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Westminster, CO
# of dives
50 - 99
I would like to thank everyone for the reviews and suggestions.

It helped me get a better handle on what was needed and what could be tossed.
I was pleased that nobody suggested I add the graphs typically used for Dive Table dives.
If I ever need them, they can go in the NOTES section.

I will be using both paper and electronic for a while until I figure out which I like better.

The attached pic is what I decided on for the Log Page.
I also attached the file.

Comments on the file:
1) PICS & Sample Info- Pics I included in the attached sample were found using a Google search,
so I expect them to be Public Domain. Dates and Info were fabricated for examples.​
2) FILE - I offer the file free to anyone to use and modify as they see fit.
a) File is generated in the PC version of MS WORD 2013
b) I offer to answer any questions and help as I have availability
c) By retrieving the file, you acknowledge that YOU assume all responsibility for its use (Lawyers made me say that)​
3) BOOKLET - FILE is setup to print out on 8.5"x11" paper, folded to provide 5.5"w x 8"h pages
a) PAGES - pages are setup as a custom 5.5"x8" page, so I could use auto page numbers
The output will actually be printed to 8.5"x11" paper, double sided (Flip On Short Side)
The correct combination and position of pages will be generated.
Ex: page 2 and page 15 may be printed side-by-side on one sheet, and look a little odd, but when folded into the booklet, they will end up where they are supposed to be.​
b) BINDING - I intend to punch some small holes in the 'fold' and sew it.
c) PAPER - I intend to use Rite In The Rain waterproof paper
d) STAMPS - I intend to carry a few adhesive 1"x3" labels to stick on for water-based shop stamps
e) PEN - I intend to use a fine point Sharpie (alcohol based)
f) PRINTER - I intend to print it using a laser printer (ink jets won't work with the waterproof paper)
g) PAGES - I have verified that the correct pages and page numbers will be assembled properly.
I did this by 'printing' to a PDF file and viewing the output.
So of you want to take it to a print-shop, you can just print to PDF and take your file.​
h) ORGANIZATION - I was going to put a lot of the notes in back, but decided I'd rather set this up so all
the notes print on the same physical page (front and back) and all the log pages only have logs on them (front and back) so I split the notes up accordingly.​
4) COVER - If I end up having a few of these, I wanted the cover to show
a) book number
b) cumulative time from the last book
c) cumulative time when this book is completed
d) Cover prints as part of the doc, and on the correct page​
5) NOTES - I wanted to have some useful notes in the booklet
a) EMERGENCY NUMBERS - Who to call if I get hurt?
b) MEDICAL INFO - My allergies, vaccines, medication
c) INSURANCE INFO - Who will help pay if I get hurt?
d) C-CARDS - Yes, this will also go in my phone, but I wanted it here too.
e) NITROX - Included some basic NITROX info
f) DIVE COMPUTER - added some notes for my dive computer
(just Screen caps from the PDF manual, stretched to fit the page)​
g) CAM BAND - Maybe it's me, but I sometimes forget how to do this when hurried...
even though the buckle has numbers/steps on it​
h) HAND SIGNALS - sometimes I forget some of the less used ones​
a) TIME - decided to group all the Time related stuff at the top
b) LOCATION - Removed some fields that were likely to be used infrequently,
opting for the NOTES section when I need them
ALT is for altitude. I live in Colorado and will use this.​
c) CONDITIONS - Lumped the dive conditions together (except for MAX DEPTH)
d) EXPOSURE SUIT - Represents my options. You may want to revise this.
e) WEIGHT - Again, my options
f) CAMERA - Got rid of this section. Eventually I'll be using only one camera, so for now any
info goes in the NOTES.​
g) GAS - Tank and Mix info, as well as MOD
h) NOTES - added lines when other stuff was deleted (like the Camera section)
Lines are light gray to provide a reference for writing, but not obscure drawings.​
i) WITNESS - Seems like what I need. Added a signature line​
a) I included 4 or so log pages, but if you want more, you need to copy the log pages in sets of 4 ( Front L and R then Back L and R)
This will allow the log book pages to stay separated from the Notes pages.
Same goes for the Notes. You need to DELETE then in groups of 4 to keep them separated.
But...if you do not care about keeping them separated, just delete or add whatever pages you want.​


Rev 1(18APR17)
Initial Release​
Rev 2(19APR17)
1) Corrected EAD Table from 0@32/110 to 90@32/110
2) Added ppO2 Key for EAD and MOD table colors
3) Minor formatting changes on Log Book Pages for consistency

Sample Page Rev 2.jpg



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Bubble Blowing Buddha
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Huntington Beach, CA
# of dives
200 - 499
I love what you have come up with and will be taking this and adding my own tweaks to it as I dive more. Very cool!!!


Scuba instructor
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Dartmouth,NS,Canada(Eastern Passage-Atlantic)
# of dives
500 - 999
I haven't read most posts and apologize if any of this was mentioned (since everyone probably has their own preferences on data anyway). It's also what you're used to as well--I use the standard "Trident" leafs.
I would add:
--a running count on bottom time ei. previous bottom time total plus this today=________ (think that was mentioned before). Personally, I keep only "dive" time as opposed to "official" bottom time, since my usual dives begin and end right at the shore. But I guess you could keep both.
--add "Average Depth". Mine is always considerably shallower than my Max Depth.

I would delete:
--salt/fresh. Location would tell you that (Lake Erie vs. Pensacola Bay). Make note if location is unclear as to salt or fresh.
--all exposure stuff. But that's me personally--I know if diving in Nova Scotia it's always this set up. The one or two times I used my shorty when the ocean was unusually warm I made a note of. Same idea with weights, though I don't think your log lists weights.
I have a separate list of exposure for each temp. range and corresponding weight (which I have memorized years ago).
No need to write this on each log page.
--Safety Stop. Generally it's agreed upon should be 3 minutes or more. Not sure how knowing you did 4 minutes would help you.


ScubaBoard Supporter
Staff member
ScubaBoard Supporter
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New York City
# of dives
1000 - 2499
I would delete:...
--all exposure stuff. But that's me personally--I know if diving in Nova Scotia it's always this set up. The one or two times I used my shorty when the ocean was unusually warm I made a note of. Same idea with weights, though I don't think your log lists weights.

I love keeping a log, for a number of reasons. But probably the only time that I actually USE the log to help with my diving is to see what weight I used with a specific gear configuration. For me, that changes a lot: dry suit and heavy undergarment with steel doubles in Newfoundland, 5 mm with CCR in Florida, Bathing suit and an AL80 in Bonaire...!

But I agree, if you never change your setup, then no need to repetitively log gear.


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As long as we're sharing... Here is the Nitrox Worksheet I came up with for my logbook. I tossed in the formula's in case of computer failure.


  • NitroxWorksheet.pdf
    377.8 KB · Views: 30

The Chairman

Chairman of the Board
Staff member
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Cave Country!
# of dives
I just don't log dives
--add "Average Depth". Mine is always considerably shallower than my Max Depth.
This is good... and you can add "SAC" if it's not already there.


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# of dives
25 - 49
Hey James Bond 007, thanks for sharing this! I was thinking of doing the same once I filled my current log book, and this is great!

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