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  1. Jafo19D

    Anyone else order the GoPro 10?

    I ordered the GoPro 10 yesterday and I expect it will be a huge difference from the GP4 that I currently have. Unfortunately I won’t be able to pick it up yet, I live in Colombia and having it shipped here would have meant another $120 so it’s being sent to my parents’ house back in Virginia...
  2. funscuba

    Head / hand strap for GoPro hero black 7

    Hi, I've been wondering, is there a difference of quality between a cheap head / hand strap bought from Ali express, Amazon or else (for example) or an other brand more expensive really made for UW (if that even exists) ? Is it the same quality in the end or you really need a head / hand strap...
  3. k954triniz

    Suptig dive light

    Hello fellow divers, I am looking into to getting a suptig 84 led dive light mainly for my go pro. But also would use it as a dive light for night dives so that way I can hold the go pro and light in one hand. I had the smaller model of the suptig but the mount got loose mid dive and fell off...
  4. Collin O'Brien

    Closed Snake River Prototype (SRP) GoPro Dive Tray

    Looking to buy a Snake River Prototyping (SRP) dive tray mount for GoPro. Please Direct/Personal Message me with information and a picture(s). Thank you!!
  5. m_BK

    Maldives - Hondaafushi

    Hello, back in the northern region of the maldives - and again at the hondaafushi resort. Compared to 2018 the underwater life seemed to be more active - we could see more sharks and mantas like in the year before. Diving Video Diving - Manta Special Droneviews Walk around the Island
  6. m_BK

    Egypt - El Quesir (Review)

    hello, last "new year" we went down to the reefs of el quesir and discovered the southern reefs. Some of the beautiful reefs between el quesier and marsa alam: As it was around new year the dive spots were very abandoned. My personal highlight was the visit of elphinstone reef where we have...
  7. subaqueous

    Wanted GoPro Tray, Arms, and Lights

    Looking for GoPro Tray, Arms, and Lights for GoPro Hero 7 Black - if you're looking to get rid of your setup - let me know!
  8. subaqueous

    Wanted GoPro Tray, Arms + Lights

    I am looking for a tray, arms, and lights for a GoPro Hero 7 Black. If you are looking to get rid of a GoPro setup - let me know!
  9. Thook


    [/URL][/IMG] April 6, 2019, we traveled to Grand Cayman and stayed with Cobalt Coast dive resort. The reason primarily being that this is the sister site to Cayman Brac and Little Cayman Beach resorts and diving operations is run by Reef Divers at all three sites. We were impressed with the...
  10. KenLovely

    GoPro 7 with tray and lights with or without filters?

    Getting ready for Cozumel in 3 weeks and organizing some new gear. Need some advice on proper set up. Using the Hero 7 and a tray with the Sola 1200 and a GoBe 1000 wide also the Filp 5 filters. Day Dives. 1. If i'm using the flip 5 filters, should I also use the lights on flood? 2. Should...
  11. Landlocked123

    Hero 5 Session cutting off at Depth

    So my hero session is doing something strange. I am trying to get footage of some dives my buddy and I have been doing in the 120-130 foot range. The camera keeps cutting out and stopping recording around the 72-75 foot range. I read somewhere that the pressure may be causing the buttons to be...
  12. Landlocked123

    Hero 5 Session scuba housing?

    Anyone know what the best scuba housing is for a hero 5 session?
  13. Daryberke7

    Lost Go-Pro camera on Paradise reef

    Hello Cozumel divers! My go pro hero session 4 with floatable hand grip and waterproof case was lost last Friday on March 16th at around 1 pm at paradise reef. Pictures attached for what the camera looks like. I was diving at paradise reef and I lost grip on the camera and it went up to the...
  14. Daryberke7

    Paradise reef Go pro hero session 4 camera stolen

    Hello Cozumel divers! My go pro hero session 4 with floatable hand grip and waterproof case was lost last Friday on March 16th at around 1 pm at paradise reef. Pictures attached for what the camera looks like. I was diving at paradise reef and I lost grip on the camera and it went up to the...
  15. J

    Go Pro camera tray with dual lights or mask mount

    Somewhat new to the diving world but I do know I want to start capturing my dives on my gopro. I have a trip planned to Belize next month and I'm not sure which set up is best. Can I please get some pro's and cons for both methods from all you experienced divers. I'm look into the Mako camera...
  16. F

    Hero5 Black Settings for Macro+ProTune

    Hey All, I leave in 2 days for Lembeh and R4. Super pumped but dialing in gear before I head out and could use somehelp. I have a Hero 5 Black. Set up is Backscatter trey and two Sola 2500's, with all Backscatter filters and macros lens. I run the camera on 1080, 60fps, Wide, Protune on...
  17. F

    Hero5 Black Settings for Macro+ProTune

    3 Things: 1) What can I do here to fix the color shifting issues I have noticed with the GoPro as water color/depth changes so I don't get weird adjustment fixes in the middle of my shots? Is this a white balance thing? Protune thing? 2) Is there anything you would change in order to capture...
  18. F

    Storage Space Advice for R4 and Lembeh

    Going to R4 and Lembeh in about 2 months. Wanted to know from everyones experience how much storage space I should have. I already have a 4 128GB and 64GB chips. I don't shoot all the time, and when I did a 4 day live aboard I used about 1.5x 64GB chips. Assuming I shoot more do you think...
  19. W

    Video: Crawfish Hunting in an Alpine Reservoir

    So I went on a dive in an alpine reservoir with my local dive shop to have a big crayfish cookout. It is also my first video using scuba, so I was pretty excited, and hope to improve things over the coming years. I also really enjoyed the experience and will likely do it again.
  20. I

    Closed: Light and Motion Sola 1200 Video Lights (1200-Lumens, Silver)

    It's all about the light, right?! Light and Motion Sola 1200 Video Lights 1200 Lumens gives outstanding color Multiple intensity settings for flexibility Brand new! Less than 3 hours of bottom time Charger included Includes ball mount ($20 value) Great for a GoPro rig See details and specs...
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