1. custureri

    Closed $125 - 3mm and 5mm WETSUITS for Sale, New and Used

    NEOPRENE CLOSEOUTS: ALL SUITS HAVE BEEN MARKED DOWN to $125-$145 (Demo/New). Only a few suits left. If you are an independent instructor, snag as much as you can. PM for BULK Pricing. Want more off? Make a reasonable offer and we just may accept (seriously). See Photos for Actual Suit...
  2. al303

    Wanted Aqua-Lung i770R Bungee Kit

    Does anyone with an i770 computer have the bungee kit that came with it? I purchased the computer, but it only came with the NATO strap. I have been unable to get a response from Aqua-Lung about purchasing it separately. Please email or im me if you have one to sell. Thanks,
  3. Andre Andrade

    For Sale New Aqualung Fusion Bullet Drysuit size X/XL

    New Aqualung Fusion Bullet Drysuit X/XL, never dived before. The only time it was used was a test dive on a pool for 5 mins. This suit is $2400 new. I'm selling it for $1999
  4. O

    Wanted Aqualung Titan Exhaust Tee

    Hi all, I need to replace the exhaust tee on my Aqualung Titan 2nd stage (the rest of the reg works fine, the tee just split when it got mishandled on a crowded deck...) I’ve already done the requisite google searches but the closest I could find is one for the Aqualung Legend. Does anyone know...
  5. felixlost

    For Sale Perfect travel package - Apeks Flight & AquaLung Zuma

    For sale are brand new: AquaLung Zuma BC size M/L Weight pocket handles have been replaced in accordance with the AquaLung recall Apeks Flight regulator First stage is yoke Both second stages on MiFlex hoses Apeks SPG BC hose Apeks travel bag Free Shipping $1,000 for the entire setup
  6. K

    For Sale Aqualung i770R Dive Computer

    The most tech-savvy diver will appreciate the i770R’s cutting-edge ultra-bright TFT color screen and its wireless Bluetooth connectivity packaged into a robust, functional, and compact design. Monitor all your information with the easy-to-use interface and intuitive 3-button navigation. Standard...
  7. S

    For Sale Aqualung 2XL Fusion Bullet Drysuit with Thermal Liners $1300

    2XL Fusion Bullet Suit 2XL Whites MK1 Liner 2xl Whites ThermalFusion Liner 2XL Whites Thermal Jacket Drysuit not used much. Venmo accepted - open to other forms of payment as well, just shoot me a message. $1300 plus shipping
  8. S

    Closed Aqualung Aqualux 5000 - $50

    Plus shipping - venmo accepted
  9. S

    For Sale Several Aqualung Items

    - Aqualung mens large aquaflex 2mm shorty suit - $50 -Large 5/7mm Aqualung hood - $10 -Large whites zip-dry hood - $10 -Aqualung size 11 superzip boots - $30 -Apeks MTX-R Ultra Cold Water Regulator - $600 -Aqualung Reveal X2 Mask with Case - $50 -Apeks Super Grey RK3 Rubber Fins w/ Yellow/Orange...
  10. S

    For Sale Aqualung Hydroflex 2mm Shorty Suit - Large - $50

    $50 plus shipping - Venmo accepted
  11. S

    For Sale Multiple pairs of gloves and Booties - Aqualung, Omer

    3mm Medium Aqualung Thermocline - $15/pair 3mm Medium Aqualung Thermocline Kevlar - $30/pair 5mm Medium Aqualung Thermocline Gauntlet (Long) - $20/pair 5mm XL Aqualung Thermocline Gauntlet (Long) - $20/pair 3mm Medium Aqualung Aleutian - $15/pair 5mm Large Aqualung Aleutian - $20/pair 3mm...
  12. S

    For Sale AquaLung and Whites Hoods - Large - $10 Each

    Whites zip dry hood Aqualung 5/7mm Hood $10 Each, will ship
  13. S

    For Sale Aqualung Size 11 Superzip Boots $30

    $30 plus shipping. Venmo accepted
  14. S

    Closed Aqualung Phazer Fins - Size R - Blue - $75

    $75 plus shipping (if required) - accept venmo
  15. S

    Closed Aqualung Set - CORE, Octopus, Apeks 3-Gauge - $300

    $300 plus shipping Accept multiple forms of payment - Just let me know your preference and we can work it out
  16. S

    For Sale AquaLung Reveal X2 Mask with Case - $50

    Blue - $50 Accept Certified Cashiers Check and Venmo. Open to other forms of payment. Will ship
  17. S

    For Sale 2XL AquaLung Fusion Bullet Drysuit - With Whites Liners and Boots $1300

    2XL Fusion Bullet Suit 2XL Whites MK1 Liner 2xl Whites ThermalFusion Liner 2XL Whites Thermal Jacket 1 Pair mens size 12 boots Drysuit not used much. Venmo accepted - open to other forms of payment as well, just shoot me a message. $1300 plus shipping
  18. S

    For Sale 2XL 5mm AquaLung Aquaflex wetsuit - $200

    Certified Cashiers Check, Venmo Accepted. Open to other forms of payment - just let me know if you have a preference - $200 plus shipping Will Ship
  19. D

    AL Titan Exhaust Tee

    I'm trying to find a replacement exhaust tee on an Aqualung Titan, p/n 104102. They are apparently discontinued by AL... Does anybody have an extra??
  20. Nodeist

    Diving after this pandemic situation

    As a measure of self-protection against the coronavirus, I am thinking of buying a regulator for diving and so I decided to open the topic here to ask for your opinion and I believe that this topic can be interesting for other divers too I've been reading a lot about it, I've read a lot of...
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