Finding a (Best) Dive Op in Cozumel

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ScubaBoard Supporter
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I don't like this list, sorry. I started diving before the net. Was so much fun locating a dive op back then. These list miss out on so much. This list is missing so many single operators without their own boats and many with them. It's close I suppose and for those that don't have a place to start looking this is a start, but too confusing. It's seems to be pitting the companies against each other, hard on a small island in my opinion.
You are a seasoned diver, and I suspect you enjoy the networking to find a provider (particularly if you thought locating a dive op. was so much fun before the Internet). The way you prefer to go about investigating trip options might not benefit from this. But it can be very useful for others.

A few thoughts on this write-up:

1.) Many divers want to quickly research and find (one of the) best operator(s) for his/her agenda, and struggle with info. overload and the anxiety that comes with not knowing what you don't know. Having someone knowledgable tie major known reputable providers together in a compare & contrast form is very efficient.

2.) Everyone's process of finding a provider will miss out on so much, as hardly anyone has the will to thoroughly vet every option.

3.) The major highly reputable providers and some not as talked about on ScubaBoard can be found there. Yes, a number of smaller and/or lesser known op.s might not, but that's okay. Many people planning their 1st Cozumel trip aren't interested in those. They want to find as close to a 'sure thing' as they can, not take a chance on someone with a lot less name recognition.

4.) You're right, picking a dive op. in Cozumel is confusing, because even if we ignore the ones we've never heard of, comparing and contrasting the popular ones is labor intensive.

5.) The companies are pit against each other every time a customer decides between them.

6.) I think the purpose of the report is to help divers, not the op.s. Op.s that look good in it may benefit, but the purpose is to aid the diver.

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