1. aquabluegreg

    Cayman Islands Update - Sept 4-11, 2021 Trip

    We currently have a group trip to Little Cayman Beach Resort scheduled for September 4-11, 2021 which offers free nitrox and free afternoon dives as part of the package. We are NOT requiring any deposit to book this trip with us. We also have similar dates for 2022. Web Post: Liquid Diving...
  2. aquabluegreg

    Cayman Islands opening news...March 2021

    Yesterday, the Cayman Islands Government announced its plan for allowing international stayover visitors. While the announcement did not provide an exact reopening date, it is being reported that international tourism will be able to resume in March 2021. The Cayman Islands have taken a far...
  3. Divetech Cayman

    Innerspace 2019 has kicked off - rebreather diving in Little Cayman!

    The annual Innerspace week organized by Divetech Grand Cayman is one of the world’s longest running and most popular rebreather-only diving events. Innerspace attracts rebreather divers from all experience levels, and from all over the world as far as Australia. It is a week of silent diving in...
  4. ppina

    Grand Cayman Two Bedroom for Rent - US$1000

    Hi I have my Grand Cayman week to rent this year . Cayman Islands Tortuga Club Dive center on resort . MORRITTS TORTUGA CLUB AND RESORT $139 ($̶2̶1̶9̶) - Updated 2019 Prices & Condominium Reviews - Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands -...
  5. Ian Popple

    Feedback on Grand Cayman dive sites for new guidebook

    Hi everyone. I'm reaching out for a little advice. I work for Reef Smart Guides and we're in the middle of completing a detailed dive and snorkel guide, including 3D site maps, for the Cayman Islands. We've got Little Cayman and Cayman Brac covered, but at present we only have about 10 sites...
  6. Nicholas Harvey

    Hello again, it's been a while...!

    I've been a diver since 01 and on Scubaboard for almost that long but I guess not recently as my login had closed! Getting back on here reminded me how cool this site and forum is. I'm currently in North Carolina, originally from the UK and my wife and I both dive. Our holidays are geared around...
  7. ppina

    I have my Grand Cayman week to rent this year

    Hi I have my Grand Cayman week to rent this year . Cayman Islands Tortuga Club Dive center on resort . Two bedroom for 6 persons - Poolside Suites about US1300
  8. ppina

    I have my Grand Cayman week to rent this year .

    Hi I have my Grand Cayman week to rent this year . Cayman Islands Tortuga Club Dive center on resort . Two bedroom for 6 persons - Poolside Suites about US1300
  9. Lana.mcglynn

    Cayman Aggressor V - female diver to share a cabin

    July 20-27, 2019 Cayman Aggressor V (new boat) Price $2595 (cash price). Visit the Top Dive Sites of the Cayman Islands. PM me for more details Cayman Aggressor IV - Aggressor Adventures
  10. bdombrowski

    Grand Cayman first timer

    I'm headed to Grand Cayman July 14-21. Our first time there and we are staying all the way on the east end. I'm a highly experienced diving photog and will be interested in best sites for wide angle and natural light video. (Shallower is fine if subjects and vis is good.) What are the...

    25% OFF Brand NEW Cayman Aggressor V in September

    The BRAND NEW Cayman Aggressor V has just recently joined the fleet! Take a tour, look at these amazing pics and we are sure you will be inspired enough to check the schedule Special prices on diving trips in September. SAVE 25% Check details and availability -->
  12. Thook

    Diving Little Cayman Island 2018

  13. Alucard

    Diving the Kittiwake with Wreck Certification

    I saw a question on another forum from a wreck-certified diver about doing the Kittiwake - they want to be able to do something other than the usual tour through the wreck. Is that even possible? If so, which dive ops would do something that would cater to these needs?
  14. Macabucan

    Learnt to dive while an expat wife in Cayman :)

    We first lived on Cayman for just 6 months back in 2015. We loved it, and our son was young enough, so we went back for a further 9 month secondment the next year. That second time I decided to see what all the fuss about scuba diving was about :) As much as I love Cayman, there is little to do...
  15. Knockout Diver

    Promotions to Stay in Cayman?

    My wife and I would like to make a little trip at the end of this month to Cayman... anyone know of any promotions on places to stay? We prefer shore diving for the most part so a good house reef would be nice.
  16. scoobydrew

    Grand Cayman's Lionfish CULL Tournament This Weekend

    Lionfish tournament this weekend on Grand Cayman, if you're in it then I'll see you there, if you are on the island and just want to hang out then call by the weigh on on Sunday for some free tasters and no doubt the odd beverage or two
  17. F

    Hello from Grand Cayman

    I own a dive operation in Grand Cayman. Don't want to ruffle any feathers or anything like that so anyone have tips and tricks as a dive operation owner? Not trying to build a commercial on here or anything but if people want info then perhaps I can give them some? First time ever on Scuba Board.
  18. lisahollis

    Which fins should I pack for Grand Cayman?

    I'm doing my first dive trip to Grand Cayman and leaving tomorrow. I'm debating which fins to bring - my open back fins that I wear with booties (which are better for shore dives) or my full foot fins. My open back fins are extremely heavy and I was hoping to get by with one suitcase and a...
  19. mikeny9

    Grand Cayman, March 2016

    Hi everyone, I just got back from a trip to the Caymans with my LDS. This is my second diving video, hope you enjoy and I appreciate any feedback :)
  20. scoobydrew

    Lionfish cull on Grand Cayman, everybody welcome

    Hey there all The Cayman United Lionfish League organises a lionfish cull on Grand Cayman once every 3 months and the next one is almost upon us, it's gonna be an awesome event! The competition that takes place on Feb 27th & 28th is open for residents, visitors, dive centres, buddy pairs...
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