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  1. G

    New Wing BCD HELP

    Greetings everyone! This is my first thread on ScubaBoard. I am an OWSI with PADI and SSI. I have been using the same BCD for my entire career thus far. It is a Masterlift TEK from Beauchat size XL. Regardless of it being 1.5 - 2 sizes too large, it served as a great BCD for me. Although I will...
  2. Collin O'Brien

    Steel 120 Question (Normally dive Steel 100)

    Quick Question: How many more pounds would you use with a Steel 120 vs with a Steel 100 to factor in the slightly more buoyant properties of the 120 toward the end of a dive? Explained: A buddy is letting me hold onto his Steel 120’s as he is a CCR diver and never uses them, so I gave them a...
  3. KaneJakubowski

    XTX 200 or Aqualung Legend?

    which do you think is better? And why?
  4. KaneJakubowski

    Black ice or outlaw?

    I am looking to buy a new bcd. I am currently working everyday conducting dsd’s and leading certified dives. Which should I buy? Apeks black ice Aqualung Outlaw I know the black ice is much better. I had one of these a couple years ago but got stolen while working in Portugal. Do I really...
  5. KaneJakubowski

    Apaks XTX or XL4 plus? What would you buy?

    Looking to get some new regs. Working in diving so use them every day. I really like the XL4 plus But really is it worth it? Should I just stop messing and buy a XTX set? I know the XL4 need different tools to service. But is it much more messing? Any thoughts?
  6. L

    Just got more gear...

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and to diving in general. I posted an intro in the proper section so I won't repeat my story here. I just picked up a 3mm wetsuit and my BCD after lunch. I was actually able to get in a pool for a while with the gear, which was great. I ended up getting...
  7. KenLovely

    New x-treme fins, new pain?

    I'm breaking in a new set of X-treme fins with a 3 mm size 9 boot. (size 8.5 shoe) Been swimming in the pool every few days and after each dive, the top of my foot hurts like mad. The area shown in the image. (i'm a warm water diver once a year, cold water the rest of the time. Used to...
  8. Felipe S

    Ottawa New Diver Testing New Gear

    Hi, How does one go about testing new gear, like checking weights/buoyancy... I would not want to do it during a group dive so I don't delay group. How do I find a dive buddy to just go and test gear somewhere easy, I guess like Centeen park or Morrison Quarry? I'm in Ottawa and my playground...
  9. R

    For Sale New gear--never used

    $235 + shipping for everything. Brand new gear, bought a few years ago, never used (had to leave sport)--have Oceanic mask, snorkel, dive bag (holds mask, snorkel and fins), women's boots (size 7/8), Viper fins; Pacific Gear rolling duffle (holds all the gear); Tilos XS gloves, and dive log...
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