How did you do on your DM tests?

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So, how did you do?

I have only done one test so far (physics). I was nervous about it so worked on it first to get it out of the way, and I somehow miraculously pulled off 20/20. But I studied quite a bit for it, because equations just are not my strong part.

The other tests, I am not so worried about.

What about you guys? How did you do on your tests? Which ones were you most apprehensive about?
I did fairly well on the academics, but the swims almost did me in.

For the 400 yard swim test, I dislocated my shoulder on the first lap. It really was a freak accident. Then, after my shoulder healed, the 800 yard snorkel swim almost did me in. I was using my paddle fins and doing flutter kicks and it felt like my ankles were going to fall off because the fins were too stiff for swimming that fast. I did all the swims and float in one night, so if I had spread it out over two sessions, it might have been easier. :D
I'm studying for the Equipment test now. Probably take it Monday. After that I may do Physics to get it out of the way...don't know yet.
I take my written tests in two weeks. I'm not too nervous about most of them. I took the workbook tests, and I did pretty well..great on physics, okay on physiology.

The stamina tests almost killed me too! The first pool session we did was scheduled in Jan, and right after this big power outage we had in St Louis (big ice storm.) The pool was without power for like 5 days before our tests, and it was about 60 degrees in the water. That's Friggin Cold! No wetsuit, no nothin. I hopped into the warm shower between every test to warm up the body temp some. Man, that was REALLY not fun.

I got a 4 on the swim, a 3 on the snorkel, and a 3 on the diver tow. I know I could have done better on the snorkel if I had my thick booties foot kept cramping up the whole way.
Thankfully, we did the tread on the next session when the water was warmer.
Yea, the swim tests I am not looking forward to. I did my float/tread already and scored a 5 (But I float even with empty lungs, it wasn't a hard feat for me :D), but I can't really swim "properly". I have never been taught, and my cardio is, well, I need to work on it. It's not that I am not comfortable in the water (I LOVE the water and grew up with a swimming pool in my backyard and all but lived on a sailboat when I was little), it's just that I am not a strong swimmer!
I think I missed one or two on the physics.

I did great on the swim. very proud to have beat the young boys.

I did not ever see the test before I took it, but I highly suspect some of the other candidates had copies because I noticed they could not calculate percentages, so how did they do the three step problems?

A couple of them could not do simple algebra, but they scored 100....
Seemed like to me some of them did..... (PADI)

What is the deal with this?

If they are required to have the Standards Manual, do they also have the DM test questions?

I did badly hauling tanks and organizing the gear for charters. Navigating while watching divers was tough too. (internship)

Physics was the hardest test for me. Calculating surface intervals backwards, mutltilevel repetitive dives...if the wheel is tweaked, you can be very close and still miss the answer on multiple choice.
My lowest grade was something like 86% out of all the tests.

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