When to take DP?

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I’m curious about when I should consider taking DP…

I dive OC singles, and would be doing deeper dives on backgas for wrecks and walls. Also interested in cavern (not full cave) diving for fun.

I’m certified rescue thru SSI, and was riding the deco line for my final Deep specialty dive. Not interested in rec to tec, but enough training to do Euro style deco rec diving with a pony bottle.
Sounds like you are there.

Generally advanced nitrox is added to the training. They go hand in hand. Fill that pony with a strong nitrox and actually put it to use.
Can you do DP with a pony?
Can you do DP with a pony?
yes, it can be done with twin tanks or with a single and a pony.
All depends why you are taking it.
As someone starting into technical diving, doing it with twin tanks makes sense.
As a recreational diver looking for skills and knowledge to enhance their recreational diving, doing it in recreational gear makes sense.
When I did DP it was paired with AN (AN/DP) because we needed to do deco using 50%.
And no, singles weren’t allowed because valve drills on doubles was part of the course along with a dive to 150’ on air for at least 30 minutes to put us in deco which mandated doubles. We used a 40 cf slung with the 50%, but it was considered a deco bottle not a pony bottle just based on how it was used.
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