1. Dutchman

    For Sale Brand New ScubaPro Litehawk w/ Air2 V GEN Back Inflate BCD

    Bought for son but he decided to go with BP/Wing set up/ My loss, your gain. Asking $530, retail is $724.Will consider offers. ScubaPro Litehawk w/ Air2 V GEN Back Inflate BCD Color: Black/Blue Size is M/L Brand new and never used. The Litehawk is the ultimate back-flotation travel BCD...
  2. M


    Hi everyone. For some time now I've been seeing the new Apeks dry suits online and not only but they seem impossible to find and Apeks itself doesn't openly advertise them even though it had exhibited them at the last Paris Dive Show. Does anyone know when and if Will they be available in all...
  3. Dutchman

    Sold! Brand New OMS Aluminum Backplate with Signature Smart Stream harness & wing.

    Price Drop: $700 Bought 2 of these for Christmas. Son decided he prefers jacket. So my loss your gain. Brand new, never used. One size fits all. Got this as a Christmas gift but already have one . Includes crotch strap, back pad with trim pockets, shoulder pads and 1 utility pocket. 32 lb...
  4. Dutchman

    Sold! Brand new Aqualung 2 guage console

    Price Drop: $145 Still in original packaging. 2-gauge console includes a Pressure Gauge, Depth Gauge, water temperature and writing slate. Designed with ease-of-use and simplicity in mind, the pressure and depth gauge displays are designed with such features as a luminescent gauge face for easy...
  5. Bowers

    For Sale Aqualung pro QD BCD’s for sale

    I have 3 barely used bc’s for sale. One size large and two of them are xl’s. A few of the features are integrated weights, expandable mesh pocket, quick disconnect shoulders and more. Asking $200 each buyer pays shipping. Call or text: nine37-four99-3two95
  6. Jrob4449

    New to diving

    Hello everyone! I’m currently in the process of getting my open water cert through SSI and have completed all course work just scheduling my pool training and then my cert dive. I’m reaching out because I purchased my own gear and have been doing reviews and such but wanted to know if anyone has...
  7. Dutchman

    Sold! AquaLung Dimension Scuba Diving Buoyancy Compensator Black MD with Airsource 3

    Aqualung Dimension BCD SIZE MEDIUM Easy-to-access knife attachment points on the left lobe accommodate many of the Aqua Lung knives Features 4 stainless steel D-rings and 4 plastic D-rings (1 is located inside the left pocket) for all of your accessories Right shoulder pull dump provides an...
  8. ORsolodiver

    Sold! US Divers Conshelf XIV Regulator set

    $125 shipped. Very good condition US Divers Conshelf XIV reg set. I used the first stage and short hose on a pony bottle for a few dives, but didn't even get the octo wet since the last service. It will need a fresh service just due to sitting in the closet for a few years.
  9. Vivoazzurro

    Question Help determining the model and condition of this first stage reg (Aqualung)

    Howdy Divers, this makes my first post on the board. Been browsing and have a feeling I'll probably spend lots of my time on here! Alas, I need help identifying this first stage. I believe it is an Aqualung Titan of some sort, but I can't find info on definitive model or generation. I got it...
  10. Gabriel Mussi Luz

    Aqualung Teknika mask disassembly

    Does anyone here have this mask? I own one for a long time and realized some dirt under its skirts. Decided to unscrew the stainless steel bolts on its sides but couldn't separate the central part of the mask. Does anyone know how to completely disassembly?
  11. VsubT

    Sold! Aqualung Lotus i3 BCD - Women's Size ML

    My wife's Aqualung Lotus i3 BCD is for sale for $225. Women's size ML, in very good and fully operable condition with ~100 dives. This BCD is an i3 inflator / OPV system, but it can be converted to a more traditional inflator & dump valve setup with Aqualung parts. A link to the current...
  12. mplewis

    Question What model of Aqualung Titan 2nd stage is this?

    Hello! I recently purchased a used Aqualung Legend LX 1st and 2nd stage regulator. I'm looking to buy the missing octo for necklace carry backup. I saw these photos online and I understand the Titan is a good regulator, but I'm not clear on how old this unit is or what its features are. Could...
  13. attack33

    Info Aqualung Financial Troubles

    It seems like Aqualung has some financial troubles that puts it at some degree of risk of bankruptcy. They have been given a hard timeline to implement a 'get-well' plan . I am just throwing this out there for discussion. I am mostly interested in the old heads that have seen this situation...
  14. Joseb111

    Spare Parts for Old AL Legend (No ACD)

    Hello! I purchased a 2nd hand Yoke AL Legend from a surplus seller in Japan, its 1st and 2nd stage bodies are in good condition but its rubber parts have totally crumbled. I gave my reg to the official Aqualung dealer here in the Philippines for servicing and while they have the parts kit for an...
  15. lanwu

    AquaLung Computer Problems - i200 series or other models

    Hi Everyone, 🤷‍♂️ Just wondering who else has problems/failures with the AquaLung i200 series computers? Aqualung simply doesn't stand behind them. 🙄 ... Previously, Oceanic sold the same computer, just as their own brand. I love the form factor & features of my 2 Aqualung i200 dive...
  16. JRK44

    Apeks vs Aqualung

    Need to get myself some new regs full set. Do I shell out more on the Apeks MTXR (extreme cold water) or Aqualung Helix Pro? I don't want to go cheap on safety critical equipment, but that said I don't want to pay an extra £300 for a badge.
  17. wnissen

    For Sale Back-inflate 35 lb. BCD Size L (Aqualung Dimension) – $200 shipped CONUS

    My first BCD, I am not diving it anymore. About 80 saltwater dives, normal wear and tear. Never hung in the sun, always scrupulously rinsed, as you can see from the pics of the springs. Two shoulder dumps, kidney dump all work, as does all the original features. This is the one with the standard...
  18. Waces

    Aqualung blizzard vs the rest

    Hi, I'm looking for a not-very-expensive (but not the cheapest either ) drysuit. I usually dive around Ireland so the water temperature is between 5-15 Celsius. The aqualung blitz seems to be a decent one with a friendly price tag (710-740€) for the 4mm (not the pro)versions. Same price range...
  19. V

    Question Aqualung Axiom BCD

    When rinsing out the air bladder of my Aqualung Axiom BCD with fresh water today, after a week of ocean diving, a blue o-ring (about 18 mm diameter) came out with the water when I drained it with the inflator hose removed. Please see the attached photo. The o-ring does not fit anywhere that I...
  20. GingerDives

    Computer Aqua Lung i770r alarm

    I am having several issues with my Aqualung i770r Dive Computer. Purchased in 11/2022 and only used for 12 dives. Suddenly I am issues with the alarm - despite having the alarm set to audio, it no longer makes any audible sound. I have synced the settings, reset the computer, and attempted to...
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