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  1. serpentara

    Perdix 1 Not Connecting to iPhone 14 Pro Max/Shearwater Cloud Other Shearwaters OK

    Hi Folks, I finally made the switch to an iPhone after a decade of Android products. I have spent the last several days downloading apps and getting it setup. I am now on my loyal Shearwater computers. I have 3. The Petrel 2 controller for my rebreather and Nerd 2 connected to the iPhone 14...
  2. D

    Moving from Oceanic Reo to Shearwater Cloud (Perdix AI)

    Anyone know how to get your dives exported from DiverLog+ to Shearwater Cloud? I went from an Oceanic REO to a Perdix AI and I can't find a way to move them. DiverLog doesn't seem to support the Perdix and Shearwater Cloud definitely doesn't support the Reo. I tried using Subsurface as an...
  3. nealmoc

    Dive Log Exporting Options

    I'd like to be able to print or export dive logs using Shearwater Cloud but on a larger scale. Doubtful I'm the first to ask for this but I am a research diver and despise having to manually enter in dive logs for my DSO. If there was a way to select multiple dives from Cloud, export or print...
  4. FGMN-K

    Where to find Adobe Air for Mac

    I am trying to get Adobe Air for Mac so I can run Shearwater Cloud. I checked Adobe, they steered me to the SDK - that didn't work. I tried another site, and something is wrong with that version of Air. Anyone know the best place to find Adobe Air for Mac?
  5. Nicool

    "Filter dives" function

    hi there, ShearwaterCloud now has a "Filter Dives" function. I am all for RTFM, but in the absence of the said Manual, I'd like to understand which dive metadata/fields can be targeted with this filter. My foreseen usage: I download logs for both my wife's and my Shearwater computer, so the...
  6. freston4

    Shearwater Cloud App V 2.5.8 Bluetooth Connect Button

    Is Shearwater Cloud App (iOS) version 2.5.8 certified for successful use on iPhone iOS version 13.3? Whenever I select Bluetooth Connect button on my iPhone it closes the app. It does not matter whether the Teric Computer is in Bluetooth Pairing mode or not. I have reinstalled the app, checked...
  7. D

    Transitioning from to Shearwater Cloud.

    Hi all, I am currently transitioning from AquaLung (I300C) to Shearwater(Teric) and would like to import my previous dives log in to Shearwater Cloud. Thanks in advance. PS Tried Google, no luck :(
  8. Randallr

    MacDive & Shearwater: Can I Sync the Cloud Logs?

    Hi, all, looking for some guidance. I recently upgraded to. Shearwater Teric, and used the Shearwater Cloud app to sync the dives across my iPhone, iPad, and desktop Mac. I want to continue to use MacDive, which is my historical logbook. I want to load the edited dives from Shearwater Cloud...
  9. JesterDiver

    Lost Dive Log Details

    I had been downloading my perdix dive log to my iPhone via bluetooth after every dive so I can immediately enter my notes regarding the dive, like locations, while they were still fresh in my mind. After one of the downloads I realized that all of the details I had entered in on the previous 6...
  10. Randallr

    Teric AI vs. Perdix AI?

    Hi, all - I'm planning a major dive computer upgrade, and I'd love to get some opinions and facts from the most knowledgeable group out there - actual Shearwater users. Here are the questions I'd love your thoughts on: 1. Other than form factors, is there a material difference between the...
  11. Ze Hippo

    PC Desktop Version not displaying data

    I have noticed that the PC Desktop version will only show the dive #, date, and location on the left column when synched. Once i click on one of the dives on the left to analyze and look at data (like i can on my mobile), there is no data. I filled out these data fields like "site, buddy...
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