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Newbie needs advice for an alternate

Discussion in 'Regulators' started by DirtRider, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. DirtRider

    DirtRider Contributor

    # of Dives: 100 - 199
    Location: NW suburbs of Chicago IL
    I am accumulating my gear for a trip to complete my open water dives in Florida from Feb 8th-12th. I ended up getting a mares abyss primary at my LDS through trading in my dads old dacor. For the price ($300) it seems like the best deal. I got a zeagle ranger bcd...actually two of them. I have one that is a 2005 model and one that is a 1999 model. The 99 model is never used and has the octo on it. The 05 model looks brand new and was only used 4 times.

    1. Is the octo on the ranger from 99 the same octo that is used today? Should it be serviced before use since it is 6 yrs old but never used?
    2. Can I switch the octo from one ranger to the other? I am not sure if special tools are needed or what is involved. Reason being is that the 2005 is used but the 99 never has been and I might be able to sell the 99 easier since it was never in the water. The bcds are virtually the same as far as I can see (extra d rings on new one, roll pocket only on old one). I also have the original receipt for the 05 model and it was purchased from an authorized dealer so I have warranty on it but not the 99.
    3. Are bcds serviced annually like regs? Obviously the octo on one would be but is the inflator hose and anything else supposed to be serviced yearly? I didn't know about the difference in service costs between having warranty and not until too late so that also leads me to believe that reselling the 99 ranger with the octo be good.
    4. I have heard favorable things on the sherwood shadow octo+ in line alternate air source here. I also saw the genesis GS 070 seems to be the same type of in line system and was highly ranked on rodale's. I like the idea of being able to use a different bcd so it would be nice to have the whole reg and alternate comination transferable. Do you agree that this is the better option? Which do you recommend? My local dive shop services sherwood but not genesis (or zeagle). ScubaToys doesn't look like they carry the sherwood though so where do you recommend I get it? LDS is retail minus 10% for taking training through them but if online is a better deal I will do that. Takes 2 weeks to get so about the same time frame as online.

    Also, keep in mind I will dive cold and warm water and am trying to get gear that is versatile and will last for a while in my progression with the sport.

    I have to make this decision soon so I can get my gear in time. Thanks for your advice.
  2. progressweasel

    progressweasel Registered

    Let me preface this with the face that I do not own this stuff but I have a Atomic SS1 and I think it is very nice.

    1. I am not sure it is the same as today but I am sure it is similar. I would have it serviced before use. Lots of stuff can happen in 6 years.

    2. Yes but it will most likely require another attachment coupler. But why wouuld you require two identical BCDs? I would sell the newer one (get a better price) and use the one from 99 with no dives on it. You can use the money to pay for dives, a new second or something else (Nitrox training). Zeagle makes very good stuff so as long as this is not leaking and has been cared for properly it should give you years of service.

    3. Some people bring their stuff in to be serviced. I do this with regulators without fail but for my BC (Dive rite Transpac) I just make sure it is washed and hung up after each dive. I do an extra cleaning in the tub if I am going to store it for a while and then make sure it is dried out properly and then stored.

    4. I have heard good things about the sherwood shadow as well but I have a Atomic SS1 and I can highly recommend it but I can't give you any first hand information about the sherwood.

    It it were me I would sell the 05 BCD and use the money for soemthing else. I would have a hard look at the current Zeagle Octo and make a judgement call on whether to keep it. If I kept it, then I would have it serviced. If it was a ton of money to have it serviced (checked out) then I would use the money from the sale of the BCD to finance a new second.

    Good luck and have fun,

  3. DirtRider

    DirtRider Contributor

    # of Dives: 100 - 199
    Location: NW suburbs of Chicago IL
    Yes 2 identical bcds is confusing. One was purchased off ebay and one on ebay. The ebay one was ending soon and at the same time I had made an offer that I figured wouldn't be accepted on the other so long story short I ended up getting both. It isn't a big deal because I should be able to sell at the price I bought them at or very close which is better than ending up with nothing before a trip. Now I am just wondering which to keep. I am now leaning toward selling the 99 with the octo. Then going with an in line alternate because it has the benefits of being streamlined,having one less hose, being transferrable to use with another bcd, and I can get it serviced at my lds while also being under warranty (since my zeagle with octo - 99 model isn't).
    With the zeagle I need a warranty to cover parts just like with the other mfgs right? Without warranty I know service for a primary jumped from like $30 to $70 at my lds. That makes me think it better to sell the 99 ranger with the octo that has no warranty as far as long range costs are concerned.

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