Scuba Diving Acronyms

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Very helpful for us who learned to dive in non english speaking countries and from non PADI world.
And some pretty good jokes as well :)
when you pee in your wetsuit it helps if you are in the water!
Actually, if you stick a proper (size/flexibility) hose down one leg, it works better on land. When diving it takes longer for the pee to flow out through water rather than air. Shall I go on, or is that enough information here?
I'm new to diving, but am an old hand at crafting acronyms.

My contribution is SPP* for wetsuit.

*submersible porta-potty
My instructor told me to remember BWRAF as Bruce Willis ruins all films :D
Or Bruce Willis Rocks All Films, you love or you hate the man :D
Blonde Woman Really Are Fantastic,
Bring Weed Rizzlas And Fags
Beer Whisky Rum Are Fun
Bankok Women Rarely Are Female
Big Whales Release Amazing Farts

It just depended on who the students were...
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Also, for teaching navigation and making ppl remember North East South West: Naughty Elephants Squirt Water. I thaught that was very naughty. English isn't my first language. So I used Never Eat Soggy Wheat, until I understood Squirting means blowing water out of their trunks...
I thaught that was very naughty ... until I understood Squirting means blowing water out of their trunks...

That is very naughty, too. And this is very questionable:

Bring Weed Rizzlas And Fags

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