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Scuba Equipment...Can anyone help me with value

Discussion in 'Vintage Equipment Diving' started by susan baze, Oct 22, 2018.

  1. susan baze

    susan baze Garibaldi

    I have come across a bag full of scuba equipment, wondering if it is worth any thing or if I should just junk it. I'm sorry but I have no knowledge of Scuba so I probally dont know the correct terms to use. Here is what I have:
    Bag- Wenoke Sea Style
    The Edge (Electronic Dive Guide) Orca Industry in box with instruction manual
    Flippers - Dacor TurboFlex
    Vest/Jacket - Solace
    2 sets of hoses with guages: 1 - Scubapro The Edge
    1 - Oasis Sherwood
    Hood - Deep Sea
    Pair of gloves
    Assorted Books and Instruction manuals
    Scuba Sign Language Manual
    Several air tanks
    IMG_20181022_142335.jpg IMG_20181022_142406.jpg IMG_20181022_142411.jpg IMG_20181022_142417.jpg IMG_20181022_142424.jpg IMG_20181022_142433.jpg IMG_20181022_142442.jpg
  2. BRT

    BRT Giant Squid

    The part that might have some value would be the tanks. What are they?
  3. decompression

    decompression Instructor...seriously...

    # of Dives: 5,000 - ∞
    Location: Victoria, BC, Canada
    Most of it is pretty dated and not really worth much, the Edge computer might fetch some money as they are a bit of a collectors item. Maybe ask $100.......who knows what you’ll get.
  4. runsongas

    runsongas Great White

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: California - Bay Area
    the scubapro regs might have some value, but the photo isn't clear enough to give an indication of how rough the shape is. the lead weights are also reasonably easy to sell if you have a decent amount.
  5. Jim Lapenta

    Jim Lapenta Dive Shop

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Canonsburg, Pa
    The BC, fins, hood, and gloves are landfill material. The lead can be sold. Ask 2-2.50 bucks a pound.
    The books? The Wheel is a collector's item and fun to use if you know how - 20 bucks for that
    The regs? The Sherwood is probably the easiest to service but still old. 25-50 bucks a set since the hoses likely need replaced and a complete rebuild. The gauges might be shot.
    The Edge computer shows serious use/abuse. 20 bucks maybe
    The bag? covered with mold and mildew. Don't keep it in your house. Toss it.
    Without photos of the tanks there's no way to tell. The pics need to show all the numbers around the top to determine what they are.
  6. Sam Miller III

    Sam Miller III Scuba Legend Scuba Legend

    # of Dives: 5,000 - ∞
    Location: CALIFORNIA: Where recreational diving began!
    Most all items are as Jim Lapenta indicated " land fill items" AKA Junk !

    I would for historical purposes and for my collection could possibly be interested in all the manuals and possibly the Orca Edge-- but only at Junk prices -- especially since the cost of shipping can be prohibitive

    PM me if interested

    Sam Miller, 111
  7. JamesBon92007

    JamesBon92007 Great White

    # of Dives: 2,500 - 4,999
    Location: Southern California...too far from the ocean
    "The Wheel" would be fun to have for $10 or less but unfortunately mi tocayo just valued it at more :wink:

    Like others have said, it's difficult to tell from these pictures and it is very likely that everything will need moderate to major servicing or is rotten beyond repair. I once paid $50 for a set of regulators and gauges on ebay and they are fine now, but did take some TLC. You could always list it as an auction starting low ($9.99?) and see what you get but not very many people are going to want to pay shipping for the BC and books etc. Maybe list them separately. Personally I will pay up to $2/pound for lead but not more--a better deal is always just around the corner.
  8. rhwestfall

    rhwestfall Solo Diver

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: "La Grande Ile"
    The fins aren't "landfill", but aren't "valuable" either..... Maybe cost of shipping +$5-10 (pockets must be pristine)...

    I still have a pair of those from 1988.. something is odd on those with respect to the buckles...
  9. Kupu

    Kupu Instructor, Scuba

    # of Dives: 1,000 - 2,499
    Location: NC
    The Scubapro regulator (with yellow covers on the hoses) is not junk. It would probably sell on ebay auction with better pictures and very low starting bid. If you are interested, I would pay $10 plus shipping cost. They could be worth more, hard to know from the picture.
  10. driftwood

    driftwood Loggerhead Turtle

    # of Dives: 1,000 - 2,499
    Location: Central Texas
    You can still find the sign language manual on Amazon. Yours looks like it is spiral bound, so call it $15 plus shipping. Someone wants $192 for a paperback version.

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