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  1. E


    Dear ALL. ordered a drysuit with QCS OVAL Installed. I read many post here and surfing on Web, but I Feel Puzzled. From si tech there is antares (many user are not happy) otherwise other system as ultima, rolock... I don't understand where is the advantage to install QCS OVAL and after...
  2. uncfnp

    For Sale XS Scuba Dry-Five 5 mm dry gloves size Small and XSmall.

    35 dollars each set including shipping US. Used less than 5 times diving fresh water. There is scuffing on the wrist neoprene with a single partial thickness quarter inch split on the Extra Small gloves. Also scuffing and an eighth inch partial split on the Small set.
  3. bcolcla

    SOLD!!! Si Tech Dry Glove System

    Si Tech Dry glove system - QCP Glove Lock model. I love this dry glove system, and I'm selling only because my new dry suit came with dry gloves. The Si tech system mounts onto your existing wrist seals, the glove side turns and clicks when it locks. I have never had it leak. The only leaks...
  4. rjgiddings

    KUBI dryglove set - Install

    Wanted to write up my thoughts on how I installed KUBI 90mm dry glove system on my DUI CF200x drysuit w/ zip seals. ** If you’ve done this I’d like to hear any feedback on how you did your own install and post-dive feedback is appreciated ! I should start with mentioning: I was very happy with...
  5. DevilEyeDog

    Warmest Glove Liners in Dry Gloves?

    What keeps your hands the warmest in your dry gloves? And go...
  6. S

    Dry gloves inner liner

    Hi All, New member here *waves* I need a bit of help in picking out a good inner liner for my ultima dry gloves. The ones I have at the moment are very thin and so doesn't keep my hands warm enough. Any brands you can recommend? Would really appreciate some help on this.
  7. jodylynn007

    For Sale DUI TLS350 Drysuit, Ladies XL, GUC

    DUI TLS350, 50th Anniversary Edition Drysuit - Ladies Limited edition colour pattern, navy blue with aqua waves (tiki blues) - suit is 5 years old but in excellent used condition, no holes and no leaks Zipper replaced October 2018, still in excellent condition Dual thigh billows pockets w/inside...
  8. Zef

    Fourth Element Ellipse

    I just noticed that Fourth Element Ellipse dryglove system is now available for purchase and fine retail outlets around the globe. I have one question though: Why the design decision to have an exposed sealing o-ring on the suit side ring? I get that they include a tool to pick that o-ring...
  9. G

    For Sale Gloves for dry suit, Medium, Blue with Latex Seal and rings.

    A very comfortable Latex Dry Gloves with an anatomical design with pre-bent fingers and the thumb at the right place. The hand part has a Heavy Duty surface treatment that enhances grip and durability. This Dry Gloves is especially designed for the technical scuba divers. Dry Tech Gloves...
  10. Zef

    Ultima dry-glove system....ARRGGGG!!!!

    Purchased the Waterproof Ultima dryglove system for my Aqualung Fusion Bullet drysuit as recommended by some SB members as it is a direct fit with the si-tech oval rings in my suit. Also, per some posts, got i touch with SHOWA and had them send me some samples of the 660 pvc and 720 nitrile...
  11. Zef

    Dry Glove recommendation

    I am looking for advice on what dry glove system to buy. I have a 2018 Aqualung Fusion Bullet with the Si Tech SLT wrist and neck system. I understand the Si Tech Antares glove system was designed for this setup but have read the tabs are fragile and prone to breaking so I am hesitant to...
  12. The Laconic

    Closed: Viking bayonet ring system $50

    Viking bayonet ring system for dry gloves, bought in 2014. Includes: Gloves with bayonet rings already attached! * More gloves Two sets of glove liners, one smallish, one largish Extra, soft o-rings Some kind of things that look like wrist seals--cool! Yellow rings Blue rings Green rings Black...
  13. Mo2vation

    SOLD!!! DUI Zip Dry Gloves, Apeks Dry Suit Dump Valve

    Hi Selling here all kinds of good stuff. Its all located in SoCal (Long Beach / Huntington Beach) – and unless specifically indicated on the individual item, shipping is the buyer’s responsibility. Or we can meet anywhere from LB to HB for a hand off. All photos are of the actual items for...
  14. Patrick Huver

    For Sale WHITES NEXUS II Dry Suit XL

    For Sale $870 O.B.O. Used but meticulously maintained men's dry suit. The shell always stored on hanger, never folded. No leaks, very reliable. Dry glove system allows you to switch between dry gloves or latex wrist seals. Inflator valve located center of chest, pressure release vale on upper...
  15. Diver Webster

    Dry Gloves and Commercial Diving

    I just came across a free Dry glove setup. i was just wondering if any commercial divers use them? my teacher told me he doesnt like them. i dont really trust them either and will probably save them for recreational. but im still wondering if any of you enjoy them
  16. J

    Dry glove ring system

    Hi! I would like to have your opinions about a French dry glove ring system called TED'S! Does someone know this system? Here's the Facebook link: TED'S or youtube: Thanks!
  17. Dive Right In Scuba

    New Si Tech Virgo Glove System for Oval Rings

    We just got in the new Si Tech glove system that is specifically for the Oval Replaceable Wrist systems. So, if you have the oval wrist system, and haven't been happy with the dryglove options, now you have a great choice! This takes your existing oval wrist system and makes it round, but you...
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