1. boriss

    Carbon Fiber BP with doubles?

    Hope this isn't a dumb question, but I'm interested in buying the Halcyon CF BP (Halcyon Dive Systems). Pretty much interested in it for aesthetic reasons. I already have an aluminum and SS BP's. The question is: will it hold up with steel doubles? I'm typically careful with my gear on land, but...
  2. D

    For Sale CLOSED Remote Lead or "slob knob" for sale

    Functioning. Just removed from a set of OMS doubles. Anyone who has difficulty reaching the isolation manifold valve knob can benefit from this extension. Adds approximately 30 inches in length. I can help you with installation if needed. Very easy. I know there will be DIR or GUE...
  3. ahcalde

    Want to Buy Atomic M1 Backmount Doubles Regulator Set

    Looking for Atomic M1 Backmount Doubles Regulator Set
  4. SeaKatt

    SOLD!!! Steel OMS Low Pressure 120 Doubles - New Hydro

    I’m selling my Steel Ocean Management Systems (OMS) LP 120s. These come with bands and manifold. (The valves on them in the picture don’t come with them). I just got them back from hydro and have the paperwork for both tanks. Asking $750. You pay shipping from Northern Michigan
  5. jl in ca

    What's needed to double older LP72's

    Hello all I've searched a lot and can't seem to piece together info on what I'll need to double the LP72's I listed for sale a while back (and still have listed). First, WHY?: Aside from them not selling, I need/want added gas. I have a couple recently acquired HP130's from folks on Scuba...
  6. S

    DIR- Generic Backplate for doubles: 1 hole or 3 at top where cylinder attaches ?

    I dive singles right now with a Halcyon backplate and wing. I'm moving to doubles. I'm a bit top heavy so I'll try an aluminum or titanium backplate. I've been told to get a backplate with 3 holes at the top. Let's say I rent doubles in Mexico. If they don't quite fit right, I can't move...
  7. Invader

    SOLD!!! PST HP100s Galvanized

    TRADING HP100s Manifolded doubles, hydro/vis 2020. Genesis manifold, rebuilt 2020. Looking for a pair of LP108s manifolded doubles or with L/R plugged valves. Will sell, but the cash value will be higher. Location: Greater Atlanta area. I do travel to cave country monthly. I will...
  8. AhoyFed

    SOLD!!! OMS 60LB Wing for Doubles

    Hello, Due to the recent loss of my job (thanks COVID) I have to liquidate some of my gear to help with everyday expenses. It’s an OMS 60LB black wing with a chemical resistant cover. I’ve used it several times to dive in Tobermory with steel 72s. Great wing and in excellent condition. It has...
  9. dave22387

    For Sale Multiple Tanks Faber 85 doubles, Faber 108s, Deco tanks

    Due to an injury, my tech days are postponed for quite a while so I would rather turn these into cash. I am motivated to sell. Located in Broward FL and prefer local pick-up. All tanks have current Hydro and are DIN LP 85 Doubles Matching Pair HYDRO 9/18 $425 LP 108s Hydros 2/19 $140 each...
  10. P

    Looking for doubles wing

    Hey all! This is my first post here. I'm looking for a 45/50lb donut wing thats suitable for doubles. I'm open to any brand, please let me know the price including shipping to NC. Thank you, Prisca
  11. T

    Want to Buy LP85 doubles, preferentially Faber

    Looking for galvanized or the white Faber LP85 set up as doubles. Tanks in hydro would be great but not a necessary. Only local pickup in North or Central Florida. I would prefer doubles in MINT condition and for free, but used condition for appropriate price is also OK :)
  12. Kx125dude

    For Sale PST 100 STEEL TWINS

    Twin PST Steel HP 100 tanks. Tanks are in current hydro and vip. 300 bar manifold was recently serviced. These are 7/8” tanks. Also comes with bands. $500 obo.
  13. ahcalde

    Want to Buy Al80 doubles or matching pair of Luxfer tanks (Florida)

    Preferably Tampa Bay area or can pick up in cave country. And possibly eventually in East Coast.
  14. ahcalde

    XDEEP Hydros 40 (as an alternative to Halcyon Evolve 40)

    I am wondering if anyone has any experience with the XDEEP Hydros 40 wing. I am about to pull the trigger to switch to Halcyon, but thinking of it as an alternative being $200 cheaper ($339 vs $540). Main concern I have about the Hydros wing is that they state they reduced the volume of the...
  15. bcolcla

    SOLD!!! Twin LP108s - Faber Steel Tanks

    I have a set of Faber LP steel 108s that are currently doubled up. They have been fantastic tanks, I loved the extra air as a single tank diver and their trim doubled up. I've been diving only sidemount now for the last 2 years and they are taking up room in my garage (LP 108s are a little long...
  16. Narcosis Mike

    For Sale S. FL: Like New Double Faber HDG HP 120’s with bands, manifold, valves

    TANK PACKAGE ONLY HAS 10 DIVES ON IT. Essentially brand new! Hydro good until May 2023 - FIRST HYDRO VIP good until Jun 2021 Selling a set of doubles faber 120 high pressure hot dipped galvanized with tank bands and a dive gear express manifold & premium valves Will meet up anywhere between...
  17. S

    Regulators for doubles

    I just finished the intro to tech course and besides a doubles wing I also need a second first stage. I have a DS4 right now but concerned about the routing. I was considering purchasing one apek DST to put on the left post to improve routing but the price of one of those is north of $600 (in...
  18. Scuba-74

    SOLD!!! OMS Ocean doubles wing

    Will trade this 60lb OMS doubles wing in good condition with recently rebuilt inflator for a singles wing in good condition, preferably with STA or straps. located in Western Massachusetts, but can occasionally meet in Cape Ann area.
  19. colddarkmysterious

    For Sale Halcyon 55lb explorer doubles wing

    Halcyon 55lb explorer wing (doubles, horseshoe) for sale. Lightly used (<100 dives). Located near Detroit, MI $350 OBO
  20. ding dang

    Want to Buy Smaller Steel Doubles in FL

    Hello, I want to buy a smaller set of steel doubles. Looking for something around LP85 or a little smaller. I'm in Fort Lauderdale FL. If you have something you haven't used in a while and want to sell, let me know! Thank you
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