SPG Swivel O-Ring Question

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ok - kinda simple question (I hope) after reading through every thread on the DIY forum (Fun stuff here isn't it) I figured I'd ask. . .

I was told the 003 O-Ring goes in the hp hose between SPG and Swivel - where is it (or was I told wrong)? I look and only see a whole big enough to swallow it on both sides . . . what am I missing (other than the common sense to go the LDS and have them show me - lol)

I'm going to have a friend go over my gear, but wanted to do my best to have it "up to snuff" before he checked it out. I guess it would hurt the pride a bit to have him pressurize everything and watch the guage go flying off into the distance. . . would be fun to watch(can anyone say "spud gun"?), just rather embarrasing.
The hp spool is a little metal tube with o-ring grooves at each end. Some of them have a metal disk in the middle and some do not. It is this hp spool that allows the SPG to swivel so perhaps that is what you are referring to.
Sounds like you might actually be missing the spool - it's as Uncle Pug described, about 1/2" - 3/4" long. There's a picture of a few here, first picure on the page titled "Universal HP Restrictor Bullet O'ring Kit":


It's a third item, that fits into both the end of the HP hose (the "swivel" you might be describing) and the SPG. Absolutely required for a seal.
WOW - talk about first class service! - Thanks - now I understand exactly what I'm missing.

Of course I went into the lds here and asked about the spool this evening . . . he looked at me and said "a what?" I said between the hp hose and spg . . .he said "uhhh - we don't have those"

So I may need to try another one - course this is the same store that did not have any regulator hoses yesterday - neither did 3 others that I checked at . . . hmmm a common theme I'm beginning to see . . . you'd think on Maui that dive shops would have basic supplies like this for sale (these are one of the main scuba certifying shops on my side of the island . . . kind of sad I guess)
Hmmm.... walk into a dive shop here and ask for a spool and they would probably give you one... I know I've been given several over the years.

Yes... by all means go to a different shop. Don't forget to lubricate the o-rings with oxygen compatible spit before you insert the spool between hose and SPG.
I was considering taking my whole rig into the lds to have them give it the "once over" but considering my experience so far . . . Guess I'll put my tube of cristo-lube to use and then have my friend look at it - The worse part is when I asked yesterday about attaching my spg to the hose they wanted to charge $40 for the service (which is kind of what started me deciding to do this myself) - now I'm wondering if they didn't have the part to sell . . . would they have assembled it without it as well? my confidence is not rising in them - and yes I'll check out another one - at least there's no shortage of dive shops here - probably 6 within 1 mile of my house.

btw - thanks again for going to the trouble of taking your spg apart to get me that photo (or do you just leave it laying in pieces all the time waiting for folks to ask questions like this?)

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