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Westminster, CO
# of dives
500 - 999
I am going to create my own logbook.

I've looked at a variety of products online. All seem to have some features I like, but none seem to have all.

Features I 'THINK' I am interested in:
  1. Water Resistant- I am going to print it out on Rite in the Rain Paper
  2. 1-Page/dive - Will take the 8.5"x11 and fold it so the booklet is 8.5"x5.5"
  3. Eliminate Blank Dive Profile 'Graph' - For 'Shop Lead' dives I am never really able to use this to 'plan' a dive as I just follow the leader then try to record the info from my computer afterwards.
    Although I have removed the graph, I have test fields for some of the info.
    For those dives I plan and do on my own. I can draw the graph in the comments section.
  4. Reference Pages - I added a few pages to hold some reference info
    a) A few infrequently used features of my Dive Computer
    b) NITROX related tables (32% & 36%) - MOD, EOD, Total O2 exposure, ppO2
    c) Brief Medical History - Vaccinations/dates, Allergies, Medical Conditions
    d) Emergency Info - Erasable area for local numbers, printed info for MY contact info

I've attached a sample of the log page.
I'd like your comments (good or bad or ugly).

Sample page.jpg
Looks pretty good. Dive logs are full of personal choices, so whatever works for for you.

Just remember to make sure you use the correct pen on the paper so it stays legible. Dive shop stamps tend to be water based as well.
It's a mighty fine looking logbook. Most operators are only interested in the date of your last dive. Instructors might ask to see a dive count if there are a minimum number of dives you need to make as a prerequisite to a course. Other than that a logbook is something of a journal, diary, and tool for your benefit so whatever you find useful go for it.
personally? I think it's fantastic, but not necessary.

I would much rather use an excel log, or ideally spend up for a computer that logs the important info for me, and then I can add comments. In that case, if someone needs to see my log, I can pull it up on my phone/laptop, or bring a printed copy with me. Allows me to easily view everything, keep it backed up, etc etc. You can then use it to calculate your SAC rate and what not automatically, your total number of dives, total dive time, etc etc etc.

My computer is a Shearwater, so I use their divelog software. It needs a LOT of work, but provides all of the info that I really need and it's convenient. Subsurface is a universal logging program that is free, and if I didn't have a Shearwater, I would use it
Just remember to make sure you use the correct pen on the paper so it stays legible.
Was thinking to use
a) Sharpie Fine-point (alcohol-based)
b) Pencil

JDive shop stamps tend to be water based as well.
Good point that I had not considered...

My first thought is that:
1) Stickers - For dive shops that use 'stickers' this is OK
2) Stamps - Maybe I should carry a few white adhesive address labels (3"x1" or something) and stick those on the page to receive the water-based stamp?
Looks nice... the only thing that isn't 'intuitive' is the "Dive" at the very top after "In" and "Out". I'm sure this is meant to be the "Duration", so why no label it so? I also love the "Time-to-Date:", but I'm not sure you need to differentiate between "Total Dive" and "Total Bottom". Too many boxes to fill in discourage peeps from filling them all in.

...I would much rather use an excel log, or ideally spend up for a computer that logs the important info for me, and then I can add comments...

Yes, I've been back and forth about a logbook vs all electronic (aka Dive Computer Download & update later on a tablet/phone/laptop).

I've looked at a few available divelog programs, both paid & free/shareware. They all seem to be lacking something and don't seem to offer the preferred customization, but I am open to suggestions. I will go take another look at Subsurface again.

Right now I'm using Suunto DM5. It lacks a bunch of stuff, IMHO.
Also using DiveMate on my older Android tablet. Since the tablet supports USB OTG, I can plug my DiveComputer I/F into it and download without having to bring my laptop along. (My phone supports USB but not OTG).

Although my tablet (TAB 2 7.0) is only worth about $50-ish now, I am still iffy about taking it near water.
That's kind of where the 'back-and-forth' comes in with electronic vs. paper. I like to log my non-dive computer related info (fish I saw, problems, issues that got fixed etc.) immediately after my dive. I'm fine with doing the dive computer type stuff later.

I keep other things on it too such as:
Manuals, maps, photos, dive tables, Nitrox tables, C-card/DAN card photos, etc.

Also, I, personally, tend to remember things better when I go through the motions of writing them down...even if I am copying from my dive computer S/W.

So...I'll probably do both for a while until I get tired of one or find a clear reason to use only one.

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