1st time overhauling my MK25 - could use some help, please

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god, some people ITT really need to take a chill pill.

a) I mentioned in the OP that i have experience overhauling regs. And, since overhauling my MK11s several times now, I've had ZERO incidences in over 300 dives with those. Not a one!
b) I was being honest with my lack of experience with the MK25, hence why I came here to the *DIY* thread to check in on some things. I studied several videos, consulted with a technician friend I trust, and looked over schematics before jumping in. I didn't realize that the DIY thread requires one to lay out their 'bona fides' to offset the righteous members. :rollseyes

Yes, my nomenclature is a bit imperfect, but there's a difference between not using the proper name of a shim vs not knowing where it goes. My ****up was not putting the same two back in that were there from the factory. But, even with just the one shim....IP is sticking FIRM at 128. I'm good with that. And, my MK11s don't use shims, so yes it was a new concept to me. Lesson learned, lol.

As for the mouthpiece...any hole can develop over time due to age. Mine had over 200 dives on it and it was more like a pinhole, but when stretched to really see it, it looked 'huge.' Replaced, problem solved. And, oh no, so i sucked in some water on a dive. Instead of jumping to dickish judgments, know this....it was a planned easy shore dive to double-check the reg, I dive with an octo and easily placed that right in my mouth and continued the dive. No death, no drama.....no big deal!

I've got >5000 dives logged in all types of situations. This wasn't the first time having an issue with a reg on a dive. And, you know what, just about every other time I've had a reg issue, it was the first dive back from being serviced by the LDS. I got tired of that so am servicing my own two types of regs now.

So to those of you who were helpful to me ITT...thank you. To those who feel righteous...I know a couple of good reddit topics for you to really get your rocks off. Just PM me.
I didn't read anything righteous. People were either offering assistance or showing concern, either way the intentions were good. It's so easy to misinterpret the written word.

Shoot me your email address I've some reading material that you may find helpful.

Yes I noticed momo BUT the OP doesn't give the impression of being very familiar with his life supporting gear.

You can also dig your own grave for a DIY exercise.
Do not attempt to service the regs because you won't be able to handle the complexity of the equipment.
But I have been doing that for the last 20+ yrs and still alive and kicking because it is so simple for me! LOL.
Luck plays NO part.
I love my A-clamped regs and never need an adapter diving anywhere is SE Asia!! LOL
I service my regs, changed the battery in all my dive computers and even used to service my old car. NOTHING HAPPENED.
Do you bring your DIN reg to the shop and have the professional to put the adapter for you? OF course you do.
Cost of life and safety perhaps?
Should I call for help if I have a puncture.
I should had never attempted to service my car at all and leave that for the professional!
When I joined this forum back in 2007 I asked things like why does my hose not fit. It's only through SB, reading and practicing that I learnt. We all started somewhere.
Not necessary. All depend on the mentality of the individual especially those who believe their way is the only way!

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