1. V

    Mares Quad Computer Questions

    Just acquired a new Mares Quad dive computer with PC link and I'm looking for some advice here, since Mares does not seem to offer any support. ... or if Mares does offer support, where do I find it? Some questions: 1) After surfacing from a dive, the computer logs the "surface" swim to shore...
  2. Xterra

    Closed Mares Carbon 52 Regulator (Yoke)

    For sale is my 5 year old Mares Carbon 52 Regulator First stage MR52 (Yoke) with Primary Carbon Regulator, Superflex hose. Second stage case: 100% carbon Superior thermal conductivity Double DFC First Stage Carbon 52 is perfect for any type of diving. The DFC system ensures superior...
  3. gtto

    Closed Mares Avanti Quattro+ Fins (Size R)

    I am selling one pair of Mares Avanti Quattro+ Fins. They have only been used a few times. I am asking $100 or B/O including shipping or $85 or B/O if you want to pick them up in South Florida.
  4. The Laconic

    Closed: Mares Quattro Excel fins, XL

    Well, they're Mares Quattro Excel fins as the title says, and you can look at the pics. Not much else to say! Make me an offer. You pay for shipping (UPS Ground), which I expect will be $25 or so. Alternatively, local pickup in Chicago (Lakeview), which is a better idea if it's feasible...
  5. Nodeist

    Diving after this pandemic situation

    As a measure of self-protection against the coronavirus, I am thinking of buying a regulator for diving and so I decided to open the topic here to ask for your opinion and I believe that this topic can be interesting for other divers too I've been reading a lot about it, I've read a lot of...
  6. J

    Scuba Fins Collection

    I have several pairs of scuba fins available for sale. All in working order with straps: Scuba Fins - sporting goods - by owner - sale All items sold "as-is". No reasonable offer refused
  7. shallingsam

    Mares excel vs hc pro full foot fins

    Unfortunately, Mares refuses to make the quattros in sizes smaller than 40... so I need to find a fin that's almost as powerful as those. I used to be fine with the volo races until I got a large camera rig. Found myself needing a bit more power when I was in the currents at cocos island. I have...
  8. WI Scuba Dave

    Will BARE 7mm Ultrawarmth boots fit Mares Avanti Quattro Plus Fins?

    Hello! Has anyone out there combined BARE 7mm Ultrawarmth rock boots with Mares Avanti Quattro Plus Fins? I wear the US size 11 boot, and wanted to order a pair of Avante Quattro fins in XL. Hoping somebody might already have some light to shed on this combination. I’m concerned that because of...
  9. Hastemaker

    Mares XR Red Devil BCD

    Hello, I'm trying to purchase a new Mares XR Red Devil BCD and have it shipped to the US. I know they discontinued it, and it is available in an SSI PRO version, but I would prefer the original branding. I also know they have a blue version and silver version, but I love red. Does anyone know...
  10. Anna Wharton

    Mares SLS lock system Weight Pouches

    Hi there, new member. I joined as wanted to ask if anyone has had problems with the Mares SLS lock system for weight pouches. I am hearing a few things and also that Mares might replace them. Mine dropped out the other month on a murky UK dive causing a faster ascent than I would have liked. Not...
  11. JamesAndTheGiantBeach

    Can't decided between Mares Abyss 22 Navy ii and Epic Adj 82x

    First post***On a forum***Ever*** I'm relatively new to diving (under 25 dives), and forums haha, but I've fallen hard for it. I've gotten a few certs and done some trips for diving's sake, local and abroad. I love it, but I hate the rental gear. I like BPs and a streamlined setup, neither of...
  12. Vegetable.Diver


    My impression (out of water) of the Mares XR Heavy Pure Sidemount Set was that's its quite robust, adjustable, great sliding D:rings and 3 areas for clipping on back of the tank. I didn't think I'd be able to reach the dump valve on the side. The rig felt comfortable on. Didn't wear any weights...
  13. Xterra

    For Sale Mares Mens REEF USA 2.5mm Fullsuit XL

    For sale is my Mares Men’s REEF USA 2.5mm Fullsuit Size XL, only worn a handful of times. No rips or tears. Asking $100 shipped within the US, includes PayPal fees.
  14. Xterra

    Closed: Mares Mens REEF USA 2.5mm Fullsuit XL

    Delete, was in wrong section
  15. Dazee

    Question about Avanti Quattro +

    Hi! I've recently bought a new pair of Avanti Quattro + and I've found this two pieces inside the box, can somebody explain me their utility? Thanks in advance!
  16. M

    For Sale Mares Icon HD with Transmitter

    I have a mares Icon HD with Transmitter. I have around 150 logged dives on this computer. It is one year old. The transmitter has been used twice and is like new. Im asking 450$ +shipping. Imgur If you have any questions or want more pictures, it's easier to text me. Tommy 678- 276-5140
  17. ahcalde

    Wanted Mares Puck Pro

    Looking for a Mares Puck Pro
  18. V

    Fins Mares Wave Reg + Boots (UK 11)

    Subject for sale. Like new condition, used twice. Pick up in Toronto Bloor/Spadina area, CAD $125.00 cash for all. Please PM if interested.
  19. Lifter

    Gear list for your thoughts.

    Hi All, I’m a new diver looking to get some gear. I put together a list and wanted to hear your thoughts and any recommendations you may have. I will mostly be diving SOCal sites . Thanks in advance. Gear List: Mares Pure SLS BCD Zeagle F8 regulator Zeagle F8 Octo
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