1. urmaddad

    Lobster Diving T-shirt

    Spiny Lobster Diving with Scuba Diver T-Shirt | Zazzle.com
  2. GoinDivin

    Mating Lobstah

    We are avid fans of marine animal behavior and symbiotic relationships, so this was a real treat to be in the water at the right place at the right time! Don't forget to turn up the volume. :popcorn::yeahbaby: Mating Lobstah by GoinDivin posted Jun 16, 2020 at 3:05 AM
  3. Mating Lobstah

    Mating Lobstah

    Caribbean spiny lobsters mating off the northsore of St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. Listen with the sound on it's timed perfectly! #ItsGR8UW #MarineAnimalBehaviorAndSymbioticRelationships
  4. A

    Dealing with Lobster (Crayfish) while diving?

    Hi, Was interested to know if anyone had any novel ideas or inventions (equipment) that improved the process of transporting Crayfish while scuba diving? Basically, what I am getting at is that when free diving I use a float on the surface with a line I carry either attached to a speargun or...
  5. Very Vague Spiny Lobster

    Very Vague Spiny Lobster

  6. Shadowcat1911

    Lobsters Hunting and rebreathers.

    Does anyone know if it is legal to harvest lobster while diving on a rebreather, specifically in Florida? I know spear fishing is not allowed on a rebreather, unless hunting lion fish. I have reached out to the FWC and am awaiting an official response from them. I have been unable to find...
  7. 0117


    Flaming Reef Lobster (aka bullseye lobster) St. Croix Virgin Islands
  8. S

    Two day SCUBA trip to San Clemente Island half off deal!

    Hey guys new to the site, how are you? I’ll get right to it, my lovely Wife purchased for us from EcoDive center for this weekend April 28 & 29 to beautiful San Clemente Island. The trip departs and returns to/from San Pedro. The trip includes all gear rentals, 2 spots aboard the boat, meals and...
  9. urmaddad

    Vintage Double Hose Regulator SCUBA Diver Catching Spiny Lobsters

    Another clip from the same reel, this one of a double hose regulator SCUBA diver catching spiny lobsters in Cozumel, Mexico.
  10. Scuba-74

    Where to buy a lobstering kit?

    Does anyone know where I can buy a lobstering kit that would comply with MA regulations? 1) bag 2) tickle stick 3) gauge 4) rubber bands 5) banding tool 6) tank tag I found where these items can be bought individually, but it gets pretty pricey (around $100 or so). Also it seems like the web...
  11. J

    Mid-July Roatan Trip, West Bay Area

    I'm planning a trip with some friends mid-July to Roatan. We are staying at a place we found on VRBO in the West Bay area. From doing some reading on these forums and elsewhere it sounds like there is lots of great diving to be had! The 'official' reason for the visit is a wedding, but I'm just...
  12. Downunder_WPB

    Blue Heron Bridge Lobster Catching

    Alright there seems to be some confusion (maybe it is just me) as to whether one can catch lobster at the BHB. It seems to be that the area is designated a 'no-take' zone: The entire Blue Heron Bridge area is a deemed “No-Take Zone” for spearfishing or lobster harvesting, and the possession of...
  13. 20160727_094242


    Our 5:30AM Lobster Hunt Trip getting prepared for their dive!
  14. 20160727_083220


    The 5:30AM trip caught some bugs for dinner tonight!
  15. B

    For Sale I have a CD Florida commercial Lobster Dive Permit For Sale $25,000

    I have a CD Florida commercial Lobster Dive Permit For Sale $25,000. Anyone interested please email me at drzincdiving@gmail.com
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