1. Martin Slater

    Coltri MCH6 changing the pressure relief valve

    I want to change the pressure relief valve to 250 bar and looking for advice before I take a wrench to it. Does it simply unscrew from the outside? A quick check showed it was on pretty tight so just would like to make sure before I give it some elbow as to the proper way to change this...
  2. O

    Coltri MCH-6 water drainage hose

    Hey everyone I’m new here, although I’ve been lurking for a while. I have a Daystate Type 2 compressor, which is a Coltri MCH-6 Compact, but not as wide - there’s just little space between the motor and the side of the cage. Made by Coltri, but with Daystate’s branding on the cage. I’ve...
  3. SurfLung

    New Coltri MCH6 Sale...$2500

    Brand New Coltri Gas Powered MCH-6 $2500 - I was amazed when these were marked down to $2900 last Fall. Now they're on sale for only $2500. I really like my vintage MCH6 so I think getting a new one for only $2500 is a heck of a deal. Check it out! $2,500 On Sale Now! MCH6 3.5G Portable...
  4. Crystal Enterprise

    coltri mch 13 for sale

    hello all we have a coltri mch 13/16 compressor for sale in stock ,very less use on ship , good working condition, if anyone interested please contact us as soon as possible... with best regards, From Crystal enterprise, Abbas Ravjani +91 7405678256(whatsapp) +91 9157066377...
  5. Crystal Enterprise

    business of used Breathing Air Compressor

    Hello all, We are pleased to invite inquires for business proposal for used secondhand Breathing air compressors from we are knowing you that all our compressors are derived from recycled ship so condition of our compressor will be great,also we can reconditioned used compressors...
  6. N

    Used Coltri MHC 13-16 value

    Hi everyome, We're intrested in sellimg our used MHC 13-16 compressor and would like to get an idea of its value. It is in good condition and has been maintained well. Thanks in advance!!
  7. O

    Coltri (Totem-air) MCH 6 ET won't fill 300 bar

    I have a Totem-Air MCH6: I recevied a new safety valve because the old one started to release at 280 bar. It looks like this...
  8. Pirate Divers G.C.

    Activated carbon

    hey guys , I repack my pair of filters on each of my Mch 16 boat compressors , I need to find a US , preferred Florida but any shipping location , I have loads of Mol Seive but need a new supplier for activated carbon and felt separator sheets to cut dividers between media , I can only find huge...
  9. Panstey77

    Bauer OR Coltri!?

    Hi folks, I am looking to replace the current Bauer Junior 2 (1995) with a newer, more efficient compressor. This is for a hotel, where we wish to offer guests diving including double tanks. For this, I need to be able to comfortably fill multiple tanks at the same time, quickly...
  10. M

    Can I use my portable electric compressor in a basement?

    I recently bought a Coltri MCH-6 compressor. Since the only 220 outlet I have in my house is in the laundry room in the basement, is it ok to fill tanks there or do I need to put the compressor outside and run the power cord thru the window? Reason I ask is just for Radon and humidity concerns.
  11. E

    Scuba Compressor - $6000 (Key West)

    Fixed System Complete mixed gas fill system. Compressor and all items have been sitting unused in covered garage since 2004. Dust and surface corrosion has effected appearance. New compressor has test hours only. All plumbing and filters were pressurized when disassembled in 2015. All bottles...
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