The all inclusive Oriskany Thread

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I know this is a very old post....but can you update me on the list of dive operators you well as your personal preference.....I would like to pick your brain about any oil rigs that we could do...


There are not any rigs within charter distance of the Oriskany. There are two jackets (the legs that hold up petroleum rigs) that start at around 75fsw, and reach to 145ft/175ft within charter distance, and any of the boats running may be open to a combo trip (one dive on the Oriskany, one dive on one of the Jackets) I like the H2O Below: Charter Boat H2O Below - Dive The USS Oriskany in Pensacola, Florida

If you want true rig diving, then you'll need to look WAY (50 miles) offshore in super-deep water, or WAY West, like South of Mobile Bay. I'm not aware of anyone who regularly runs rig charters, but I think Gary sometimes runs special trips out to the rigs South of Mobile Bay: Gary's Gulf Diver - Home page
Hi guys and gals,

the current swept my GoPro away while diving the Mighty O today. It had the headstrap attached to it. I realize that it may be lost to the flight deck or to the sandy bottom which are both out of rec limits, but if any of you techies find one like the one I'm describing please don't hesitate to give me a call.

The number is 910-814-7639

Whoo Hoo! Only nine more days until our merry band of misfits jump into a rented van and leave Houston headed toward Pensacola for a dive on the Oriskany! None of us have dove on her before and we are really excited. We are praying to the weather gods for calm seas and sunny skies!
It's a long drive for us (9 hours) but we will do at least 4 dives, two on the Oriskany and two closer to shore in water that is MUCH clearer than anything we have in Texas (excluding the Flower Gardens).

We are already planning a second trip back there for July. Its not bad when you get a group of good people together and rent a large van. We share the driving and the expenses and usually come back with some good stories.

Anyone know what the water temp is at depth on the Oriskany? Is there a thermocline? I don't recall there being one off Jupiter when we were over there in January. Perhaps the Gulf side is different?
Monday had the following temps reported by the divemaster of the Niuhi:

[h=5]75° at the top 50'
70° at 100'
67° at 130'
I usually wear a 5mm when I do tech dives on the Oriskany, even in the height of Summer, as the run times and temps at depth can give you a chill by the end of the dive if you're not bundled up a bit. In the Winter, the temps are reversed, with "warm" water on the bottom, and cooler temps near the surface.

As for all-day trips, you might be able to set up a tech trip with one of the charter captains, but they usually run two trips on weekends during the summer, so it would have to be during the week unless you wanted to pay a real premium. Captain Douglas runs during the week, and he would be your best bet if you have more than six tech divers wanting to do a longer trip.

The Spree comes into town once or twice a year and does a multi-day tech trip, that focuses on the Oriskany. I think they dive a few other spots in the area during the trip.
Dear Tropical Storm Andrea, please do your business and move along. There are only 2 more days until we pile our gear into a van and head west to Pensacola to dive on the Oriskany. Thank you.
Bumpu. Are there any current Mighty O ops that are overnight or liveaboard? It seems that M/V Spree hasn't been around in a couple of years.

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