1. jkandls

    For Sale Mares Puck Pro Plus New $ 165

    New in Box - Mares Puck Pro Plus Dive Computer $ 165
  2. ChangeAgent

    Mares LED tank transmitter module Battery question

    Quad Air dive computer with LED tank transmitter. My wife has gotten this one for her birthday. We have not tested or connected it at all but since I am the technical part of our buddy team I wonder if there is any way to see if the battery in the Module is full or empty. I seem to not find...
  3. Valtman

    Opinions on "downgrading" sidemount regulators

    Hello all! I've been diving Apeks DST/XTX50 regs for few years now and obviously they are really good. There's just few things I'm not really a fan of... - They are a little heavy, negatively affects trim especially with stages. - The inflator hoses coming from the 5th ports feel awkward...
  4. Jrob4449

    Older mares puck 2 computer issues

    Hello everyone I have a puck 2 console as my backup computer and my first 5 dives in it were no problem. I came back 2 days later for a dive and it would not respond. I thought maybe the battery died even though I just had it replaced 3 weeks ago but I didn’t stress because I had my primary...
  5. B

    For Sale Avanti Quattro Plus Open Heel Open Heel Dive Fins - Yellow - Small

    Selling a pair of Avanti Quattro Plus Open Heel Dive Fins. Color: Yellow. Size: Small $85 Shipped
  6. I

    Question Mares BC nylon poor quality?

    I got a Mares Red Devil BC as an SSI dive pro some years ago. I didn’t use it for a bit, but broke it out a year or so ago and after the first trip, the nylon ripped along the seam. Mares gave me the run around to get it fixed, so I just paid Edward McCoy at StayDri to fix it. Then, the cargo...
  7. C

    Mares XR inflator

    Just got my Mares XR jacket back from service (a certified service center) - but I see that the bladder isn't holding the air when I fill it by lung and mouth. The air is leaking through the medium pressure connection. Pushing / wiggling the inflate button with very gentle force to the side...
  8. Antothoro

    For Sale Mares ICON - Low number of dives and down time

    Selling a Mares ICON. Looking for 300$ shipped CONUS. What's included: - Mares Icon computer - original case - all the power adapters - software, manual, etc - charging & data adapter - bluetooth adapter
  9. R

    Question Thoughts on Mares Setup

    Hello! I am currently trying to stock up my gear for some deeper cold water dives and came across a very cheap layout I wanted to gather some thoughts about. The 1st stages would be a Mares V16 SCS Titan and a Mares MR 22 T. The 2nd stages could either be a combination of 1x Mares Proton Metal...
  10. N

    First (and last) regulator

    Hi, I'm looking to buy my first regulator. I'm still a noob diver (I just completed my GUE fundies), but I'd like to progress to ice-tech-cave diving. My main requirements are Easy to self-service - I want to do the maintenance and run diagnostics myself. I want to stick to one brand for...
  11. M

    Mares 25CCR Parts Kits

    Hello, I'm going to be taking some informal classes soon from a friend that services regs. I dive a Revo III that I bought used with Mares 25CCR regs. I was wondering if anyone knows if they're based off of the 25XR regs or some other model. I'm assuming they're based off an existing Mares...
  12. BoundForElsewhere

    Sold! Anybody interested in a Mares Quad Air without the transmitter? $250

    So I recently won a Mares Quad Air at the grand opening and, well, just don't need another computer. List cost is $500 and I am thinking of selling for half that, buyer pays shipping. I can post photos later when I get home but just putting my toes in the water to see if its even...
  13. dive_blue

    Sold! Mares Bungee Fin Straps (Regular Size)

    Price includes shipping (CONUS). Available for pick up in Fort Lauderdale. New condition. Fits ALL Mares open heel fins.
  14. Thrutch

    Sold! Scubapro Jet Fins XXL (old, larger style) + Mares Power Planas XL

    Selling three pairs of nice sturdy/indestructible fins, all with steel spring straps. $100 shipped CONUS per pair. Local pickup in Reno/Tahoe for a discount (and I'll probably be in Monterey at some point over the next month or two). See detailed pics attached. New style XL Scubapro Jet Fins in...
  15. Scoobar

    For Sale Mares Rover Regulator Sets (1st and 2nd Stages)

    Selling two sets of gently used set of Mares regulators in great condition. Available for purchase together or separately. Each set includes: - Rover 2S 1st Stage (Yoke) - Mares Rover 2nd Stage w/ Hose (primary) - Mares Rover 2nd Stage w/ Hose (octo in yellow) Regulators have been used...
  16. Scoobar

    For Sale Mares X-Vision Ultra Liquidskin (Yellow) with -7.0 Lenses, $90 Shipped

    Gently used for about 25 dives, primarily freshwater. No scratches on lens. Silicone skirt and straps in great shape. Asking $90, shipping included. Shipping available anywhere in the continental U.S. Accepting Venmo and Paypal, will ship with tracking as soon as payment clears. PM if you have...
  17. Scoobar

    For Sale Mares X-Vision Ultra Liquidskin (Black), $50 Shipped

    Gently used for about 30 dives, primarily freshwater. No scratches on lens. Silicone skirt and straps in great shape. Asking $50, shipping included. Shipping available anywhere in the continental U.S. Accepting Venmo and Paypal, will ship with tracking as soon as payment clears. PM if you have...
  18. S

    Closed Mares Smart Air w/ Transmitter

    Excellent condition Mares Smart Air with transmitter. Only about 2 years old and 20 dives on both, always rinsed and soaked immediately after use, and computer always stored in a DGX mesh bag. I’m a recreational diver, it’s never been past 60’ or in a cave or wreck. Fresh batteries installed...
  19. L

    Closed Mares Puck Pro

    Rarely used Puck Pro which was used for a backup dive computer while traveling. Hasn't seen much water. Used for about two days of a trip when I lost my perdix (noooooooo!) Excellent shape. No major scratches or dings. Some light marks on the back of the computer I just swapped the battery...
  20. L

    Closed Mares XR-Line Tek Shorts (Pockets) - Size XL - Brand New In Bag - $119

    Bought two of these tek shorts to determine which was the best size. Forgot to return this one. Oops! Still in bag, with tags. Tried on over a dry wetsuit once. Easy way to add loyt of storage + pockets if you are diving wet. Simply slides over wetsuit. These are my fav shorts and prefer them...
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