that said, I guess there won't be further conflicts in this thread since all of us are, in a way, fellow ocean dwellers who will stick up for our "adopted environment" and share the same stand :p Unless the issue is on "how to stop whaling" or the like, then I'm sure views will be divided and politics will come into play. Besides, politics mean nothing down there so no point in fighting. Oh well, my two cents worth :)
  8. Jeff Toorish

    Jeff Toorish Instructor, Scuba


    I recently read that very few people actually eat whale meat (or blubber or any other part of the whale). The most recent data seems to be that the Japanese are continuing whaling to prop up a portion of their fishing industry. I can't speak to other countries, but as I understand it, in Japan, they are actually looking for other markets for the whale products.

    The fact appears to be that the whaling, for "scientific" purposes is pretty much a cover. And while it's true that some people like to eat whale, they are pretty few in number.

    I realize this thread is controversial, and that is does not specifically involve diving, per se. But here in Maine some divers I know were lucky enough to dive with a while that had found itself in one of our coves. The whale made the news and divers and non-divers alike were talking about it. I can tell you, for those divers it was the experience of a lifetime. A few of them actually dove with this whale on their first OW dive...talk about luck!

    So, for me anyway, this is a huge part of why we dive.

  9. Kinski

    Kinski Angel Fish


    wow...that must have been some experience for them! i'm so envious!
  10. Kim

    Kim Here for my friends..... ScubaBoard Supporter

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