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  1. Shark with Dislocated Jaw at Tiger Shark Zoo

    Shark with Dislocated Jaw at Tiger Shark Zoo

    Today is our fourth day of diving at Tiger Shark Zoo. Each day we are seeing more and more distinguishable sharks at the dive site. Today was quite unique. W...
  2. Dan

    Trip Report Tiger Beach October 2021

    Summary This is a liveaboard diving trip (23-29 October, 2021) to Tiger Beach, Bahamas, with M/Y Dolphin Dream. The itinerary, as shown in Table 1, includes 5 days of shark diving, 1st diving day is without bait. We did a total of 13 dives. Figure 1 shows the M/Y Dolphin Dream ~80 mile (130...
  3. Dan

    Trip Report Guadalupe Great Whites

    Summary This is a liveaboard diving trip (11-16 August, 2021) to Guadalupe island with Nautilus Belle Amie. The itinerary, as shown in Table 1, includes 3 days of cage diving, three of 45-minute dives / day in each of three submersible (port, center and starboard) cages and two, first-come...
  4. R

    Shark diving

    Not sure if this is in the right forum, but has anyone experienced not being able to do a shark dive because you have bright colored equipment? Or having to change equipment? I know some places say to avoid gear with contrasting colors like white on black because sharks are attracted to...
  5. S

    Blue and mako shark charter San Diego!

    Hi scubaboard members, My husband and I are looking for 4 divers to fill a charter boat out of La Jolla on Saturday, April 18. We are chartering with Waterhorse Charters. The cost would be $320 per person. It would be a full day trip to snorkel with blue and mako sharks (or whatever sharks...
  6. Sharkie Guy!

    SOUTHERN SPORT SOCORRO @ USD2800 ! Feb 2-10, 2020

    It´s time to go to Socorro! Top season last spots available onboard MV Southern Sport from USD2,800 per person Feb 2-10, 2020! Leaves from Los Cabos (SJD) returns to Los Cabos (SJD) Southern Sport is a fantastic boat for up to 18 divers. Fast and smooth, onboard service is legendary along...
  7. Sharkphoto

    Last Minute Tiger Beach & Hammerheads

    Just a few spaces left for prime season dates on the Dolphin Dream 9 day Tiger Sharks & Hammerheads itinerary - the only boat doing this combo trip ! Feb 22 - March 1 2020 ( 2 spaces) March 3 - 11 2020 ( 1 space) $3,750 per person We leave from West Palm Beach, head to Tiger Beach...
  8. ScubaHankNYC

    Sharks - Hero 6 Black

    I shot this video in the Bahamas on a Gopro Hero 6 Black.

    ❗️SAVE 30%❗️Project Shark - Brothers-Daedalus-Elphinstone on 24 May - 31 May, 2019

    ❗️ SAVE 30% ❗️ Project Shark - Brothers-Daedalus-Elphinstone 24 May - 31 May, 2019 ⛵️Blue Melody Liveaboard (Blue O Two) ❗️Only from US$875 pp ✅The aim of 'Project Shark' is to highlight the global issues facing sharks, with a Red Sea focus, as well as enjoying some of the most spectacular...
  10. Josefson

    Sardine Run South Africa July 2019

    Hey Guys We are a small group going to the Sardine Run in South Africa near Durban. Date is 1 to 7 July. It is a boat with 10 divers and we still have some space left. Our guides are Walter Bernardis and Daniele Pavan. Both pretty crazy guys from Aqua Wild Africa ;-) Good diving skills are...

    SAVE up to 30% on trips to Sudan in February-March, from US$965 pp

    ❗️SAVE up to 30% on multiple departures in Sudan Shark Dive Expeditions in February and March ⛵️Blue Force 3 Liveaboard ✅From US$965 pp ❗️DAN dive insurance is offered FREE of charge by Divebooker Check details and availability-->
  12. S

    Tiger Beach

    YOU DON"T WANT TO MISS THIS! we are headed out to Tiger Beach on the Dolphin Dream in January and we still have one cabin (2 spots) still available. The dates are Jan 10 to 18 2019 which includes 9 days on the boat and 7 full days of diving. The price is 3,000 per person which is incredible for...

    Sudan Shark Dive Expedition - Early Bird from US$1,235 pp

    EARLY BIRD DEAL =201902']Sudan - Shark Dive Expedition =201902']Blue Force 3 Liveaboard Multiple departures in=201902'] February and March 2019 From US$1,235 pp DAN Dive Insurance is offered by Divebooker FREE of charge =201902']Check details and availability-->

    SAVE US$1,000 during Hammerhead Sharks Season at Cocos Island

    SAVE US$1,000 on Cocos Island Liveaboard diving trips 10 nights with Sea Hunter Liveaboard from US$4,645 13 Aug - 23 Aug High Season for Hammerhead Sharks! Plus all trips from December through March from US$4,645 Check schedule and availability -->

    10% OFF Special Project Shark Trip in the Red Sea

    =201806']Red Sea Master Liveaboard =201806&boatTripId=28906']04 Jun - 11 Jun SAVE 10% Learn about the biology and behaviour of sharks in the Red Sea on Project Shark Trip with Red Sea Master Liveaboard! The aim of 'Project Shark' is to highlight the global issues facing sharks as well as...

    SAVE 20% with Bahamas Master Liveaboard (available till April 30th)

    SAVE 20% on selected trips aboard =201808']Bahamas Master: Dolphin and Tiger Shark Combo =201808&boatTripId=30359']04 Aug - 11 Aug =201808&boatTripId=24340']12 Aug - 19 Aug Tiger Beach Experience =201808&boatTripId=24858']20 Sep - 27 Sep Now from 2,320 USD pp instead of 2,900 USD pp Special...

    Discounted Trips "Sharkastic" with Emperor Atoll, Maldives

    SAVE ON MULTIPLE WEEKS =201804']Emperor Atoll =201804']Maldives Sharkastic - itinerary is not for beginners! Most dives will involve going to depth and currents can be strong. What to expect: South Ari Atoll: Whale Sharks, Beautiful Pinnacles South Male Atoll: Grey Reef Sharks, Eagle Rays...
  18. sharkbite13

    Diving off of Miami?

    Hi All, My friends and I are looking into a February dive trip and someone mentioned Miami as a possibility. I have about 12 days off and a few friends and I were looking into dive possibilities in/around the Caribbean, looking for big sharks. We're divemasters and I am studying Marine...
  19. Sharkphoto

    Tiger Shark & Hammerhead Combined liveaboard Charter 2018

    I have limited spaces left on my 2 charters in 2018 I have booked the Dolphin Dream to Bahamas (our of West Palm) for early March 4 - 12 and April 5 - 13 2018 The 9 day cruise visits Tiger Beach and Bimini for Hammerheads. Get details on my website: Cageless Tiger Shark & Hammerhead...
  20. amazingadventures

    Dive Malpelo on Yemaya 50% off

    Join us on the final voyage of the Yemaya Jul 15-25, 2017 One female spot available for $2232 Looking for sharks? Nowhere else in the world you can dive with so many sharks and big fish. You will see schools of hammerheads and silky sharks, plus a variety of other shark species, like the...
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