1. wnissen

    Tidepooling and beach in Monterey/Carmel?

    Hi All, We are heading for a nice -1 tide in a couple weeks to go tidepooling in Monterey. We'll be staying at the Lone Oak Lodge just north of town but will have a car. Any good tidepooling spots? Maybe Whaler's Cove in Point Lobos? Also we'd like to sit on the beach for a bit, would the one...
  2. S

    Monterey Bay Aquarium live stream on Twitch

    To keep you company during the day: Monterey Bay Aquarium live stream
  3. S

    Best hotel hot tub in Monterey under $200/night?

    The most important amenity in any hotel is the hot tub, am I right? I'm talking about a big one near the pool, not one inside a hotel room. Any recommendations for hotels in Monterey under $200/night with excellent hot tubs?
  4. J

    Just bought a semi dry looking for advice on weights

    Hi all- I hope this is the right place to post this. If not let me know and I can relocate it. I have been diving for a few years, but mostly travel diving (caribbean, Fiji, GBR) and did my initial training in CT. I moved to Northern California and plan to start diving more and working on some...
  5. BikerBecca

    Lone Oak Lodge

    After years of catering to the dive community with reasonable rates they seem to be turning their backs on us. They have nearly tripled their rates for Friday - Sunday making it prohibitively expensive. They have not updated their very outdated rooms, simply raised their rates. Just wanted to...
  6. BikerBecca

    Metridium Fields

    Hi All, The Metridium Fields at the Breakwater in Monterey are a popular dive. It is one of my favorite dives to do on dive tours for new divers and tourists. However, so many local divers have problems finding them because everyone has a lengthy, complicated, multi-step description on how to...
  7. Matt Newkirk

    Monterey Bay Breakwater - Trip Report

    The Stunning Beauty of Diving in Monterey Bay California Life in Monterey's kelp forest is diverse and abundant. The cold water brings a host of species not found in warmer waters. Giant sea bass, leopard sharks, colorful rockfish, lingcod, and countless varieties of macro creatures make this...
  8. djcheburashka

    Just moved to Sf - looking for buddies and for a dive in Monterey this weekend

    hi :) Just moved here! I’m technically trained and pretty experienced but haven’t been in the water in a year or two. Just finished fixing up my gear and very eager to dive in Monterey. Anyone up for something this weekend or next? I’m looking for something light and simple since it’s been a...
  9. Fish&beer

    Monterey Vintage Dive In

    Mark you calendars and save the weekend of October 14/15th 2017 for a vintage gear dive get together in Monterey. This will be a fun event for left coast vintage gear enthusiast to meet and dive together. It will take place at San Carlos Beach (Monterey Breakwater). This event will be...
  10. B

    Monterey Sea Nettle Bloom: When will it end?

    Hey, Scubaboarders! Dove Carmel last weekend and were swarmed by sea nettles. A first for me, and kinda terrifying (I'm a wuss, admittedly). Diving again on 9/2 and am scared already thinking about it (and wondering if my sting marks will have gone away by then--ouch!) Does anyone know how...
  11. Becca @ Backscatter

    Monterey Shootout Aug 26-28th

    2016 Registration Now Open! Only $25 to Compete! Aug 26-28th JOIN US FOR A WEEKEND OF UNDERWATER FUN IN MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA! The Monterey Shootout is an underwater photo competition focused on fun, education, and the goal is to inspire new underwater image-makers. NCUPS has been running this...
  12. AnestiVega

    LOST: GoPro Hero 4 Black w/ Light at McAbee Beach, Monterey California

    On July 23rd, 2016 I was conducting a fun dive with Any Water Sports at McAbee Beach in Monterey California, right next to El Torito Restaurant on Cannery Row. I lost a GoPro Hero 4 Black in a blackout case with LCD screen attached. It was mounted to a SeaLife Seadragon 1200 light and tray and a...
  13. S

    Shore Dives anyone??

    Hi all! Really happy to participate in this community. With about 60 dives under my belt, having just finished (provisionally) GUE Fundamentals and PADI Rescue diver, I'm enthused about getting out there under the sea and always looking for dive buddes. I'm fact, I'm in Kona right now and...
  14. EJQ

    Monterey, July 3 or 5

    Anyone up for a dive in the Monterey area on July 3 or 5? I'll be in from New York and want to get in some diving before my meetings begin later that week. Shore diving would be great, or getting on a dive boat. I hope the kelp is healthy. It was not so good in San Diego in April after a rough...
  15. M

    Lost Gopro Hero 4 Silver: Mcabee Beach, Monterey

    On Sunday, May 8th, 2016 I lost my GoPro Hero 4 Silver at McAbee Beach in Monterey, CA. It is the beach very close to San Carlos Beach (Breakwater) right next to the restaurant El Torito. When looking at the ocean I was diving on the right side close to the rocks in the more vegetated area. I...
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