1. daltonnlevi

    How to clean White RK3s!?

    Hey, everyone. I picked up a set of RK3s in white a while back, and well as you can see in the picture they are fairly rough. I just want to clean them up and get them looking as good as I can, because I understand they will never look "brand new" again. I've tried the following to clean them...
  2. R

    Semi-DIY O2 and CO analyzer

    I'm convinced of the benefit of analyzing tanks for O2 percentage and presence of CO (carbon monoxide). I was a kickstarter supporter of Cootwo, and still think it was a great concept and form factor. I was unhappy with the lack (and tone) of support from Divenav in the past. On my last dive...
  3. S

    DPV prop sizes

    hi guys can anyone tell me if the oceanic mako and apollo AV1 use the same propeller? if so, what is the rough diameter of it? Last one haha, what is the diameter of the blacktip propeller? essentially wondering if the mako/av1 propeller will fit in a blacktip shroud for a bit of a project I'm...
  4. H

    Fischer Connector Part Number

    Hey there, does anyone know the part number of the Fischer male connector that plugs into the Shearwater Petrel 2 EXT? I am looking to make up a cable for a DIY project. Cheers, Pete
  5. Bonaireboy

    Scubapro Go Sport Fin Strap

    I’m a little worried about the plastic fin strap retaining pin design. I figure there is a chance it can break, I will break it removing it, or in the event I lose it on the boat changing a strap out I’d be hosed. I’m considering my options since SP told me they don’t sell the pins separately...
  6. Frod

    OrcaTorch D710 Goodman Holder

    OrcaTorch D710 Goodman Holder OrcaTorch D710 Goodman Holder by Roman_Markovtsev Compact Goodman Holder for Orca Torch D710. 1) Basic Version for light only 2) With rearview mirror on TOP version 3) With rearview mirror on SIDE version Extra things needed: - M4 x 15 bolts you can also use...
  7. Frod

    Breakaway Connector for X-deep Bolt Snap

    You asked! We listened! Let me introduce you the Fist Free Breakaway Connector for X-deep Bolt Snap (S size)! There are three versions of clip with inner/outer diameter: (A) 10/18mm (B) 11/19mm (C) 12/20mm Was too lazy to go to storage room to get some hoses and I had only my Deep6 reg with...
  8. A

    DSV project

    Let’s make DSV My SF2 DSV continues to leak water and always needs to be serviced. I’ve tried everything, but no luck in fixing the problem. After 3D modelling some parts, I decided to go for it and make every part again. The quality of manufacturing and design of the SF2 DSV is quite low and...
  9. DivingRhino

    Old DiveRite Canister Light repair

    I have two old DiveRite dive lights. I purchased a new battery (PS-1229) and moved the wiring from the old battery to the new one. Testing both lights, one works, one does not. They are probably 20 years old, canister, halogen (I believe). For the one that is not working, anyone have any...
  10. S

    Sea Frogs Salted Line A6XXX - Zoom Gears

    Has anyone ever made their own zoom gear? Trying to DIY it. I have a metabones adapter with my Tokina fisheye lens. Was able to make a cylinder with a little "window" to make room for the metabones switch that gets in the way. Issue is I can't find a solution to make the zoom gear (that's on...
  11. S

    Repair a BC dump valve

    My BC dump valve was torn out and now needs to be replaced. 1. how to clean the dump valve site? 2. how to install the valve? 3. how to seal it? 4. how to check it? Much obliged
  12. divedrewsf

    Should I upgrade my G250 to the new 's-wing' poppet?

    Hello - sorry to bring up a relic (albeit a loveable relic, eh). Hoping people still are diving this wonderful 2nd stage and may provide some wisdom. I've used this quarantine (here in Manila) to finally teach myself to overhaul my MK11/G250 rigs. It was super easy. My question is related...
  13. W

    Getting new regs, here's what I went looking for and what I ended up with.

    Dang there are a lot of regulators out there today! It's been a while since I got new regulators, and it's time to build myself a new set of dive kit. As I started to work through the options, I evolved a set of criteria. Here's what I came up with: Self service. I want to be able to buy...
  14. JamesBon92007

    Optional Download Cable for Aladin Pro?

    Sorry if this has been talked to death but i couldn't find any threads that were still open. I have an Aladin Pro that can use DataTalk/DataTrak to download the logs. I don't have the cable, but I have one for the Mares Puck Pro. The Diving Log software for the Mares says it'll work with the...
  15. tmassey

    Well-used Haskel checkout, cleaning, setup and suggestions?

    Say hello to the newest member of my family! What do you mean I have an ugly baby? :eek: It's a well-used Haskel AGD-7 that I just received from eBay. Supposedly it was "tested and working". I guess we'll see. And yes, it's pretty ugly. I've got zero experience with boosters. I've...
  16. JamesBon92007

    Making LP Valve Seats for Second Stage

    I couldn't find this info doing a search but it must have been discussed already... What is a good material (rubber etc) to use to make second stage LP valve seats? I've tried inner tube rubber but it's too soft and makes for hard breathing, but it does seal well. Way back when all we had was...
  17. W

    DSMB & Reel Storage - BP/W

    Hey guys, Got myself a lovely new BP/W system which I can’t wait to get using. Been a long term jacket BCD user, and although the pockets on them are awkward as hell - they are at least still pockets... Just trying to map out the logistics of what will go where. I’m using a DIR harness and no...
  18. BillybGoode

    Recycling other fields harnesses for Sidemount

    Hello there ! :happywave: Quick background story (you might want to skip) : Quite new on the scene of diving, i totaled 150 dives after my divemaster training, after which i did a SSI REC Sidemount and logged 5 dive with this setup, very happy with it, i am now leaning towards going full...
  19. tmassey

    Want to Buy Broken DUI Zip Seals wrist

    Hello! I’m looking for damaged/broken DUI wrist zipseals. I have a G1 suit and I can’t buy silicone seals. I just broke my set of seals and wanted to try gluing silocone seals on as has been described around here. Unfortunately I found out the hard way: acetone dissolves the plastic part of...
  20. Pawleysdiver

    Class for maintaining/servicing own equipment

    Years ago, I took an all-day class on how to service my own Scubapro equipment. I don't remember it it was an "authorized" class or not. It has been so long ago, i have forgotten a lot of it. Are there any dive shops on the east coast to offer a weekend class for this type of thing? I can...
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