Nemrod Snark III Double Hose LP port adaptor?

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Just canvassing expressions of interest if I get a run of Nemrod Snark III DH LP adaptors made up?

Later model Snarks replaced the iconic 'coin slot' LP Chamber Plug #2994 with #10769 LP Port adaptor which allows the usual LP SAE-3 3/8-24 UNF hose fittings to attach.

Price will depend on quantity, but I will specify Naval Brass (~0/8% tin) for strength as many will want to attach a T piece and its fairly important it resists impact damage or bending! Gloss nickel plated.

Nemrod Snark LP adaptor overview.jpg

Nemrod Snark LP adaptor.JPG
I wish it had a 90*
Heres what I made,
But I also will run it upside down..
It's the original plug sliversoldered to a SS coupling nut, with brass 45* not
Fitting, tapped to 3/8


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I can see how that would improve routing esp if the can is mounted inverted.
However tugging on the hoses at the fixed T fitting could tend to loosen the primary M18x1.0 mounting thread IMO.
I'm trying to ensure any adaptor I make up is as versatile as possible... a user can add commercially available swivel adaptors as required.


  • sonar-lp-double-adapter.jpg
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Yeah mine is a one off thing,
With the plug tight I layed out how the 90* ports were facing...
Then solder it on, so probably be wrong for a different regulator.

there is no problems with coming loose as it is now.
This is quite interesting.
Any idea how it works?
Seems like maybe a tiny separate regulator for the lp ports...

This is quite interesting.
Any idea how it works?
Seems like maybe a tiny separate regulator for the lp ports...

You mean the Snark IV LP HP adaptor?
Enrique Dauner was part of an international collaboration creating what is effectively a Phoenix adaptor for the earlier model Snarks that didn't have either HP or LP ports from the factory.
Very late model Snark III's had both, but Enrique's item has 4 LP and 2 HP ports.


  • Nemrod Snark IV-TRD-4.jpg
    Nemrod Snark IV-TRD-4.jpg
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  • Snark IV First Stage Adapter.jpg
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I have several Snark 3's that I've converted the OPRV to a LP port. IF YOU DO THIS YOU MUST KEEP AN OPRV IN THE SYSTEM. I use Sherwood combination safe second inflator combo. The Sherwood combo adds a downstream second which will vent off excess pressure should the need arise

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