New testing requirements for return to USA

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False dichotomy. It is not zero gov or all gov. Without the billions of dollars from the gov backing (research, development, guaranteed purchases) the private companies, we wouldn't all the stuff on your list.

That's not what I said. Never said it was all one or the other.
Neither masks nor distancing nor vaccinations are silver bullets. Each has it strengths and weaknesses. It is a layered defense. One is better than none. 2 better than 1, 3 better than 2.
Fixed the illogical math for you.
Fixed the illogical math for you.
Oops. Thanks. I fixed it too, in the original.
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The reports I've been seeing say 24 hr test for all arrivals into the US, regardless of vaccination status and citizenship.
Technically, this change hasn't yet been approved (it's been published in the record). However, I do not know of any lawsuits that will be filed against frivolous impediment of the right to travel.
Oh yea, tests in flight would be great or maybe at least durning the pre flight hours at the airport.
Yes antigen tests are accepted (and widely available and cheap). Here are the full rules. I leave for the Red Sea today and have already booked an antigen test in Hurghada for my return flight with results available in 30 minutes.

I am flying in and out of Marsa Alam. Working it out.
At some airports (not CZM when I was there in Oct), you can get a rapid antigen test on-site, with results in 30 minutes.

As a passenger, faced with the prospect of being hurled through the sky, sealed inside a tin can for hours while seated close to hundreds of other coughing, breathing, talking cattle, I would be strongly in favor of antigen tests for everyone (including crew) done in the airport, as part of the check-in process. Include the cost in the ticket, eliminate any falsified test results, eliminate the stress of finding a time & place to get tested in advance, etc.
It’s sounds even better when you say it :wink:
I started following this post to learn details about the upcoming changes in the entry requirements, NOT to read another pointless back and forth about the effectiveness of the vaccine, the politicization of the virus (neither party is lacking in that, by the way), and the overall state of the republic! I have gone back 4 pages and have found one on topic post on each. This means that every time I get an alert about this thread there is a 9 in 10 chance that I am not going to get any pertinent information.
There are many of you posting here that I have enjoyed interacting with, or just reading your posts, as I have learned a lot from you. I apologize if I am coming off as being rude, I don’t mean to be. I just think this horse has already died a thousand deaths.
Please keep to the topic so that those of us who are trying to get useful, usable information can do so.
Thank you,

A ScubaBoard Staff Message...

I moved your whining to the covid whining thread in the covid and pandemic discussions. Don’t make me stop this car!!!

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