1. L

    Closed Mares Puck Pro

    Rarely used Puck Pro which was used for a backup dive computer while traveling. Hasn't seen much water. Used for about two days of a trip when I lost my perdix (noooooooo!) Excellent shape. No major scratches or dings. Some light marks on the back of the computer I just swapped the battery...
  2. L

    Closed Mares XR-Line Tek Shorts (Pockets) - Size XL - Brand New In Bag - $119

    Bought two of these tek shorts to determine which was the best size. Forgot to return this one. Oops! Still in bag, with tags. Tried on over a dry wetsuit once. Easy way to add loyt of storage + pockets if you are diving wet. Simply slides over wetsuit. These are my fav shorts and prefer them...
  3. C

    For Sale Selling entire scuba collection

    Family friend recently stopped diving and has asked me to sell his gear for him. I am not overly familiar with scuba gear but please feel free to message me with any questions. Gear was very well taken care of by a serious diver and his wife. All gear was tested and working within the last year...
  4. maleta

    To mount a reel on a speargun - Mares Instinct GT

    Hi everyone, last year I started spearfishing and I bought Mares Instinct GT 75. For this season I plan to mount a reel but I am not sure what reel fits this gun. Here is a side image of the handle. There is this big screw in the ellipsis area and I suppose that's the spot for the reel but since...
  5. CosbySweater

    Closed Sold - Mares Puck Pro Dive Computer

    Mares Puck Pro dive computer. Lightly used (20 dives). Excellent condition. Nitrox and air algorithms. Probably the best bang for the buck wrist computer out there. Located in Palm Beach County, FL. Local exchange preferred but will ship at buyers expense.
  6. Coral-Reefer

    For Sale Mares Avanti Quattro-Plus Open Heel Fins, Black, X-Large

    I bought these to try on one trip to Cozumel, which I did. They were awesome, but a bit too big for me and my dive boots. New they are $179 plus shipping. I will sell them for $99 plus whatever UPS Ground shipping is to you; no more than $20. Continental US only please. Thanks!
  7. Jason Bingham

    Closed Mares R2XR-VR Nitrox Regulator Set (Reduced)

    Up for sale is a nearly new (5 dives) Mares R2XR-VR Nitrox reg set. This works great for any type of diving but is especially awesome on a deco bottle. The vertical hose orientation works really well no matter what side your deco/stage bottle is on. The hose is a 40” rubber hose and is also in...
  8. camo576

    Mares Dual ADJ disassembled

    I have been using this forum for a while so I thought I had better give back. This is the new Dual ADJ octopus but it's a 52x from what I see. The poppet seal is now a shuttle seal with a hole through it. If anyone is interested I can do a take down and list o-rings and seal kit but as for an...
  9. aquaman22

    Closed Mares Proton Metal Second Stage or Abyss Second Stage.

    I am looking to buy a Mares proton metal second stage if anyone one has one for sell please message me with pictures and price. I would prefer proton metal but if anyone has an abyss I will buy it.
  10. klspicoli

    Closed Mares Prestige 15x 1st Stage and Primary 2nd Stage Reg

    Used, one owner. Not from a rental fleet. Works well, good condition. Includes service records and manual.
  11. ModularHippo

    Mares or OMS - Cant decide for the life of me....

    Mares XR Silver Knight or OMS - IQ Lite CB Signature? Anyone tested them or maybe both and can help me make a decision? Thanks:)
  12. C

    For Sale Mares XR 25 CR

    Mares XR 25 CR tek set It will come with the original rubber hoses (never used) 2 1st stages and 2 2nd stages Will not come with the braided hoses or swivels in pictures. PayPal or cash only Shipping at buyers expense $475 Will be in south Florida (Fort Lauderdale area) October 20-24 if you...
  13. T

    Wanted Cheap used computer

    Does anybody have a cheap, but still usuable computer they want to sell? A mares puck, for example TIA
  14. Jafo19D

    MARES Nemo Wide 2 Battery Kit

    I have had a Mares Nemo Wide 2 and so far very happy with it (except when people art art posting about Shearwater AI and I get tempted). My battery continues to read “ok” but I want to buy the battery replacement kit including the o-ring to have in my dive kit just in case. Any...
  15. Backplate

    Mares XR 75XR DR Full Tek Set

    I just recently purchased this set (Mares XR 75XR DR Full Tek Set) and did some searching but couldn't find any manual or information on the Mares site. Does anyone have a link to these regs or any experience diving it? Just looking for general information, thanks!
  16. Sagi

    Buying my first regulator

    Hey there good people I'm looking to buy my first breathing system and i'm debating about my options. since I'm a student i'm probably going to buy used gear. The 2 companies that has service centers in my country are Scubapro and Mares. Right now I'm considering Scubapro mk17/mk25 with c370...
  17. finn121

    Upgrade from a Mares Smart dive computer to a Suunto D6I novo with air transmitter for £540?

    Hi all, Divemaster here with 150 dives. I am a rec diver and normally do 2 weeks a year dive holiday dives (with a couple of UK dives now and again). I have had a Mares smart dive computer for the last 4 years with no problems. I have a full set off dive gear but always on the look out to...
  18. Steve Takata

    Lost: Mares Yellow Fin, Grouper Alley, Pompano Beach, FL

    I lost a yellow Mares fin scuba diving a reef with South Florida Diving Headquarters on Dec. 26, 2020. Slipped off right as we entered the water on our first dive. It had been a bit since our last dive so I wasn't confident descending immediately to grab it. Thought we could find it when we got...
  19. Benny Nielsen

    Mares vector 1000at BCD - Weight system

    Hi all! I am new to diving and just bought my first BCD, its used but thats fine. it works and are certified tested and checked. But it is missing the integrated weights in the vest. I was wondering which one i should buy that fit this model if it is still possible. Thanks for reading and i...
  20. V

    Mares Quad Computer Questions

    Just acquired a new Mares Quad dive computer with PC link and I'm looking for some advice here, since Mares does not seem to offer any support. ... or if Mares does offer support, where do I find it? Some questions: 1) After surfacing from a dive, the computer logs the "surface" swim to shore...
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